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army - orders for the arrest of soldiers who beat up journalists covering protests in Kampala on Monday. .

army apologises after reporter beaten: The military has apologised for what it called the unprofessional conduct of soldiers after a journalist was beaten and arrested as he covered a protest in the capital, , on Monday.

Incredibly weak statement via military re beatings of journalists. It’s more than “unprofessional conduct” worthy of “displeasure” -its a crime & shd be investigated & prosecuted as such. Where are commitments to justice?? but beating journos is.

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Speaking of which, where's moronic fugitive 's comments on the drive in his native . The bum is so loud on 's issues sucking up to his goons. tyranny, embrace . 👊

When the government descends on who don't own firearms. The squeeze life out of people. Am sure IGP watched news on local TV stations.

The brothers and sisters in are planning to use their constitutional rights to march to the High Commission in Kenya and close it down. All is about to free . Pres and ate yet to release a statement.

Pressure continue to mount on 's President and his government to , the musician turned politician. Demonstrators have taken to the streets both in and in various embassies across the world.

“Everyone has a dilema, but that is in the mind. Explore yourself and find confidence to remove it.” -His Excellency The President Bobi Wine

AFRICA: Protests erupt on the streets of the capital city of as opposition supporters clash with soldiers and police, who are reportedly using live .

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Real brother beaten up by army and collapsed,paving way to hospital.But with one voice people say

Real brother beaten up by army and collapsed,paving way to hospital.But with one voice people say

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Ugandan Knuckles Battle Royale (This is an actual game)

The Lukwata is a mosasaur-like creature said to be living in rivers and swamps in Uganda. the Lukwata is said to be a living mosasaur with a long snout filled with sharp teeth and a large body with large paddle-like flippers. The Lukwata is said to have magical powers and was worshiped and revered by the people in Uganda. The Lukwata mostly eats fish but is known to attack anything that gets too close to the waters edge.

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