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When someone tells you it can’t be done - find a way

men’s basketball will play on Thursday at the Titan Gym, where one team’s winning streak will come to a bitter end.

Calling all UCD Clubs, Societies, Volunteers, Student Employees-You can get a award using all of your co-curricular activities. Tell us about the skills you have developed and make sure you Find out more about at

Bread was consumed by all members of society in medieval times in Ireland. However, only the wealthiest members of society got to eat fine, leavened wheat bread. Poorer people ate oatcakes.

Make your voice heard! The National Survey is here and you have until the 10th March to complete it. If you are a or year please click here:

Well done to and for throwing Pajamarama in aid of the DSPCA recently! Lots of Pizza, PJs and games for everyone who attended 🍕 . . . .

-Taxistas se manifiestan en calle Leandro Valle. Solicitan solucionar problemas con . Trabajadores de Protección Civíl les solicitan liberar la salida de camiones de emergencia. -Marchan integrantes de la desde Carrillo a Palacio de Gobierno. 10:45am

«Übernehmt mehr Designverantwortung!», fordert , Mitglied des CTO-Boards der bbv. Im Interview erklärt er, was unter zu verstehen ist & worin die Verantwortung für Designer besteht:

Nor Cal Here WE Come!!! Did you apply or have you considered applying to , , , , or ? Yes, submit an application by March 1, 2019. Pick up an app: A-1097 @ LAC, EE-105 @ PCC, or email

.@MRFCJ speaking on Justice in ‘This is the big campaigning issue of your lives’. ‘Get angry with those with responsibity’.

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The promo poster for our Shostakovich Piano Concerto No.2 Closer Reading event!!!

Dairygold is attending the Agricultural Society Careers Fair today in UCD. Be sure to drop by and chat to some of the team!

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When you study for Biochem and Pchem for so long that you swear you can see the atoms in your body move…

A Past Joy(stick)

I got into a discussion with friends today about game controllers. Someone brought up the Microsoft Sidewinder, and I mentioned the Gravis Blackhawk. Then I asked if any of them remembered the Epyx 500XJ joystick.

I believe it was due to this device that I first learned the word “ergonomic.” It was the first joystick to be designed to fit comfortably in your hand, rather than the typical rectangular base. I spent many an hour playing games on my Commodore 64 with one of these. It also employed higher-quality microswitches, making it easier to manipulate and providing better performance.

I wish I still had one, as it’s a great, historic example of user-centered design.

In December, 2010, Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in Ben Arous, Tunisia, sparking the mass protests which would become known as the Arab Spring. 2011 would become a year of massive change in the Arab world. Ben Ali resigned in January. Mubarak resigned in February, Gaddafi was overthrown in August. In March, 2011, the Syrian Civil War began. I was enrolled in UCD, studying the history of religion, in September of the same year.

So the AQI in the Yolo County is ~160 which is very, very unhealthy. Like if you legit just walked around for a few minutes outside, it’s possible for you to get headaches, feel short of breath, and all that. For a person with asthma or some lung condition, it is much much worse.

UC Davis canceled classes yesterday due to the bad air quality. Yesterday, they announced class would resume today and the faculty and student exploded with angry tweets. BECAUSE THE FREAKING AIR QUALITY WILL BE WORSE TOMORROW. Seriously, UCD! You cancel class because the air is bad, but when the air is worse? Lol, nope, go to school. A petition was sit up and in an hour, it got 1000 signature.

Eventually, UCD caved and there’s no class. 

The memes though that came from it was top tier and I”m going to screenshot all of it


And then it happened. From #graduande to #graduate. Congratulations Asia. Love you.

#universitycollegedublin (at University College Dublin)

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Hey, anyone who goes to these schools and doesn’t mind me asking questions can you please message me? I’m trying to make up my mind about what university to go to and I feel like I need to get things from a personal perspective:

University of California, Santa Barbara

University of California, Davis

University of California, Riverside

California State University, Fullerton