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Gr8 to have back at and Feb 12-14, 2020

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This pic from my 1st year teaching these awesome kids at popped up in FB memories today. I’m so excited that I’ll be returning this semester to teach another EN101 class, and that I’ll probably get to see & again.

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Concept for New Academic Building #uc #pen #watercolor #sketch

tiffanys ↬ heejin

hello - i felt that i needed a small change and the loml helped me do that! ill change back soon!

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Resultados Fútbol Formativo UC 2019 (17 y 18 de agosto):

Campeonato Gatorade - Clausura: POSTERGADO

Campeonato Fútbol Infantil - Zona Centro (Fecha 1):

Sub 14:

Sub 13:

Sub 12:

Sub 11:

Torneo Escuelas (Fecha 16):

Sub 10:

Sub 9:

Sub 8:

I’m going home!

So, I am finally going home! I was moved onto low-residue diet last night and have kept down three solid food meals. I feel fine, albeit a bit tired, and am itching to get back to my space.

I don’t know how long I’ll be signed off for but I imagine it’ll be for at least a few weeks.

I’m just waiting for the discharge paperwork and sick note and then I’ll be free to go.


Ahora sí: Tiane Endler y José Pedro Fuenzalida posan para campaña publicitaria que respeta sus medidas reales

Now yes: Tiane Endler and José Pedro Fuenzalida pose for an advertising campaign that respects their real measures

Hace unos meses, otra marca, presentaba a la portera al lado de Sánchez. El gran pero, era que el jugador del Manchester United se veía de la misma altura que la jugadora del PSG, cuando en la realidad se sabe que Endler mide 1.82 metros y que el tocopillano llega a los 1.69 metros. 

A few months ago, another brand presented the goalkeeper next to Sánchez. The big “but”, was that the Manchester United player looked the same height as the PSG player, when in reality it is known that Endler’s height is 1.82 meters (6 ft) and that the Tocopillano reaches 1.69 meters (5.5 ft)


A través de la redes sociales, muchas y muchos cuestionaron que la publicidad continúa generando “estereotipos de género” y “masculinidad frágil” que no aportan a las nuevas formas de comprender la sociedad

Through social media, many questioned the advertising saying it continues to generate “gender stereotypes” and “fragile masculinity” and that do not contribute to new ways of understanding society

Ahora, resulta que ocurrió todo lo contrario. Esta vez, una marca de bebidas para deportistas, lanzó una campaña en la que buscan reclutar a niñas y niños futbolistas que amen este deporte.

Now, it turns out that the opposite happened. This time, a sports drinks brand launched a campaign that seeks to recruit girls and boys who love this sport.

Para eso, utilizaron a Tiane Endler y al jugador de la UC, José Pedro Fuenzalida, quienes invitan a las y los jóvenes a participar de pruebas masivas.

For that, they used Tiane Endler and the UC player, José Pedro Fuenzalida, who invite young people to participate in mass tests.


would be really nice if my professors would post their syllabi

idk what supplies to get??? and my university already charged me for some ebooks so I don’t want to rent books I don’t need??? and some people say to wait until you have the syllabi to find out if you actually need the books

I’m taking Calculus I, English Comp I, Gen Chem I, and Engineering Design Thinking I

If anyone has any tips please share!

A week post surgery

I’ve had a bit of a set back. Yesterday, I woke up feeling very cold and shaky. My temperature was ~40°c and I was tahycardic, with heart rate over 130bpm!

The nurses and doctors were quite concerned and I was put on a very strong IV antibiotic, which helped a lot. They also put me on IV fluids as I was feeling sick and wasn’t drinking much. They did blood culture checks, both peripherally (from a vein) as well as from my PICC line because there was a chance the line was infected. They also did a urine dip from my cathatar.

While they were waiting for those results, they took me for a CT scan to check if I had any liquid pooling in my pelvis. Unfortunately, I have a pooling near my stoma and they had to put in a drain last night. I believe my PICC line is fine but they’re not using it at the moment.

I’m very sore and achy, and not as mobile as I was a few days ago. I feel like I’ve taken a few steps back.

Thursday #1

Prep was simultaneously awful and not so bad.

The awful part was largely mental. I had a meltdown right before starting and decided that a vodka + soda would take the edge off. TX appeared maybe 20 minutes after my first 8 oz glass of prep and I was on the verge of tears. He was already planning to head out to see Bones and left within minutes.

The prep kicked in about an hour later and I was glad I made the decision to use vaseline from the start - that really saved my ass and is the sole reason that this wasn’t as bad as prior preps. 

But once it kicked in, I found myself running to the pot. I was done drinking ¾ of the prep by 7 PM, but the immediate effects lasted another 90 minutes, to the point where I had to use a pad, put towels under me, and change my bottoms at least once.

I was pretty depressed by the time I called it a night and turned off the lights. I can’t put my finger on why. I felt super lonely, but was also grateful that I’d had the house to myself. I’d texted Legend a few times during and he didn’t reply - he later mentioned having taken a long nap. I went to sleep feeling really sad. Then had to get up multiple times during the night. The one nice thing was that The Orange Menace joined me at some point. It’s been a long time since he’s slept with me.

I was supposed to have started drinking the last ¼ of the prep at 8:30 AM, but I can’t do it. Thinking about it makes me want to cry. I haven’t had food since Tuesday night. I have to stop all fluids by 10:30 AM. I’m shaky and dehydrated and I have another 5+ hours before I’m due at Kaiser. 

Legend has been great this morning. He sent me the sweetest message last night and was texting from work earlier (something he usually can’t do because of how busy it is). I can’t wait to see him later. I need kisses and cuddles.

I’m drinking black coffee right now, which probably isn’t great for my stomach and my shaking, but will probably help with any residual crap in my colon. (ha ha, see what I did there?).

Anywhoo, I hope you’re all having a good day. Take my advice - when your time comes to have a colonoscopy, use vaseline early and often. Your butthole will thank you for it.

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Just yesterday I was thinking about UC and when the next chapter will come out and I didn’t want to pressure you so I didn’t say anything but then you just announced that you’re working on it and my heart!! Leapt for joy!! You just put me in a better mood so thank you❤️❤️

Thank you for being excited! I’m glad you’re looking forward to it 🖤

I honestly think it taking a break from it, and writing in general, has done be a lot of good so I’m excited to go back to it. Hopefully you’ll like reading it when it’s out!