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Himalayan Pink Salt Soap is very rich minerals and has an effect to clean pores and anti oxidation

This natural herb face lotion help your skin to make whitening. We have many type herb lotion

Avocado is good nutrition for hair. We use Avocado Extract for our shampoo Bar with Candlenut Oil

Our original Sugar Wax is Bulgarian Wax for removing your unwanted hair.This remover wax is made from natural.

in consideration for UNWTO’s pilot gastronomic destination

Manjakani requid soap is for women.Miss V zone makes clean and fresh. Very cool soap. We sell it

If you have skin trouble for acne. "Starfruits soap" is good for you. Then oily skin too.

Our Deodorant Spray is alcohol-free. If you have sensitive skin, you can use it. We have 3 fragrance

⭐Arrival Again⭐ Arum Face Wash Puff. It makes bouncy skin ❀ Let's try it.

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⭐Arrival Again⭐Suger Wax ( Bulgarian Wax) for remover hair already in store. Our original products

Candlenut is wonderful for skin. Wrinkle and Skin Cancer Prevention, Anti aging, Sun Screen effect.

Bengkuang has fruit in Indonesia. This compose Vitamin B1 and C. It's very famous effect for whitening.

Rose Clay is for sensitive, dry , stress skin. It composes rich mineral.We sell it for face mask

Bengkuang has fruit in Indonesia. This compose Vitamin B1 and C. It's very famous effect for whitening.

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some seek, some capture salvation!

Rules being told to the toddler.

1. Do not panic if the monkeys jump on you. Please drop any foods you may be eating and walk away slowly.

2. Do not run. When monkeys approach you, keep calm and don’t scream. Avoid shouting as this may frighten them.

3. Do not look the monkey’s in the eye. This will be interpreted as a sign of aggression.

4. Do not hide any food.  The monkeys are smarter than you think .

5. Do not litter anything specially Plastic.  The monkeys do not like anyone littering inside their living and play areas.

6. Do not touch , grab or disturb the monkeys. Their reactions are unpredictable. They may also return this gesture by doing the same to you.

7. Do not feed the monkeys with the snacks and drinks you carry. They avoid junk foods and may get angry.

8. Remember at all times you are inside a semi-free ranging monkey area. The residents are not aggressive by nature, but will certainly defend themselves if they feel threatened. 


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발리에 살고 싶냐고 물으신다면..#매연은영상에없음 #traffic #ubud (Ubud, Bali, Indonesia에서)

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