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alpha Added new Monster: pinkmatter - lv. 10 / type R First Access :

Almost reached 100WPM with 100% accuracy instead of just speed! Bing Typing Test:

I am SOOOO of - because that word is shorter than - on a POC cheap wireless keyboard with slick, flat keys that have no keystroke travel. Cleaned up an old MS standard KB w/nice dip-top long-stroke keys. Error rate way down.

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i have no idea at what point in my life i started seeing capital letters as too loud but exclamation marks for emphasis and enthusiasm

Okay so, writing tip no one asked for.

If you write your stories on your phone but you get hand cramps or just get tired of only using your thumbs, I highly recommend getting a Bluetooth keyboard. I got mine from Walmart for like $19 and just recently started using it again.

It defiantly makes typing on my phone a lot faster and its small and light weight and travels very well. Plus sometimes I just like to use a real keyboard and this one comes in handy!

When it’s time for sharing the good news, the glad tidings from Heaven above, there’s no point in tarrying - time is of the essence. When it comes to proclaiming the message of God’s immeasurable grace, there’s so much to say the communicator can’t dilly-dally. If you’re a decent evangelist you’ll want to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all of its richness, splendour and fullness. You’ll want to congenially acquaint newcomers with the Bible, the most powerful teaching and training tool available.

Harder Hearts

I’m gonna start this with a simple and correct sentence.
Life fucking sucks.
Yep, life is suppoused to be full with moments that will leads us to our breaking point.
Stress, sadness, shitty people.
But this is what I say to myself to get along with it.
Ready? Here it goes.
We all suffer in differente ways, one more than others.
But you have to keep pushing.
Because if you stop, life won’t.
And the next you know is that you are screwed.
Mental health is important, of course, but it won’t metter if you stop trying.
Life is not gonna stop for you, believe me.
Sorry for touching the wound, it’s what I do.
Because even if life can be terrible in a massive way…
It also can be beautiful.
No, I’m not lying.
No, I’m not selling you a fake, stupid card message so you can look life in a better way.
But like all of us, we have our moments.
Good moments when we can collect good memories.
Memories that help us to keep going.
Big moments like being in a fun party, having a great travel, knowing a great person.
And even the small moments, like when your stomach ached from laughing so hard, when you heard the sound of the rain outside your window … when you were happy without knowing it.
Because I’m true believer that…
Even when life is hard… our hearts can be harder.

p.s: english is not my mother tongue so I may have a few mistakes of writing, sorry for that

Every day I think about how big the space is, cause I feel that your feelings are so empty, so cold and that there is no cavity for me. Maybe it’s no love, it’s toxic and sickly; and I think: “calm down, calm down, it’s better to be alone”.
—  @system505

Apologies to issue haha

  1. Apologies again to intjs. I love you haha.
  2. Apologies to isfjs. It didn’t make sense I hated you given I like all other j types, and now I know it’s wrong.
  3. Apologies to *stps. We have a rocky relationship, but I don’t hate you.
  4. Apologies for mixing up Enfjs and entps. Take it as a compliment pls.

Things I got right:

  1. Is*Ps have a victim mentality
  2. Isfps are kinda passive aggressive and mean to me
  3. So are enfps ^
  4. So are infps, and so I don’t like them now cos of it ^^ One day I hope to meet an Infp who isn’t like this.
  5. Intps still like to rewrite history when they’re upset.
  6. I’m still not a fan of Esfps

Types I got right:

  1. Infj
  2. Entj
  3. Infp
  4. Intp
  5. Esfj
  6. Istj
  7. Esfp
  8. Isfp
  9. Istp eventually 😂

So imma try fix the other up!


Today entjs and I redid how we think of the types based on the functions, putting aside incorrect typings we first did when we discovered mbti.

This means so much of my blog is wrong, except for a few types 😢

But I’m the mean time we came up with a kind of function dichotomy thing that’s funny and works pretty well! 😂

High means first two, and low means third or fourth

The only one it didn’t really work for was estj so far 😂

My New Blog

Hey, I started a blog! I thought maybe I could put my thoughts into words on a electronic keyboard on a screen. I don’t even really know if tumblr is actually still a thing. It doesn’t really matter this is really only for me but, if you want to follow an enjoy my lack of taste and my bad writing then go right ahead.