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I’m gonna go FERAL during s4


Have you ever asked what it means? No. Here you go. It is what it is Nig #kompleks #xs #name #meaning #typing #lol

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anonymous asked:

Hi, do you know the youtuber Strange Aeons. She claims to be an INTJ but I don't think she is. Thoughts?

Was about to say that I had not priorly watched Strange Aeons, but then I looked her up and, in fact, I have seen her viral “I Read Onision’s Entire Book” video. :P

Fair disclaimer, it’s way more difficult and inaccurate to type someone through the internet than in person, and I am a believer that the last authority on any one person’s type is that own individual’s educated opinion. That being said, she can of course be misinformed. And given the chronic tendency of poorly-made online tests to over-type people as INTJ, it’s common for people to mistype specifically as that type. I don’t know where she states that she is an INTJ though so I don’t know her reasoning for that typing. Also a disclaimer, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve properly tried to type anyone.

I’m not an authority on Strange Aeon’s personality (I am neither a regular watcher or a fan) but based on a very cursory overview, I have a few theories.

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anonymous asked:

1. Hi Em. I wonder if you could help me determine my type. I’ve been reading a lot about MBTI and I’ve reached the conclusion I’m xNFx, but I have problems with Fe vs Fi, and I relate too much to low Te, Ti and Si. I have to say that I’m Asperger, so the baseline is: I’m not good at “reading” others and understand emotions, but don’t worry because I can differentiate between the disorder and MBTI. Sorry if this is an inconvenience. For example, Asperger could have SJ traits, +

2. but I’m pretty sure I’m NF because I’m more contemplative than “doer”, I get extremely anxious about details, and I tend to explain stuff in vague terms. I also prefer generalized explanations, however, I found that it also helps me to have some visual support or given examples, which can mean S, but again, if they’re too detailed, I’ll get lost. This is how I know I’m a N Asperger: my attention to details is syndrome-based and “unhealthy”, SJ Aspergers find this natural and easy +
3. For Fe vs Fi, I don’t have a good grasp of myself, and it feels that I’ll never find the “true” me, which sometimes annoys me. Which I found is that I can get sick if I don’t have human connections, in the sense that I need somebody to trust and speak to them about what I think and feel, since I’m not good reaching conclusions myself and I need external confirmation. I’m extremely sensitive to criticism and I get uneasy if there’s someone in a group that doesn’t reciprocate the atmosphere, +
4. or ruins it, and sometimes I need to call them out. I don’t mind helping, I actually love feeling responsible and giving advice, I like receiving attention, but ironically, I won’t offer myself to do something because I fear I’ll do it badly and appear stupid. I relate to low Si because I’m extremely bad at details and makes me feel unintelligent. On the same note, I relate to both inf T functions because I’m aware I’m also not good at facts retention, and worse, explaining stuff +

5. from an impersonal pov. If I feel attacked in my reasoning, I automatically asume the other person is stupid for not seeing what I see, but it’s worse to know that, in reality, is me who is unable to explain herself well. I know I have an obsession on being intelligent and I should relax, but this is how I act when I’m on bad days. In general, I’m able to switch perspectives and look for the positive one.
6. For I/E, I cannot grasp this well. I’ve always identified as introvert, but since I was diagnosed, I don’t know if it’s just that I get overwhelmed by stimuli and need a lot of time to recharge, so I’m open to every possibility. I know you use to say “go and meet people and know yourself before anything MBTI”, but don’t worry about the fact I’m Aspie, I’m learning to socialize and all that in therapy :) MBTI just happen to be one of my special interests and I’d like to know more!

This is an interesting question and I’m not sure I have an answer, but I do have some thoughts that are hopefully helpful.It sounds like you’re fairly set on intuition, and there’s nothing that stands out that would make me disagree - the one thing to note is that difficulty with detail is not low Si, but low sensing in general - so I’ll skip to the Fe vs. Fi. 

A desire for human connection is just normal - very, very few people can live without it in a healthy way. Similarly, I think depending on people’s attitude towards the atmosphere this could apply to anyone - most people have a broad sense of what’s normal in a given situation (eg, don’t start breakdancing in the middle of a funeral) so it’s a matter of the extent of reciprocation of the general atmosphere that would be a differentiator.

In general I would focus less on inferior functions; I don’t have a good sense from how you describe your logic since I think that falls in the broader category of sensitivity to criticism, particularly as it relates to intelligence. I think it’s fair to reconsider introversion and extroversion but there’s not much here for me to weigh in on. 

You mentioned socialization at the end and I do want to talk about that. Sometimes it is true that I tell people to experience the world because I have serious concerns about whether they see other people as real individual beings with free will (like when people think only certain types have goals or emotions). However, usually it’s not that - it’s more intended as a way to say that MBTI typing requires a pretty significant amount of self-knowledge to start with. You could be absolutely brilliant in your understanding of MBTI, but if you aren’t confident in whether you are primarily abstract or concrete in your thinking, for example, you won’t be able to type yourself.

It’s actually a little like what I recently said about reading people. For “reading people” there’s understanding what is going on, and then understanding what to do in response. Similarly, for MBTI typing, there’s understanding a certain function or type entails, and there’s also understanding if you as a person have those signs, and those are two different skills.  So when the information provided isn’t enough, I often recommend gaining more life experience and performing general introspection, because honestly, those are way harder than having a general grasp on the concepts of MBTI. Not to get too deep but submitting to the mortifying ordeal of being known is sometimes hardest when you’re trying to know yourself.

So all that said, if you’re not sure, for example, if your perceived introversion might actually be a response to overstimulation, it may be worth giving yourself some time (especially if your diagnosis is recent) to just adjust and reorient yourself.

highborn-machine  asked:

Hey! I’m the 721 (which I’ve been living with and makes a lot of things make a lot of sense) and I’m still trying to figure out which EXTP I am. On the Ne side I’ve typed as every enneagram core except 2 or 4 and Fe, Ne, Te, Ni, and Ti doms under different degrees of logic. When I came to you with the 135 that was after having calmed myself down a bit. Additionally my observation skills are nothing to be lauded and I cannot relate to the inferior Ni disregard for the future. (1/3)

Everything is about anticipation of the future for me. Often it feels like I’m just killing time for the next big thing I have lined up, and I would always rather sacrifice enjoyment or health in the now than compromise the next big thing. (2/3)

On the Se side, I’m a very practical and driven thinker. When I come across a new idea I’m thinking about how to use it in a project, when I can fit the project in, who I can depend on for a certain role, and the structure/format. And I have a hard time entertaining ideas that I can’t use immediately in that material kind of way. I also don’t interest hop. I decided I wanted to be a writer when I was 14 and I’ve probably turned out 20 pages a week most weeks since. (3/3) Thank you!

So, I’m somewhat cautious about typing from your history of typing; as mentioned in the post in which I retyped someone from ENFP to ENFJ, there were other items that pointed me towards ENFP at the time and the reason for jumping from type to type is more important that you did it. As I’ve said before, you can mistype as anything if you’re confused enough.

I also am hesitant to type off of observation skills as reported, barring fairly strong evidence, because intuitive bias lingers in a weird way now - instead of “sensors are dumb and talk about things I don’t like” the bar for typing as an intuitive is often artificially low and that for sensing artificially high - if you think about the future ever, you’re an intuitive! If you’ve ever missed a detail, you can’t be a sensor! It’s a real heads-I-win-tails-you-lose setup.

There’s also the fact that both ExTP types aren’t very future-focused. Ne is not actually future-focused - in fact it’s far less future-focused than Si. It’s more the spread of possibilities in the now and is primarily interested in the future in the sense of how those possibilities may be realized. The way you describe your future focus (as anticipatory of the next adventure) fits 7, and probably comes far more from 7 than either Ne/Se, though I would confirm that you’re willing to make some sacrifices but not true deprivation/pain as that would be in conflict with 7.

The Se evidence is a little more compelling, specifically that you aren’t good at entertaining ideas you can’t use. Ne is all about entertaining ideas regardless - that’s pretty core to what Ne is. With that in mind I’d say probably ESTP.

anonymous asked:

I used to type somewhat confidently as an ENTP, since I’d fit into the description of Fe-loop (trapped in the task of ever-seeking power as a means of paying homage to my own narcissistic image, which I found so thrilling). Thing is, ever since I stopped once and for all with said endeavor, I’ve grown detached, to the point of apathy, and will display gratuitous acts of aggression, albeit with the tiniest pleasure attached to it, do those still point to ENTP, or would any of the ENxJ types fit?

Please follow the ask guidelines if you need typing help because there is no way for me to verify anything with certainty or definitively rule out all the other types without a proper analysis of the entire functional stack. Most people at low levels of ego development tend to look somewhat similar because they display the same limited set of unhealthy defense mechanisms, and this can be a big obstacle during type assessment. The most I can say is that what you describe is consistent with unhealthy entp behavior, and gratuitous acts of aggression might also fall under Fe loop. Fe-related aggression is, in simple terms, an innate desire for intimacy that is being repressed, blocked, and sabotaged by a deep-seated fear of exposure.


NOTE: This is 100% unofficial typing, it resembles rambling speculation more than anything else but I wanted to hear what y'all think. I mostly use functions in my justification of the types I’ve given them, but I do believe the I-E, N-S, T-F, and P-J scales reflect some sort of pattern to be observed about people. I’d be happy to elaborate if anyone has any questions.

Namjoon: INFJ (?) lately I’ve been leaning towards ENTP

Taehyung: ENFP

Jimin: xxFJ. possibly ESFJ

Jungkook: xxxP. Although I can’t even be sure about that. I’ll feel like i finally know his type and then he’ll do something to completely blow it all to pieces. I think he has a dom percieving function and aux judging but I have no idea which. Maybe on the ti-fe axis but you could argue for fi-te as easily.

Seokjin: xNTP (?)

Yoongi: INTJ

Hoseok: ESxJ, most likely. Possibly ESTJ

Before anyone asks, I’m an ENTP, and I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts on this :)

anonymous asked:

Hey, would you mind typing me? I'm really sorry if this sounds awkward or overly formal. It's kind of just how I write because I have a rough time finding the right way to phrase things so I usually end up being too casual, too formal, or a weird mix of both. I structured this ahead of time but it ended up being scattered anyway and it's kind of long. 1. I have difficulty keeping one interest for a long time. I've been interested in MBTI for long enough that it'll stick, but I haven't (1/8)

really typed myself. The only two things I have some certainty over is that I don’t have high fe(Put shortly, I have little ability to understand social customs or what is expected of me and get frustrated because of this. I care about how others are affected by my actions, but even when I’m trying to be conscious of it, I can’t even reasonably guess at how they are unless it’s obvious. I tend to not be very helpful when comforting people because I’m not sure how they want to be comforted) (2/8)

and my perceiving axis is probably Si/Ne but I’m not sure of the order. Either of these conclusions could be wrong. 2. For the following, I believe this is the case for most people, but thought process may be different. During a conflict, I get frustrated when the line of communication isn’t open. This includes when I am not strongly involved and otherwise. To give a few examples, a. One of my friends(f1) complained for about a week about being upset with another friend(f2). When f2 told (3/8)

some of my friends and I that he was upset over f1 being mad at him, I told him why f1 was mad. While usually I hate meddling in other people’s business or sharing things I’m not sure someone wants to be shared, it didn’t make sense to me that f1 hadn’t told f2 why he was mad. It didn’t allow for any resolution, only for more confusion and pointless conflict. b. For an argument where I was more involved - my sister and I are very close. At one point we had a fight, she told me she’d been (4/8)

upset with me for a long while. I was distraught by this because at the time I couldn’t remember what I’d done for her to be this mad and because if she’d been mad for that long, it didn’t make sense to me that she wouldn’t express it. Now I look back and realize that I’d been sort of lashing out at times for seemingly no reason(I was overwhelmed because I had been constantly doing things for days with no time to process in between. This is not to say I’m an introvert in mbti, there are (5/8)

other things that could point to the reverse that I touch upon later) 3. This is not to say I hate conflict in general, because I really don’t. Usually, but not always, I’m pretty honest in expressing my thoughts on a subject whether or not others that are present think differently. I’ll try not to be rude about it, but I have a rough time outright lying to people. I’m also a bad liar so there’s that. 4. I’m a pretty vocal person, sometimes annoyingly so. Some comments people have had on (6/8)
the way I talk is that I’ll say a lot in a burst, then suddenly pull back. This isn’t inaccurate, but I also just sometimes talk a lot in a flow and not stop until the other person looks like they want to say something. 5. I’m sort of detail-oriented. I like refining a project and trying to get everything done correctly, but I recognize time constraints and that there is a point at which it’s impossible. I can recognize that some of my work is just busy work, but I don’t mind doing it (7/8)

bc grades. 6. Enneagram is really hard for me to pin down. My fear is of literal nothingness or of not having control over myself and, by extension, what’s going on around me. To deal with this, I avoid thinking about it by distracting myself. To me, this sounds like 7 or 8, but my behavior doesn’t fit either type. I’m not super impulsive and not directly confrontational and in charge. Sorry if this isn’t enough to type, also, forgot to push anon once. Thank you in advance. (8/8)


This is interesting because usually my first thought when people apologize multiple times throughout the post my first thought is high Fe, and my second thought is dom Fi. The part about the friends sounds more like a thinker in that you’re going to the logical solution without entirely considering the interpersonal politics and motivations that may have led to this.

Beyond that however this comes off as just very…indecisive? There’s a lot of hedging and talking about what you aren’t but not much about what you are, and the examples outside of the ones about your friends and sister are fairly minimal. You mention Si-Ne but I can’t really get a sense of any specific perceiving functions for this. I also suspect you’re introverted in part because of that indecision; even though Ne-doms can be indecisive, you really do not sound like an Ne-dom to me.

The part about enneagram does not sound like 7 or 8 to me; distracting one’s self is extremely normal stress behavior for all people. I would dig into it but my guess is 6 and it’s less a fear of lack of personal control over the situation and more a fear of the situation spiralling out of control and you being unable to do anything in response. This does indicate I probably need to do another enneagram review because based on my questions this week there are some really weird ideas still going around.

Anyway, for MBTI I find myself also kind of working from a position of what you’re not. You don’t strike me as intuitive from what you’ve said here, nor high Te. My guesses would be either ISFJ or ISFP actually, for different reasons; I would also not rule out ISTP. The FAQ has some Si vs. Se stuff, or if you can provide more information that you think would be relevant to Si/Se I can try to narrow things down.

One thing I think worth noting is that a good deal of what I’d consider good reading of people/situations is the ability to know that you need to use your words. Reading, after all, involves several parts: understanding what’s going on, and understanding what to do in response. For example, most people over the age of 5 can recognize basic emotions, like sadness, in others. People who are very observant can often pick up on more subtle tells of more complicated or deliberately hidden emotions. However, it’s much harder to know what to do. Some sad people want a hug. Some sad people want to be left alone. And if you give a hug to someone who wants to be left alone or vice versa, you read the emotion right but you misread the appropriate response, and it takes a decent amount of self-awareness to recognize “oh hey this person is sad and I don’t know what to do” vs assuming you do know what to do.

I’m doing some studying and here’s a worthwhile passage:

“In most radiology applications, the decision criterion is not just one feature or number, but is rather an overall impression derived from a number of factors, sometimes referred to as gestalt—essentially, the gut feeling of the experienced radiologist.”

In case you were wondering how people type - that’s eventually how it ends up being. That’s why any single thing is difficult to type from, and why people who are experienced enough can do things like visual typing but struggle to articulate it.

This is actually what Deep Learning is trying to replicate - I went to a conference where they used the annotations and notes of experienced radiologists on the same sort of image (like a chest x-ray) and the images associated with them to try and predict a diagnosis based on those gut feelings.

Now, the challenge in MBTI typing over the internet is that instead of working from an actual image/person we’re working from a selective and subjective description shared by the person we’re trying to type, which is why things like writing style come into play now in how I type.

This is also why it’s much harder to answer questions like “how can I tell Fi vs. Ti” and much easier to answer questions where you gave a description of the person. Radiologists are told the main signs of things (you can think of these as the general function descriptions and stacking information) but then they learn by doing it themselves and watching more experienced radiologists diagnose, and getting feedback on their typing process, not by being given a step-by-step instruction guide. And even then, experienced people sometimes get it wrong. The analogy falls apart further in that the worst case scenario for having the wrong type is negligible in comparison to someone missing an aneurysm.

Reflection: An Update

I’m finally writing for me again, and it feels so nice to just… write. No expectations or deadlines, just… words flowing from thought to paper (or desktop, as the case may be). I didn’t necessarily forget what it FELT like to just write because I wanted to, I just forgot HOW to write for just me. Jumping straight from HS to College was a wonderful experience but it put my desire to write in an almost forgotten corner of my mind. There were projects to be done, essays needing written, and strict rules to be followed when I did have the chance to write fiction. I don’t begrudge this, as it helped me learn and grow as a writer and a person overall. I’ve learned so much since back then and I hope that now I’ve gotten my education and have a steady job and  place to call home, that I can get back to that special place where the words just come and blossom into a story worth telling again. The way things are looking so far, I’m feeling pretty optimistic


👐 Lymphatic Massage - ASMR Medical Role Play
By ASMRrequests

#30 minutes
#quiet talking
#personal attention
#fabric sounds
#shirt crinkling sounds
#breathing exercise
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#hand movements

My Lips Are Sealed

I kept our secret.

Just like you asked.

We exchanged conversations and tokens of appreciation and yet, here we are.

You decided that this was it, this was how we were gonna split. Honey are you out of your mind?

You dragged me along and acted like this was love! Saying, “Oh, YOU are the ONLY one for ME.” But then you decided to escape, no flee.

Coward. You brought all this on yourself. Making sure no one else knew about this, us. This disturbance in the valley. This tragedy.

Shakespeare can’t even compare to the story you weaved to keep me by your side. How could I not notice the lie. “Don’t post that!” “Don’t say this!” And boldly, “Don’t tell anyone that we kissed.”

The end results surprised you but not me. I feel ever so free now. You concealed this….encounter, like a child. Waited a while for me to glow up and then was okay to show up with me on your arm.

I’m sure we can both agree that you aren’t really with me. I’m not really with you. I’m your secret.

“We’ll go somewhere next week baby.”

“Don’t worry about the party.”

Yet you were in attendance. THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN FIX THIS.


You should’ve known you ran a risk of messing up.

So all in all, fuck you. I’m beyond glad that we are through. Ohhhhh thank god that’s it’s over. Im done carrying the secret on my shoulder. About how I loved you and you didn’t flinch, move an inch, and regretted everything. About how you chose to take from me the one thing that can’t be returned and how I learned, that that’s okay. The secret affair that you had with a girl everyone hated, how much you downgraded.

Me, I’m your secret. Your secret that’s so happy to depart from you. You careless idiot who couldn’t even see it. My plan I planned against you. I hated your ways but, loved you so much that it was tough to go through with it. My heart was throwing a fit, kicking and screaming at my brain that was only tame about the situation. Completely okay with only taking sips and not drowning in your love any longer.

You have sealed my lips, and for that I am stronger.