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You know I'm the G.

You may speak about something that offends someone. So, I pray that will guard my lips, & fingers and guide me back to !! Amen.

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Ink washed some pages which are now drying (and being pressed down by a stack of heavy books). Grabbing a coffee and gonna do a bit of admin junk.

On an average work day, a typist's finger travels about 12.6 miles. How many miles will your fingers travel today????

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sashasthoughtsaretakingover  asked:

A. Hello. I have been typed as an INTJ (not on here) but I am not sure if it is the correct type. When I worry about things, I tend to plan pretty far into the future, which some have read as high Ni. Generally speaking, I don’t trust my emotions and am not likely to follow them, and I know from other people that I tend to give advice over empathy/sympathy.

B. I do not think fondly of tradition most of the time, but I also don’t break rules. I’m a very private person and typed myself as an introvert, but I can also go on long rants about things I’m interested in. I find myself highly interested in many things, including both the soft sciences and the hard sciences. Different people have either called me “very introverted” or an extrovert. I tend to isolate myself from both people and feelings when under stress.

C. I also don’t trust easily. At all. I know that humans are very paradoxical, but I don’t have very much experience with typing and neither does anyone I’m close with, so I was hoping to get another opinion.


Here’s my thoughts, which are going to be pretty inconclusive. I’m also going to recommend this post which I made to illustrate what kind of information is useful as a lot of your descriptions are very general, and I think it might provide you with some insight in how I personally approach the typing process:

Planning into the future: highly dependent on what type of plans and the nature of plans - most people have some sort of long-term plan, but NJs and SJs both tend to have more specific plans, SJs tend to be more detailed and step-by-step vs. NJs big picture, etc.

Don’t trust emotions, giving advice: most likely a thinker.

Doesn’t like tradition: really depends a lot on the tradition.

Private, can go on long rants: if you think you’re an introvert I won’t dispute that, and what you say seems completely reasonable for being introverted - introverts can still talk a lot, MBTI introversion is related to functional preference and all the IxTx’s could very easily be seen going on a long rant.

Interested in many things: …so is everyone? I think? I hope at least? When it comes to interests unless it’s something very niche or you have a very clear reason for the interest, it’s not that helpful in typing.

Don’t trust easily: I think this might be more tied to enneagram, and I think it’s also likely a consequence of and/or larger part of being a very private person.

So: I think introvert and thinker are reasonable but I can’t distinguish Ti vs. Te here, nor any preference for sensing over intuition. 

anonymous asked:

Hi Em, can you please tell me how did you start on your typing journey and how you ended up with your MBTI type. I dont know why, but it was very easy to find my enneagram type but I struggle to find my MBTI type. I have narrowed down my 4 functions (Ti-Fe and Si-Ne) but I just don't know in what order they are. Is there any method to figure it out, independent of confusing the negatives with that of my core enneagram 3. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

So, as for how I personally started typing: I’d taken some (online, free, not good) tests in high school and college and gotten INTJ but never got really into it until I was in the process of leaving my first real job to go back to grad school. I’d taken that job because it was available and I needed a job, and I’d learned a whole lot about myself in the process, but it was never the long term plan - but at the same time I had considerable inertia in making the change because it was a well-paying position and I liked a lot of things about my life. I was about to make a major move, and as a result I was thinking about my last major move (to that first job) and how I didn’t handle certain changes well. I think I saw one of the Thought Catalog articles, and started reading up on that and trying to understand myself in the process, and even then I think it took about 6-7 months before I settled on my type (mostly because I immediately could type myself as a Te user, but a lot of Si information was ‘you are stupid and dull and conservative’ and a lot of Ni information was ‘you are psychic and magical and a fount of creativity’ and neither of those seemed remotely realistic or like me).

I think enneagram resources online suffer from far fewer biases. There definitely are some - see some of my older posts about why 5 is overtyped - but because it’s a lot more clearly defined in its focus on fears, and because the core is just one thing rather than four interconnected moving parts, I think it’s a lot easier for many people to type enneagram.

As for what type you are - there is no good way of handling this without behavioral examples other than figuring out the order, but because of the nature of MBTI you really only need to figure out one of your higher functions for the rest to mostly slide into place. Think about what led you to type as an Si-Ne user or Ti-Fe user - surely it’s not a perfect balance all the time. Once you have one of the top two functions, you at least have narrowed it down to two very similar types and can then do more analysis into specifically what is stronger of the two pairs without having to balance all four.

The MBTI/Enneagram stats are such that 3s are much, much more common in extroverts, and either an ESFJ or ENTP could reasonably be a type 3. If you’re positive you’re an introvert it’s less common but possible, and my suspicion is you’re more likely to be an ISFJ if so.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I would like to ask because I'm confused between two types. I think I can relate to Ni-Fi/Fi-Ni loop in a stress situation lately. My friends typed me as an ISFP, but I'm still not sure. I'm not aware of my environment and I often miss the details. I don't live in the moment. I create my own reality in my head instead and thinking about probable outcomes. I also often experience sensory overload, which I'm not sure whether this is Se-inf or HSP in general. [1]

[con’t: But, I’m also not sure about the Te-aux one. I do plan for my future and I like structure. I also make a decision based on objective data. But I have hard times to execute my plans and getting stuck in my head too often instead. I’m not a psychic although people said I have good intuition and my predictions can become true. But well, sometimes it’s like hit or miss. I used to think that I had Ne and Si. Because I thought I wasn’t “psychic” enough to having Ni and not realistic enough to having Se. But, the more I learn and think about it, my mind isn’t as random as Ne and too many future probablities can overwhelm me. Also about Si, that’s true that I often feel déjà vu and I believe learning from experiences is important. But once again, I often miss the details of my experiences and only look the big picture instead. My memory is also very vague.]

You seem to suffer low self-awareness as proven by the fact that you can’t even give a definitive answer about the dominant function (the function which is supposed to be easiest to gain awareness of), which means that you probably don’t know how to use any of your functions very well (i.e. low level of ego development). Introverted loop seems certain, which means that you are likely to have poor awareness of your extraverted functions. In other words, your trouble self-typing is attributable to personality development issues.

Perceiving functions: Ni is more likely than Ne, and this is supported by good evidence of inferior Se (severe detachment from reality and severe overreaction to reality), which means Si is easily ruled out. Judging functions: You display poor understanding of T/F, which makes them unlikely to be dominant and more likely to be middle functions. You’ve not actually given any concrete evidence of Fi at all, in any stack position. You describe yourself as “HSP” and “easily overwhelmed” and your friends perceive you as F, which makes T very, very unlikely. Your reasoning process is more indicative of Ti than Te, which provides another reason to rule out Fi. 

If Ni + Se + introvert loop + F are quite certain, then there’s only one answer: INFJ. All the problems you’ve described are consistent with this conclusion.

anonymous asked:

Is there such thing as an ENTp who is “too emotional” or sensitive, because I’m really starting to think I’m a feeler. I know everyone has emotions and since Fe is tertiary it’s going to show up easier than someone who has inferior fe, but as a thinker I didn’t think it would show up THAT easily. When I do experience emotions they usually consist of random bouts of sadness, and emotions in general just make me feel uncomfortable and awkward because I’m usually easy going and optimistic.

[con’t: Hi, do you know how depression(especially hidden signs of it) would play out in an ENTp? Would you look at the inferior function or is it more detailed than that? As an ENTp I think I’m a little self unaware speaking from an emotional view point. I unconsciously suppress my emotions, so I’m not sure if it’s because I’m depressed or the fact that I just don’t like emotions since they are so messy.]

Generally speaking, I only give advice in accordance to a person’s type because taking advice from the wrong type often leads to harmful consequences. If you are unsure of your type, please following the proper typing procedure given in the ask guidelines. Based on my experience typing hundreds of people, I don’t think you are NT. It is very common for NFs to mistype as NT, and giving NT advice to NFs only makes their problems worse. If you have difficulty dealing with your emotions, I suggest that you consult the Emotional Well-Being section as well as the books I’ve recommended on the subject. If depression is a serious problem in your life, I’d recommend professional therapy or counseling. 

anonymous asked:

1, Hi, I have problem with typing myself. Because I vacilate between 4 different types. (INXX's) I and N are certain and clearly observable. Can you help?Evidences of Dominant Ni: I always had and have impressions and pictures in my mind. I dosen't even have memories as concrete images, rather as vibes. I'm meaning and implication oriented. I need a sense of direction and stability about my future. I need an ideal future image about myself so I know how to proceed. I tend to "just know" things

Ni yes, Ti yes, Si no. 

I type more immature around older people than younger people. I’m self conscious about it, because I can’t stand being thought of as an “Annoying 12 Year Old” in real life or on the internet, but I don’t know how to fix it.


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Me in my zone writing.
This is what people use to hear when I was working on the phones.
“Is that you typing!? You type fast!”
Then I’d go into my story of how I took learning how to type without looking seriously freshman year of high school because I knew I wanted to be a writer. Here is the fruits of my labor for you all to hear 🤣🤣🤣
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Catra ESTP

Originally posted by justautumn

Dom Se:

Catra is always up for adventure and trying something new. Catra acts on impulse i.e talking back to the boss lady, turning against Adora immediately, going after Adora despite consequences.

Aux Ti plus Tert Fe:

Catra manipulates her way through practically everything. Her Fe discovers WHAT to apply, while her Te discovers HOW to apply it. Catra knows Adora suspects Catra is up to no good at the princess prom so she distracts her by implying she is doing nothing. When they are fighting in the very beginning for practice, Carra feigns weakness in order to gain the upper hand. She also manipulates Entrapta by pretending she is a friend that will listen to what Entrapta will have to say, she knows Entrapta’s motivator is being appreciated and she knows Adora’s motivator is doing the right thing.

Inf Ni:

Catra dislikes it when anyone over analysis anything or just can’t see what is right there in front of them (Se). Catra is very frustrated when Adora switched sides because it has always been obvious to her that the Horde was evil.

(Typed with the help of @moderately-warm-mangos )

I’ve found a way around writer’s block for me.

I hand-write the first time around. I don’t bother typing it until I have decided the route for each section and have written it out on a piece of paper.

I’ve figured out that typing out the roughest draft of my story makes it feel too final. I worry too much about whitespace, sentence lengths, paragraph lengths, descriptions, proper wording, etc.

Now, I can pump out the parts that are important to the story without worrying about the details until I’m typing it up.

anonymous asked:

I can't decide if I had Ni-ti or Ni-fi loop. Can you help with it?These are was the symptons: Overemotional,Morally Judgemental,Blamed the society and its systemsfor my failures,Impulsive, Hopeless (Thought that I ruined my future), Thought myself as a worthlessfailure, wanted to be special or "unique", surronded myself with my thoughts and things so I didn't have to face society. Apathy, Paranoia to some extent. Extreme Pessimism, Nihilistic views,Antisocial behavior.

Unhealthy Ni, unhealthy Fe, Ti loop, Se grip. Fi loop doesn’t produce this kind of nonsense thinking.