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ᴵᴹ SO ᴰᴱⱽᴬᔆᵀᴬᵀᴱᴰ

at first i was like "aww" but then i saw that last pic. help me skdjdks

¿Ya votaron por en Idol Champ? Tanto en el servicio coreano como global vamos en tercer lugar. Podemos mejorar sí trabajamos en equipo, ánimo. 💪🏽💙👑

RT NIGHT_313: 190323 명동 팬사인회 곰됴디는 귀엽고 🐻 심석홀은 나쁘고 🤬

FOTOS Fotos de MCOUNTDOWN del dia 21/03/19 TXT_members cr. TXT Argentina ~🐳

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you would think that after several sweeps of living with these awful ghosts they wouldnt get the jump on me anymore but guess what happened!!!! go on guess

I just want to thank the universe for my therapist. He’s patient, kind, nurturing, compassionate, and empathetic. I truly feel listened to and seen when I see him. He is happy for me when good things happen to me. He allows me to be me without judgement. He understands that happiness is temporary and forced positivity isn’t good for you. I usually feel better when I leave his office. I always make sure to thank him. Plus he’s into the metaphysical too ✨

Oh no, i didnt consider the possibility that homer may be in steves body but its so ??? I highly doubt it considering we see steve collapse prior to the travel and only those doing the moves who have the will to want to leave leave its all about the will

So im pretty sure ma boy finally did it but still, knowing all logic doesnt apply to this show, i wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually homer in that body lmao

Husbuds: HEY UH, yeah they don’t really like talking about the crew days/anything that might be heavily be traced back to the crew, but their fucking luck, one of the crime shows is about The Fakes. But they laugh at the show getting half of everything wrong

Peak woke body swap: Aoyama and Hagakure.

It should be obvious. The sparkling and dazzling Yuga Aoyama is used to being in the spot light. Loves it. Needs it even. Toru Hagakure is used to going unseen. Not that she’s shy bc she isn’t, but you do pick up some odd tendencies when you’re used to no one being able to see you.

If anyone draws or writes this, @ me so I can love you forever.

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So who do you think would react most strongly to breaking out the holoform for their human so, trying to be careful and gentle and whatnot, and then getting absolutely WRECKED by them?

Whirl: thinks he knows what most things feel like. Has no idea and gets absolutely demolished by you.

Cyclonus: you’re great when he’s a giant compared to you, but when you’re the same size you can practically be all over him???? doesn’t know how to handle this. dies.

Tailgate: honestly just because he’s over excitable

Swerve: has no self control so what he thinks is gentle ends up being rough all out sex cause he’s also excitable.

Starscream: goes in over confident ends up less so. realizes he has no impulse control and can be very rough without meaning to be. there’s just so many nerves in this fleshy form.

My coworker who lent me 358/2 days and re:coded hates Dream Drop Distance, both the plot, the dream eaters and the flow motion system, and that’s how you know he’s actually homophobic

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So I found out that I may be dying, can I please have a whacky TF2 like reaction from Whirl, Swerve, and Brainstorm when they find out their s/o could be dying?

//oh my god honestly this message punched me in the gut uuuh i HOPE UR OKAY???? i hope u aren’t dying i’ll be thinking about u!!! this got angsty//


He’s gonna suplex god. Rages but like rages so that everyone can hear him. This isn’t fair and he asks Ratchet if it’s possible to fight off death. But he spends everyday with you while he can, refuses to let you leave his side.


A mess. His face is covered in his own snot and tears, but he promises to dab during your eulogy just like you asked him to. Rewind is always snapping pictures of you two together, so Swerve has something to remember you by.


Also a mess but you know that vine of that kid crying and then he starts beatboxing along to his wails, that’s Brainstorm. He also doesn’t understand why you need to be buried/cremated cause like??? HE can keep your body in a personally made altar so he can have you close by all the time. Fool proof plan.