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Un excelente día! Déjame preguntarte Qué es una Aventura? esta palabra qué significado tiene para ti? Regálame tu opinión

Ever notice that the whisper of temptation can be heard farther than the loudest call to duty?

Wow, congrats to gu4dkmzwguge for winning 2 '6666' Jackposts in the same day!!👏👏 , , ,

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ODAIR Hellmann teve confirmada neste domingo sua renovação de contrato com o Internacional. Após dirigir a campanha que levou o clube de volta à Copa Libertadores, o técnico estende seu vínculo por mais um ano. Confira: 📸 | TXT Sports

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Vice-campeão gaúcho pelo Brasil-Pel em 2018, CLEMER iniciou o segundo módulo do curso Licença A, promovido pela CBF Academy em Teresópolis, no Rio de Janeiro. Confira:

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Si das pescado a un hombre hambriento lo nutres durante una jornada. Si le enseñas a pescar, le nutrirás toda su vida (Lao Tsé)

The total transaction volume on TrustDice reaches 1M EOS today, a big milestone for TXT community. The vision of TXT community is always to push the boundaries of dApp ecosystem, as well as bring blockchain technology to the mass market through games , , ,

Congrats to hectoriscute for winning the 106EOS Jackpot with just 1 EOS👏👏 , , ,

NICO LÓPEZ chega ao final de 2018 como goleador do Internacional pela segunda temporada consecutiva com 14 bolas na rede. Reveja todos os gols: 📸 | TXT Sports

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i’m gonna

rb some of my ocs here brb

what’s the song thts like I’m blue your red I wanna kiss your next an make you purple all over

ppl on this website have such low thresholds for what they consider drama. a single non aggressive comment on a post you made on a public website isnt drama. my goodness

So it’s the dabihawks wedding right and Dabi like explicitly does not invite the LOV (because they’re giant menaces who can’t be out in any respectable capacity) but arranges an extra table and extra food anyway. Hawks is like ‘are you sure you don’t want to just invite them’ and Dabi’s like 'it doesn’t matter what I do it’s just going to happen.’ And sure enough halfway into the ceremony they pull up in like a shitty stolen ice cream truck because Himiko somehow found out the date and location and made them all come even though she thinks it’s boring that no one’s getting stabbed. Tomura plays pokemon or something the entire time, Spinner tries to object to the wedding on the grounds that Dabi is a major a-hole and doesn’t deserve to marry first, Himiko tries to steal the cake knife to spice things up. Only Compress and Kurogiri brought gifts. Twice is genuinely touched and crying but couldn’t decide on a gift and offers the happy couple the stolen ice cream truck. Hawks accepts it because fuck yeah ice cream truck. Anyway the cops eventually show up and they have to peace but they take their food and some of the cake and Kurogiri warps them out and that’s how the LOV crashes the dabihawks wedding.