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ขยับเข้ามาได้ไหม ขยับมาใกล้กัน (ใกล้เคียงความเป็นจริง) 😽😺

พี่แทยงหยั่งเชิงหลายรอบแล้ว น้องขัดขืนเบาๆ แต่จะใช้กำลังก็กลัวน้องงอล ช่วงหลังน้องก็เริ่มสมยอมมากขึ้นแล้วนะ (สู้ต่อไปกัปตัน) 😽😺

CLEMER | Técnico Gauchão 2018: - Melhor campanha da primeira fase - Campeão Taça 100 Anos FGF - Campeão do Interior RS (caso não avance à final) - Semifinalista - Vaga Copa do Brasil 2019 - Melhor campanha geral

Com a inici de la 3a tasca "El Paisatge de Lleida", els alumnes de 1ESO han sortit al voltant de l institut per observar i analitzar el paisatge natural i transformat de l’horta de


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i almost wanna die rn because i’m not sad you know lol like end it on a good note

by now i just cant look at tumblr mobile themes with the fucking paragraphs of text as the description with the icon, title, And the header all visible at once without getting physically ill

So my boss from my internship is really cool and we’re pretty close. We bond a lot over Marvel movies especially, and we started talking about Infinity War at our meeting today. He asked if I had bought my ticket yet, which I truly haven’t yet mostly because I don’t have the money right now. He then looked me dead in the eye and was like “Want me to buy your ticket, because I will.” AND THEN HE OFFERED TO BUY ME A TICKET TO GO SEE IT IN IMAX AS WELL??? I’m just shocked honestly, I love my boss so much and he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

I don’t trust any of u all when u say things like !! “I can’t believe I just jacked off to something like that” or “when u r really horny and masturbate to fucked up porn” I don’t trust u! I’m afraid