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Год назад БигХит представил новую группу Они были такими малышами, хоть и единственный мой ровесник - это Кай А через пол года эти "малыши" просто ударили нас по лицу— Люблю их🥺

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i'll never be able to do taehyun justice, but i tried 🥺⭐️ (i haven't drawn in forever so pls pretend u cant see any mistakes 😭)

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omg i can’t even believe it’s already been a year with txt i love my babies 🥺

Не смотря на то, что это парень мой ровесник, не смотря на то, что я не люблю, когда мою командуют.... Если бы он сказал встать на колени, я бы встала

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wherever we are whatever season it is if we're together feel like summer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♡💚💚💚💚

Esa foto es tan especial para mí que hasta la tengo junto al álbum, estos chicos vinieron a agregarle color a mi vida, ya pasó un año desde que supe que probablemente me haría fan de y terminé siendolo 😭💖

Congratulations 1 year on my boyfriend's younger brother😛 Let's be happy together to the end with OT5💛💙 I'm waiting for your lightstick to be released, you know? it's really pretty, WE LIKE IT SO MUCH !!!

Destaque na última temporada, Victor CUESTA entra em campo nesta quinta-feira para defender o Internacional na primeira rodada do Gauchão 2020. Confira:

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taraknowless replied to your photo “i received a notification that the good girls youtube account had…”

On another note, I can’t believe there are 43 minutes worth of car scenes??? Lol

lmao same that is A Whole Lot™️

like… my biggest anxiety trigger is the thought of death and like… not existing? and ppl always try to comfort me and say “its okay because when it happens you wont know it happened” thats exactly my fear wifkjhf or “its okay because its just like before you were born” thinking abt that also makes me anxious. lack of existence makes me anxious. i seriously hate this because usually anxiety triggers are manageable but i literally cant manage this one because we all die. it’s not like it wont happen because it will. i literally cant escape it

the only downside to refusing to let any of the turtles be white is that i cant draw a scene where someone calls leo a “bitch ass white boy”

there was this whole thing where i was supposed to learn that the way i interact with people has real and severe consequences on everyone around me, including my cyclical habit of ditching my years-long friends in favour of new people who’re in my newest fandom fixation that i end up making content for and bonding with people over, only to get my stupid ass hurt or get my friends hurt,

and part of the isolation was that i was going to just stick with jorb and michael and analyze myself and why i do this so i could STOP doing it, and then when i felt more comfortable and confident id open up again and start talking to my friends again,

and instead i fucking did it again! like an idiot! and now we’re having a crisis AGAIN bc it also happened to happen while we’re already in a horrible place bc this time 3 years ago was when we nearly died

i feel… incredibly stupid and pathetic. we really havent learned anything. we have no fucking self-awareness and we’re probably going to be like this until we die