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La volpe e l’uva.....

tagına binlerce insan saatlerdir yazıyor Ama gelgelelim eleşkirtiçin durde diye bir TAG hiç bir twitt olmamasına rağmen 10. sırada 'da bile adalet yok be

Hello there ! I want to challenge you . Recently an EGG managed to be the most liked picture on Instagram , so i thought to myself : how powerfull infact is the internet ? well people , i want YOU to make this the most followed account on TWITTER

Je tiens à Vous informer que dorénavant Seul(e)s les qui ont la de s'abonner à mon Compte auront des ... Bye les Z'Autres ! 😌

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今日の津軽(青森)の天気は曇時々雪です #myThings