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L.E.J - Summer 2017 ...

– a celebration of peculiar faces and signs! But did you know… over 900M emojis are sent every day without text on Messenger. 57% of emoji users on are women and half of all comments on include an . Top 5 emojis on iOS are:

My old twitter account has been locked because I was not 13 years old when I started the account. But today, I am 19 years old when I've updated my date of birth on Twitter. Still, the 'so called' norms doesn't allow them to unlock my account now. Great!!

Untill 1 August I am from my account. Enjoying relaxed at the seaside in 🇩🇰 meeting up with family and old friends. Wishing you all happy holidays 🌎☀️🌊🏖⛺️

AlphaSense, a search engine for analysis and business intel, raises $50M led by Innovation Endeavors by ingridlunden .

【Shibuya Nagisa】 RT mag_ray: 🌺夏のヘアアレンジ🌺 ちゃんの 可愛すぎる水着姿が なんと100倍可愛く?!😻 プールサイドで目立っちゃう 簡単 をご紹介💗

😂😂 I love the scaredy-cats who do drive-bys like the . It’s like they know their post is so full of shit, they push send them block u from destroying them. are so funny on .😂😂 ✌️out .😂😂

On vient d’atteindre les 13 000 Followers sur notre page ! Les atteindrons nous aussi sur ? Pour cela, n’hésitez pas à partager notre page mais aussi à RT & FAV chacun de nos tweets ! Merci à vous 🥳

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@Battle_World_: Good Morning everyone. We’re half way there!
Happy New Comic Book Day!! #NCBD #humpdaytreat