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Billets D'avions pour la TwichCon NA 2019 et Hotel reservé avec l'un des devs de mon Bot de Pari ! Maintenant, faut que je trouve qui y va et qui je peux rencontrer de FR a San Diego !

ARK: Survival Evolved: On Sale 71% OFF Want a feel for game-play❓ Check out , they're streaming it now❗️ 😍RT to share the love😍

DUAL GAMEPLAY!! So me and finally have 2 cams and 2 elgatos so you can watch as we are hunting our way to platinum trophy on ! We are training for and are SUPER EXCITED for it! Join us @

im sick, so no gym. we stream early tho. Continuing if you're down to see me get clapped and me clapbacc, click the link and what not. tell ya friends. idk, bring orange juice

estoy en jugando a jugando con y . te dejo link 👇👇👇 Pasate por el directo!!! y recuerda seguirme😘😘😋

Back with some drafts today while i tweak the setup Come hang out and drop me a follow 🙏

20 Uhr hauen wir bösen Yakuza in wieder auf die 12! Einschalten und mitlachen!

: c'ho sempre creduto e ora è SPLENDIDO! [VIDEO] Cominciamo un'avventura nuova alla scoperta delle profondità dell'universo!

We are live with some more Batman Arkham Asylum and still trying to find all those riddles and surviving inmates! Come hang out with me and Batman 🤗 Link in bio 💜

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I will be streaming twice a week from now on!Please come join my art streams ❤


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Zweihander Grim and Perilous: A Bitter Harvest 10


Zombies - Dead Rising 2 & Sonic Adventure 2 - Twitch VOD
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I’m going to be starting a gaming YouTube channel , I also have twitch but i gotta learn that more cause it seems a bit complicated lol but yeah so my friends finally convinced me to start it and basically gonna start doing live streams , and eventually put out like episodic videos. It’s gonna be gameplay and face cam , not gonna be like flawless gameplay but should be fun.

So if you can be so kind as to subscribe / there’s currently no videos up but just starting to put the word out there.

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