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A Kuala Lampur man escape execution for drug crimes because they court could not prove it was him and not his identical brother. Listen to more strange legal defenses on this week's Your Brain On Facts podcast - .

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Feel free to explore the wonders of Khandagiri and Udaygiri one cave at a time! Every Saturday / 0630 AM

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Being a is like being an explorer. I get to navigate uncharted territory & make new discoveries every day. Science is and takes and . It's even better when you have a to share your science with 😊

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" This Is One of The Reason Why I Can't Take My Foot Off Y'all Neck 😤🔥🎋🏆 "

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That puppy face looks very familiar.... 🤣

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Kendall, Casper, Kovu, Kaz, Noa, Gaston 3

  • do the sexy love™ with: None of them could handle this.
  • sacrifice myself for: @gastonlegume3. Bros for life, literally.
  • kick: @noa-atua back to middle school so he can remember what actual twelve year olds look like. 
  • take to prom: I guess me and Abs could’ve doubled with @kovukiwa and @kiara-adebowale, if that counts. And @casperlocke could come too, if he lets us set him up.
  • abandon in jurassic park: @kendallandersen. Sucks to die a virgin but what can I say? Sucks to suck.
  • push off a bridge: @kazmartyn. He doesn’t suck, he’s just annoying.

send 6 characters/people and i’ll tell you who i would!

The separation Process

Just a warning this may be a long entry!

Parting ways with my DM was the most painful thing i have ever experienced. It was if someone had died. During our relationship i was obsessed with him, he was everything to me, my world. I stopped putting in effort with friends and family and even myself. Once he was gone, I had nothing left. I had to rebuild myself, get to know me. 

 The seperation period in a Twin Flame journey is an absolute blessing. It hurts like a bitch but it’s the time where you really grow and discover yourself as well as heal.

  I learnt that i didn’t need to depend on anyone and i could live without my DM, Yes i struggled a lot. I hated him and i loved him.  In my situation i was still in High School, So i was forced to see him every day, we hung out in the same area and it was hard to pretend that he wasn’t the most important person in my life. I suffered from depression and was heavily suicidal for about 18 months and i had planned to do the deed, everything was set to go, my DM even had a goodbye letter that was set to be mailed. 

That was until i got the opportunity to fall in love again, It wasn’t the same love as i had felt before with my DM and the relationship was different, it was just a normal relationship and i was happy. I had almost forgotten about my DM. I was now in Year 12 my DM had left school and i was really enjoying life, i was 18 had a lot of friends and had discovered the clubbing scene. 

I did see my DM from afar a couple times at a club and as soon as i saw him my stomach dropped, I’d start freaking out, It’s bizarre he has such an effect on me. We never spoke. I’m not sure if he even noticed i was there but i couldn’t stop looking at him and mind you i was perfectly happy in my new relationship but yet infatuated with my Twin. 

By this point i couldn’t understand why i felt like this about him. I kept putting it down to him being my first love and you know how apparently girls feel attached to person they lose their virginity too? Well i thought i had that i felt stupid, why can’t i get over this bloke?!

During this time i got Glandular Fever quite bad so i was bed ridden and going stir crazy i got thinking about the past and i was beginning to feel ashamed of how i treated my DM while we were together so i messaged him on FB apologizing and we had a good chat for most of that afternoon and that was that. 

I then went on to never seeing him at clubs or even thinking about him. I began to really move on with my life. I became single yet again and so i moved overseas to London, I came back, moved out of home with friends, did further study and then gained full time employment. 

I had fully accepted the fact that he was never going to be apart of my life and i kind of forgot about him, Until our reunion started to take place.

I know it’s hard but if you’re in the separation phase yourself, I just say, hang in there, you’ve got this, allow this time to become a better version of you, live your life to the fullest and just let time heal old wounds, hating your twin won’t get you anywhere, this is a process that has to happen, Just roll with is as much as you can.

 As i get told a lot by the angels, be patient everything will happen in divine timing. 

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Hey. Jaebeom. Cold. Dawn. But before the sun even cracks the horizon, when the sky melts from black to the thinnest shade of blue. Thanks. Twin.

“I’m cold, Jae.” You whined, once again.

“I know that, dove. I told you to grab one of my sweaters,” he looked back, as you trudged behind him.

“Can’t you just magically make the power work again?” You upped your game, no longer following behind him, but fully wrapping your arms around his torso, nuzzling your nose into his back.

He grinned, placing his hands over yours. You spread your fingers, letting his slip between yours.

“But than you would let me go, and I don’t want that,” he tapped on your wrist.

“I’m starting to think that you made this happen, so I’m forced to hold on to you,” you scowled, but furthered your grip to him.

“You’ll never know,” he teased, turning in your arms. He looked down at you, and laughed at the angry grimace on your otherwise soft features.

“How about you go into the kitchen, light some candles and I’ll get you a sweater,” he leaned down, kissing the tip of your nose, untangling your arms from him, not allowing you to answer.

You crossed your arms stubbornly over your chest, walking into the kitchen. You opened the drawers, chopsticks from many nights of take out, slid to the front. The side of your lips ticked to the side, while you tried to remember where the lighter was. You remembered it was in the living room. You stumbled around in the dark, finally finding the lighter on top of the tv.

“Candles,” You whispered, walking back into the kitchen, finding a few.

You set them along the counter, and in the little window that looked out into the living room. You stood on your toes, lighting the last candle when you felt Jae running his fingers over your sides.

“Arms up,” he commanded from behind you.

You did as you were asked, lifting your arms. He shrugged one of his defsoul hoodies over your slender body, the fabric stopping mid-thigh. He took your hand and twirled you around, so that you were against his chest.

He bent down enough for you to wrap your arms around his neck, his arms circling your hips. He led you around the kitchen, only dancing to the soft humming of the wind from outside.

“You make all the lonely nights worth it,” he kissed the top of your head.

You bit your bottom lip, promising yourself that you’d make sure he never had another lonely night. The buzz of the heater kicking on, made you two slow your movements.

“It’s seems as though the power is back on,” he started to pull away.

“Leave the lights off,” you pulled him back, resting your ear over his chest.
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So. It seems I have a twin. I need help finding that twin.


When the #twin are happy 🤣 Thank you @westindoha for the amazing time and for inviting us for such delicious food @ Sabai Thai Restaurant 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

#food #happy #time #great #lovequotes #love #loveyou #sisters #hotel #doha #qatarliving #qatarairways (at Sabai Thai Restaurant)

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Apenas un segundo les ha bastado a estas gemelas sordas para hacerse famosas en el spot de Britishn Airways. Se llaman Rhianna y Natasha Cullen, tienen 12 años y obtuvieron el papel, que inicialmente estaba pensado para una sola actriz, después de asistir a dos casting y vencer a una gran cantidad de actrices oyentes que utilizaban la lengua de signos británica (BSL).

Cuando el director del spot las vió y se dio cuenta de que las gemelas eran sordas y usaban de forma natural la BSL, pensó que esto era aún mejor.

Búscalas en el spot con más de 3 millones de reproducciones.

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Hey lovely, I know you're either busy with life or laying low for something important, but just know that I miss you and hope you're well. - twin.

Angel face, I miss you too. I’m doing well, just working on work and life. 😇