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Swapping out that soft sand for sparkly snow. She’s looking as gorgeous as ever. Right !?

Under His Protection is a story of kidnapped sisters, one of whom had found evidence of a gangster's . available at Amazon -->

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It wasn’t a successful weekend for Coach Darebear (aka ) and I. Fortunately I have this sweet pic left over from a couple of weeks ago I just hadn’t yet posted for the wonderful world to see! We really rock the red.

"sen o halinle" derken o dakikalarda karşımdakinin ikizim olduğunu unutmuşum , işte böyle bir kafa 😂👯

Just because I don’t say something doesn’t mean I don’t know. I figured that one out YEARS ago. Who was I going to call?

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This Chapter of My Life is called being a 'sMom 🌸 💐 #2019

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Don’t we all?

Ink Sisters~ K. L. Setty


statistically speaking there’s about 7 other people in the world that look pretty frickin similar to you

THAT means…

there are also 7 other Roger lookalikes

followed by 7 other Bens…

7 Deacys…Joes… i mean they’re probably one of each other’s let’s be real,

ANYWAY idk about ages of these supposed doppelgängers but uhhh that being said…

dibs on a Roger or BennyBabe;)