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Ça fait tellement plaisir de voir ce genre de messages 🙏🏼 On en reçois de plus en plus, merci pour tout 😍 Par contre... la concurrence 😲 ? Comment on règle ça ? 🤔 🤭 🏆

Y’all help me wish my dad a happy birthday. This is still the best dress man I know. Y’all I call him every day to see what he is doing and just to talk. That’s how much I like talking to him. I love you dad!!

🛎️ANNONCE 🛎️ Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer l'arrivée de , qui sera notre photographe lors de l' ! Merci à pour le design

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🍬See your world in PINK!⠀ WeSOSHO Shooting we 💗!⠀ photographer @gianlucadavid_photos⠀ model ⠀ location @eusebiarredamenti .⠀ .⠀ .⠀

Does anyone know this guy? Lakes WI, Genoa City WI, Lake WI, Lake WI

[] Suite à des différents avec son duo, participera à avec qui donneront tout pour représenter au mieux les couleurs de la ! 🏆

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Two new fans of Essaouira on the Moroccan coast. Smiling faces, chilled vibes, and like the rest of the country so child friendly 🙌 Gutted we’re just about to miss the International Gnaoua music festival but maybe we’ll try that next year 🤘 . . . . .

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Guten Morgen mein ! 👭🍀💗 Leider habe ich kein Fenster nach Westen und das nach Osten geht gehen eine Hsuswand. 😉 Für solche Fotos muss ich also immer raus. Umso mehr geniesse ich Deine Sonnenuntergänge! 😀 Ich wünsche Dir heute einen wunderschönen Dienstag! 💗🍀🌺🦋

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Date Pretty Hotties Tonight!

This baby could not differentiate between his mother and her identical #twin 👭.

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I would like to inform you, that I have gone into our texts MULTIPLE times to pull from the arsenal that you have given me. I hope you enjoy this Jae smut tailored to fit you better than... well - Twinnie.

You’re the answers to all my prayers and the source of all my nightmares. I love you. But I hate you.

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For a moment I forgot you were a twin even though that's the reason I followed you in the first place. I learned the presidents in song form in kinder but I can only do like the first 20 now because it became irrelevant and I forgot it.

I’m screaming the first half of this ask is so funny. Also yea I don’t know why I can’t remember stuff for exams but I can still name all the damn US presidents


06/08/2019 - TWiN and Kurt Graves at DEFIANCE DC


Shout out to this awesome video that’s helped me explain my twin’s autism when I couldn’t think of how to describe it!

Twin gesucht

Ich suche einen Twin zum abnehmen und Motivieren!

Mir fällt es alleine sehr schwer abzunehmen und suche jemanden der die selben ziele hat wie ich 😊

Zu mir:

•19 Jahre 🎉 • 1,64m klein 😋 •momentan 89kg 🧬

Höchstgewicht 90,1kg🌩 /Zielgewicht: 60-65 kg🌤

mein Nächstes ziel sind erstmal 80kg🌱

Du solltest Mindestens 18 Jahre alt sein und nicht zu übereifrig sein. *änderung* Wenn du fasten möchtest kannst du das tun aber ich werde es nicht mit machen 😊 bestrafung für fressanfälle und Binge eating wird es nicht/wenig geben💗

Something to know about me

So, when I created this blog I wanted it to eventually feel like it’s a community. But that’d mean that I would take the first step and give you guys a little bit of information about me and my life. As you know, I have a disabled twin but I’m trying to learn to talk less about him when meeting new people and more about interests that I have, hobbies and my life in general. Being his twin isn’t something I’m ashamed of but in order to meet new people and feel like my own person, I need to take what makes me happy into consideration. So here’s a few things about me:

~ I love to tell stories in any way: through art, music, drama, performance. Due to this, I’ve fallen in love with musical theatre and I see it as a potential career path for me!

~ I’ve been writing songs and stories since I was young and play instruments like guitar, piano, ukulele and sing.

~When I was little and would go out to have sleepovers, my brother would have to stay in our shared room by himself. He has separation anxiety and in order to help him get to sleep that night, I would dress up my pillow in my clothes and tuck it into my bed before I left.

~ I haven’t met many people who have a disabled sibling, let alone ones with the same conditions and daily mannerisms as my twin (Hence, why I made the blog 😅)

So there it is, you all know a bit more about me! If you’re someone with a disability or are family of someone with a disability feel free to follow the “Big Little Siblings” blog. There you can ask anything and submit posts. This blog is for anyone who feels isolated or feels like they’re alone in their life experiences or maybe just for people who want to be in this kind of group. Hopefully, this blog can help you in some way 😁




#PressPlay @forevalivefly “Pesos” @therealkingphil | Prod by 🎹: @mjnichols_ | Video shot by 🎥: @shotbyzerah #twin #peso #chicago #illinois #losangeles #la #california #bloomington #indiana #hiphop #rap #dt #igers #explore #c4c #digital #traffickers #love #music #video (at Los Angeles, California)

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My dear twin

It’s funny that it doesn’t matter how many times you keep silent because you always come back and call me when I’m really in deep shit and I just want to give up on everything. You hurt me a lot and I never met person who’s able to do it even a little bit more, that’s why I’m scared when everyone tells me that I’m the same as you were at my age. I see it too, but I never wanted it. With age I am more like you and I make the same mistakes on my way as you. I even don’t know why. With years I have been more able to understand why you hate yourself, because I also hate myself.