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C’è molto potere nel lasciarsi GUARDARE 👀. Col tempo ho imparato a non cercare di controllare l’opinione che il mondo 🌏 ha di me. Anzi, di quel che il mondo 🌍 pensa , io me ne infischio “ 🖤

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“Eso es porque nadie se dio cuenta de que era una película de arte. Es parte de lo mismo. En unos años, la gente se dará cuenta de repente: ¡ah, era una obra de arte! ¡No lo había notado!"

“That’s because no one realised that was an arthouse movie. It’s part of the same thing. In a few years, people will suddenly realise – ah, it was arthouse! I totally missed it!”

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Between Us: 03

Paul Lahote x Reader


Part 1:

Part 2:

Warning: Mentions of sex

A/N: Also, I’m sorry it’s not that long and I hope you guys like it! <3

The rest of the week went by quickly and well… you had sex with Paul the whole week, except on wednesday. By that, it means, you both got some oral. Other than that, you did it everywhere you could. In his house on the kitchen counter. You had to clean after it because well, the smell was strong and both of you didn’t want Paul’s mom to come home to the smell! You did it in your living room, while your mom had a night shift, then in the shower. You did it in a public restroom. You got slightly disgusted after doing it because obviously it’s dirty, but you laughed it off later.

After a month, Paul told Jared about his secret and ever since, Jared wondered a lot if his friend was in love with you and so did your best friend.

Jared noticed that his best friend was getting softer with you. He also stopped flirting with other girls and even paying them attention to get his way.

On the other hand, Y/B/N wondered if you had feelings for Paul because you started to get jealous whenever girls talked to him, which was so unlike you before. Y/B/N brought it up to you once, but you told her it wasn’t the case and that she was ‘delusional’.

One day though, after you had sex with Paul, you mentionned him how much girls wanted his attention and that they were always up in his business. It amused Paul which resulted in him asking you if you were jealous. You told him that it wasn’t the case and made up a stupid excuse which was: “It’s just not fair because you get to flirt with other girls and also have sex with them, while I just have you”. Right after it, Paul pulled you closer and told you that ever since you became 'special friends’, he only had sex with you. You didn’t show it, but you were happy about it. He suggested to pinky promise that both of you could only have sex with each other.

You got it going during four months. It was now june and school was finally over. It’s been going on quite awhile, but you loved it. Your 'friendship’ with Paul became stronger as time passed by. There were little things that he did for you and that you did for him that made both of your best friends wonder if you guys were secretly dating or in a relationship.  For example, you would both cancel a best friends’s night out just to watch movies together and cuddle with no sex included… Cuddling was something you guys never really did before. Another example, Paul stopping at the grocery store on his way to the beach with Jared because he wants to buy you your favorite sweets, just because 'he feels like it’. And you buying him a shirt while you were out shopping with Y/B/N because 'it’s for his birthday’. Y/B/N looked you up and down and reminded you that it wasn’t even close to his birthday, making you say 'it’s an early birthday gift’. It was because of little situations like these that Y/B/N and Jared wondered what was truly going on between you two.

-Saturday night-

Tonight, you were sucking Paul’s dick in his pick up truck. After he came, you swallowed and laid down on his chest, as you watched the stars together. Paul broke the silence.

“Did you ever made love?”, he asked you still looking up at the stars. You raised your head and turned around on your stomach to look at him. You place your hands on his chest and rested your chin on the back of your hand. You thought about your ex boyfriend.

“Not really. Have you?” you asked him back.

“No, I haven’t” he replied, as he looked at you for a second, then back at the stars.

“We could be each other’s first time if you want.” you told him. You didn’t know why you said that and why you wanted it, but you just did.

Paul intensly looked at you as he stayed silent for a bit. You were getting nervous and for the first time during your four years of friendship with Paul, you were starting to regret what you just said.

He noticed by your facial expression and also by how stiff you had gotten that you were getting nervous. Paul then caressed your back before giving you an answer.

“Yes, I want to.”

You gave him a soft smile, earning a soft smile in return.

He gently put his hand on your cheek before leaning in and giving you a gentle and passionate kiss.

You didn’t know why, but this kiss was much more different from the others. Not just because of the rythm of the kiss, but because you felt something different. Something in your stomach that you had never felt before. It was weird and new to you, which made you scared, but you liked it.

That night, on june 29th, you made love with Paul, on his pick up truck, under the stars. It wasn’t the most beautiful or ideal place to make love for the first time, but to you it was. It felt right and you did it with the right person.

Every touch was gentle, soft and warm. It made you feel at home. It felt so right and so good that before you both came, you both said 'I love you’ to each other. You didn’t even freeze and he didn’t stop thrusting. For some reason, that also felt right and deep down, you knew that you meant it even if you didn’t want to say it out loud or admit it to yourself. It was genuine, but you didn’t want to think about it for now. You just wanted to keep enjoying this moment and the pleasure you had.

The difficulty is that I have no mouth through which I can speak. I can’t make myself understood, not in your world, the world of bodies, of tongues and fingers; and most of the time I have no listeners, not on your side of the river. Those of you who may catch the odd whisper, the odd squeak, so easily mistake my words for breezes rustling the dry reeds, for bats at twilight, for bad dreams.
—  Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad
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