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“Il était indispensable en matière de crédibilité d'avoir des annonceurs ayant des résultats à transmettre sur 3 ans, ayant investis en de manière significatives et actionnant plusieurs médias, afin d'en isoler l'efficacité.”

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Efficacité et ROI de la : c’est le début de la conférence organisée par le SNPTV ... et la salle est comble !

dramas allure Iranian viewers Turkish TV have encouraged many Iranians to connect and learn Turkish language

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в 05:45 в телепрограмме Петровка, 38 В студию приглашаются компетентные гости, иной раз - депутаты Московской городской думы

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Fucking bird nose! 🐦👃🤣😂

yo i love fleabag but you know….chewing gum was a show that dealt with a lot of the same themes and plot beats (older british millennial woman, addresses the camera and us as she stumbles through her confusing relationship with sex and feminism and family) around the same time (2015-17). chewing gum even had identical roots as a piece of one-woman theatre written and produced by the leading woman who then adapted it for tv, has identical types of scenes wherein tracey addresses the camera while on the toilet/bord or panicked during sex, also centres on a sister/older sister dynamic where the older sister must leave a bad relationship, and even has the exact same episode structure and amount…i could go on but you get the idea. this is not a post accusing pwb of stealing from michaela coel or something (i love both shows so much). but i think its QWHITE obvious which “messy millennial woman” stories ppl believe are “new” and “fresh” and worthy of acclaim and it isn’t stories centring on visibly unapologetic working-class black women. 

Yesterday, on a Dutch talk show, they showed a fragment where people in the streets were asked how they feel about gay people walking and in hand. Because unfortunately, even though we are known to be a super open minded society, there are still sometimes problems concerning this, even going so far occasionally that people get beat up.

So, there was this elderly couple with their granddaughter of about 11 years old. The woman says something along the lines of: I don’t have a problem with people being gay but I don’t need to see it. The man says that he thinks they shouldn’t walk hand in hand and perhaps it’s good that they get a few strikes so that they won’t do it again. He even goes so far as to say that if his own son was gay he would be totally okay with it if his son got beat up… That it would be his own fault.

Then the girl says: I think it’s pretty normal if gay people hold hands. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Then the interviewer turns to the man and says: I think there’s a lot you can learn from your granddaughter.



The earth is constant flux, there are periods of dry and wet. None of this is new. 


Sophia is often referred as being “Spunky”. She’s courageous, witty and sought out for advice about life. I believe she’s one of the most relatable characters. She says things we’re probably thinking but won’t say (top right pic) However, although she can’t control what she says due to a stroke; I believe this should not be an excuse to be inconsiderate. There’s one particular episode that made me very upset (See Below)


We get upset when our best friend gets romantically involved with an ex-partner. Imagine how Dorothy felt? Her sister and ex-husband being encouraged to be together by their own mother. No wonder Dorothy’s hurt. Also, did Sophia prefer Gloria to marry money than for love? Overall, Sophia is someone everyone can relate to and who gives great advice! (See Below)


Gotta love Sophia!