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[ #XMen ] Scarlet Witch by Dmytro Shevchenko


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A/N: my OC is Indris. I introduced her as the reader’s friend from “where have you been hiding?” I hope you liked it! It was hard for me to get in an angst writing mood, but I did it!! 💕 @smile-sugar

Indris x Ivar

Warnings: Angst, lots of it. And some fluff at the end.

Word count: 1200

It’s been 2 years since Indris met Ivar, training with all the men, along with her powerful female friends. Ivar caught Indris’s eye immediately. How he was so mighty even though he was a cripple. After a few weeks of flirting back and forth, and lingering a little long when you pinned each other, while training, Ivar confesses his feelings to Indris. Once they finally made love, they were inseparable ever since. The two of them were in love and they were also best friends. The looks they exchanged to each other would be of pure love and nothing else. Well, that was until he became more powerful and began making plans to gain more power. He was obsessed with work, and honestly paid more attention to the slave women than he did Indris. She noticed how he would tug them into his lap and laugh as he barely touched The woman he claimed to love. Indris let it go every time until this time, while you both were eating dinner with his family, he pulled a slave in his lap and whispered something in her ear that made the slave girl lick her lips. That was it. Indris was done with him. She shot out of her seat, threw her drink on the both of them and stormed to the room that the two of them shared.


[indris’s POV]

You were done with the way he would ignore you for days and barely touch you. You were done with the way he acted with those slaves, right in front of your eyes. Ivar Lothbrok was not worth the pain he gave you. Once you slammed the bedroom door behind yourself, you found a bag and began throwing your stuff in. Your family will be happy with your return anyways, they hated that you were with him anyway. You were startled when you heard Ivar burst through the door.

“What was that about, Indris?” He asked you as if he was confused.

“You’re kidding me, right?” You answered his question with another. To which he still seemed confused.

“I’m leaving you, Ivar. I will not take this blatant disrespect right in front of my eyes. Everyday, you pay more attention to your little slaves than you do ME! I looked the other way for too long. I would just say that you loved me over and over in my head but now I’ve stopped believing it. I can’t do this anymore, you hurt me too much.” Your voice cracked at the end of your statement and you began to cry, turning around and continuing packing.

“Come on, Inny, they mean nothing to me, they are just slaves. Please, you know that You’re special to me.” He wrapped his arms around your waist from behind, kissing your ear.

You whipped yourself around and pushed him off you, nearly throwing him to the ground.

“Don’t touch me. I don’t want you to touch me ever again. I don’t want to be with you anymore, Ivar. You cannot convince me otherwise.” You spoke in a stern voice. His eyes looked like they were watering but he bowed his head so you couldn’t see.

“Please Don’t say that. I love you, Indris. I promise you I’ll never touch a slave again, I’ll pay more attention to you. I know I’ve been neglecting you. I’ll change, Please don’t leave me. You are breaking my heart, Stop packing, My love, stay with me.” Ivar got up and started taking things out of your bag and then grabbed both of your hands and stared into your eyes.

“Ivar, You’ve hurt me so much. I gave you my everything and it seems like it means nothing. I can’t be neglected anymore, I don’t know… I think I should leave.” You couldn’t look at him. Every time he looks at you with those icy blue eyes, you almost fall in a trance. He was so beautiful.

“Look at me, Indris I need you to look at me.” He lifted your chin and searched your eyes with him.

“I have treated you unfairly. I’m so sorry, inny. I love you, I will make up for everything. I didn’t realize how bad I was hurting you. Forgive me, please.” He pressed his lips against yours but you didn’t kiss back. Ivar pulled away.

“I promise to cherish you, I swear to you, Indris.” He smashed into your lips against this time he wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you against him.

You couldn’t resist him anymore. You truly do love him with all your heart. You kissed him back and once you parted your mouth for his tongue, the kiss became passionate and made your whole body feel like you were on fire. You both pulled away to catch your breath.

“Ivar, I love you more than I can ever tell you. Don’t ever touch another slave or another woman, for that matter. Even if you need a release, you are to find me and use me for your needs. If I get hurt one more time by you, I will leave Kattegat in the night without a word. Do you understand?” You asked him as your shaking hands guided their way to his cheeks.

He grabbed one of your hands and kissed your palm. Ivar took a deep breath and looked straight into your eyes.

“Indris, I swear on Odin that I will only ever be with you. You’re the only person that I’m truly comfortable around. You’re the only person I trust completely. I’m so sorry I almost drove you away from me. Gods, I will never forgive myself for how I’ve made you feel. I know I will never ever cause you this pain again, Believe me.” His words made you shudder.

He meant what he was saying, you could see the pain in his eyes. You hugged him tightly and buried your head in his chest, taking in his scent. These past couple months have been painful to go through. But, the way he used to treat you was amazing. He worshipped you like a goddess, always gentle with you and rough when you wanted it. You want to be with Ivar more than anything. But what you said was true. If you got hurt by him, one more time, you will leave in the middle of the night, without a word to him.

Ivar kissed your forehead and you melt. His sweetness was your weakness. You looked up at him and kissed him, once again. But this time, the kiss Ivar gave you back was needy. He was pressing himself into you. You pulled away and gave him a questioning look.

“What? Remember I have to use you for all my needs, my love. How about we have some make-up sex and then I’ll organize us a romantic late night dinner. Would you like that, my sweet Inny?” He kissed you again, this time, deeper and full of lust. He picked you up and threw you on the bed.

“To answer your question, I would like that very much. I’ve needed you for so long Ivar. Take me, Ivar the boneless.” You knew he loves it when you use his given battle name. He smirked and dropped his crutch. Just by that look, you knew that this would be a very long night.

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Le Meilleur Pâtissier : on connaît la date de lancement de la saison 7 !

C'est le grand retour du rouleau à pâtisserie et des moules à gâteaux ! Le Meilleur Pâtissier est reparti pour une 7ème saison emmenée par la pétillante Julia Vignali, accompagnée du chef étoilé préféré des Français, Cyril Lignac, et de l'incontournable blogueuse et auteure de livres de cuisine, Mercotte. Cette année encore, plus de 5 000 pâtissiers amateurs ont envoyé leur candidature… mais seuls 12 d´entre eux ont été sélectionnés !

Passionnés de douceurs sucrées et venus de toute la France mais aussi de Belgique, ils vont se lancer dans la plus grande compétition de pâtissiers amateurs du pays. Qu'ils soient étudiant en médecine, chroniqueuse radio, aide-soignant en psychiatrie, éducatrice spécialisée, ingénieur informaticien, retraitée, professeur de chimie, consultante en marketing, agent municipal, chargée de communication, institutrice ou encore lycéen, ils vont tenter de décrocher le titre de “Meilleur pâtissier”, avec à la clé, la publication de leur propre livre de recettes !

La rentrée pour tous !

Dans le cadre enchanteur du Château de Groussay, dans la Vallée de Chevreuse, nos pâtissiers amateurs tenteront de séduire le jury qui les aidera, comme chaque année, à parfaire leur technique et développer leur créativité. Pour cette première semaine de concours, l´heure de la rentrée a sonné pour notre nouvelle classe de pâtissiers amateurs, prêts à remplir de notes gourmandes le grand livre de la 7ème saison du Meilleur Pâtissier. Timides, concentrés ou dissipés, tous ont hâte de rencontrer leurs nouveaux professeurs. Sourires de rigueur, mais rigueur exigée pour cette grande première : 3 challenges sur le thème de “la rentrée” vont permettre à nos pâtissiers amateurs d´exprimer tout leur talent !

Dans l'épreuve du classique revisité imaginée par Cyril Lignac, nos pâtissiers amateurs devront réinterpréter visuellement et gustativement un dessert bien connu des écoliers : le gâteau marbré. (…)

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Christophe Beaugrand prépare sa rentrée dans la matinale de LCI
France Télévisions : la météo change de formule et de look
INTERVIEW. Lufy (TFX) : “Ce sont les influenceuses qui prévoient les vêtements pour les relookings”
L'amour est dans le pré 2018 : découvrez Vincent, 57 ans, maraîcher en Ardèche
Les meilleures punchlines de Karine Le Marchand dans L'amour est dans le pré

Asia Argento nega ter assediado ator menor de idade 
Atriz se disse chocada ao ler notícias falsas Reprodução/Instagram

Asia Argento negou que tenha abusado sexualmente de Jimmy Bennett, quando ele tinha apenas 17 anos. Em comunicado divulgado pelo jornalista Yashar Ali e publicado na revista Variety, a atriz e diretora italiana respondeu às acusações feitas pelo ator.

Asia afirmou que “nunca teve qualquer relação sexual com o homem que a acusou de molestá-lo quando ele era menor de idade” e explicou que seu ex-namorado, Anthony Bourdain, sugeriu que eles fizessem um acordo financeiro para acabar com a “longa perseguição” de Bennett por ela.

A atriz disse que Bennett era considerado “perigoso” por seu ex-namorado e que um pagamento de 380 mil dólares seria uma maneira de “lidar compassivamente com o pedido dele por ajuda”. Segundo Asia, o ator a procurou pedindo uma quantia de dinheiro exorbitante. 

Asia também declarou que estava “profundamente chocada e magoada por ter lido notícias absolutamente falsas” a seu respeito.

Vale lembrar que a atriz foi uma das vozes do movimento “Me Too”, que trouxe à tona diversas acusações de estupro contra o produtor americano Harvey Weinstein. Asia relatou que foi abusada por ele em um quarto de hotel na França, durante o Festival de Cannes. Na época, ela tinha 21 anos.

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Minho: We know each other better than anyone! We finish each other senten…


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Ren interview with Amarin TV

Guimarães Rosa tinha razão: viver é um rasgar-se e remendar-se

Cinco da manhã. Eu trabalhava havia quase 24 horas no plantão do Pronto-Socorro Municipal. Passagens de ano sempre foram agitadas, com rojões que queimam mãos, festeiros que bebem demais e doenças imprevisíveis. Tudo que eu queria era ir embora e dormir no primeiro dia do ano para acordar bem tarde. Queria esquecer os vômitos, suturas e ataduras das últimas e intermináveis horas.