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We are proud to see our Mounts not only displayed in many hospitals, healthcare facilities or laboratories but also in movies and on TV. The Japanese TV show Top Knife is using our mounts in some of the scenes.

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Latest: Chris Evans’ Apple TV+ Crime Thriller ‘Defending Jacob’ Gets First Images & Premiere Date

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Más imágenes de como modelo publicitario para @wolher_official . ・・・ "Camiseta Regent, 100% algodón orgánico, disponible en azul, blanco y amarillo." Foto: +Info:

Why can't , Repubs who care & do major sit-ins @ all vulnerable senators offices (during da ?) 2 let 'em C or lose in Nov. If they do, poll go up & they might hang on2 da damn . Y R they so evil stupid on this?

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Tag yourself, I'm Sophie
  • Nate: Why'd you come back?..
  • Parker: It's too hard to leave a job undone. It's like an itch.
  • Hardison: I put a lot of work into us, into that office. It was like my second home, I blew up my second home!
  • Eliot: As annoying as you people are, I quit this crew, when I quit this crew. Nobody makes me leave.
  • Sophie: I just... I really wanted to hurt Sterling.

I’m here to tell you its okay not to watch the first episode or first couple of seasons on a tv show. Just like it’s okay not to read the book before watch the movie adaptation. If you like to just jump in on the action that’s totally okay. It’s also okay not to watch an episode all the way through. I’ve never seen an episode of Steven’s universe all the way through, but I watch all the little clips on here and watch video essays on YouTube because it’s super interesting.


Look what I found on

from my fav. TV blog

Meetings be like

Loki: *as proud as ever* And he was like “Don’t you dare!” and then I went “b*tch I WILL dare.”

Peter P: You’re a master

Shuri: You’re my idol

Steve: *tearing up* beautiful

Groot: I am Groot. (I want to be like you when I grow up)

Nebula: I thought I’d never feel this feeling. I think it’s admiration.


Thor: *sobbing*…and then he went “b*tch I WILL dare”

Tony: We know your pain, buddy

T’challa: *patting Thor’s back* You did the right thing, Thor

Bucky: This story is so familiar. I’ll be praying for you, pal

Rocket: *voice cracking* Every f*cking time

Gamora: It will get better. Hopefully.