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Emily Atack appears to confirm she is in a relationship

Emily Atack appeared to confirm her relationship with film producer Rob Jowers with a post on Instagram.

The actress and I’m A Celebrity star shared a selfie of the pair embracing – and fans also spotted what appeared to be a diamond band on her ring finger.

However, a representative for Atack, 29, said they are not engaged and the picture was unintentionally taken in reverse, meaning the ring was actually on her right hand.

Atack captioned the post: “Happy Easter one n’all.”

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Happy Easter one n’all 🌻

A post shared by Emily Atack (@emilyatackofficial) on Apr 20, 2019 at 11:35am PDT

Fans commented on the post congratulating the couple while Atack’s celebrity friends were among the well-wishers. Actor John Barrowman wrote: “And there he is!!!!!”

Reality TV star Vicky Pattison commented: “Love this.”

And former I’m A Celebrity winner Scarlett Moffatt posted four heart eyes emojis.

Atack first found fame playing schoolgirl Charlotte Hinchcliffe on The Inbetweeners, before finishing second to football manager Harry Redknapp on I’m A Celebrity in 2018.


Can’t believe it’s already been a while ass year since we’ve had this much fun together, may The Guys live forever ♾


Heroes Five years gone What is love

Do you remember Heroes v serie? My fav character was Hiro Nakamura

Sean Slater returns after a decade away in new EastEnders pics

Returning EastEnders character Sean Slater is already making an impact in new pictures from the soap.

Following 10 years away from Walford, Sean picks up Amy Mitchell – who he used to believe was his daughter – from school.

Slater causes panic when he picks Amy up from school (Jack Barnes/BBC/PA)

He was last seen escaping from a frozen lake in 2009 after he planned to drown himself, wife Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) and Amy, after discovering Jack Branning was her real father.

Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack) saved her sister and niece from the icy water, with Sean crawling out of the water himself and walking into the darkness.

The new episode sees his sister Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) and Jack (Scott Maslen) panicking, unaware that Sean has returned to the Square.

Sean thought Amy was his daughter (Jack Barnes/BBC/PA)

It was announced in January that Robert Kazinsky, who plays Sean, would be returning to the soap.

The episode airs on BBC One at 7.30pm on April 29.

Jennifer Saunders joins voice cast of Thunderbirds Are Go

Jennifer Saunders and Larry Lamb have joined the voice cast of new episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go.

The British stars will both take on guest roles in forthcoming instalments of the animated series, based on the beloved children’s puppet show from the 1960s which followed the exploits of International Rescue.

The life-saving organisation is equipped with technologically-advanced land, sea, air and space rescue crafts named the Thunderbirds, which are piloted by the Tracy brothers.

Larry Lamb (Andrew Matthews/PA)

Saunders will voice Helen Shelby, a no-nonsense biologist who designed the incredible Supreme Barrier Reef, a replacement for the polluted Great Barrier Reef, while Lamb will voice Gomez, a man from chauffeur Parker’s criminal past who wants to use his car as a getaway vehicle in his criminal exploits.

They join returning series regulars Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Rasmus Hardiker and David Menkin, who play the Tracy brothers, and Rosamund Pike as Lady Penelope.

David Graham will also return as Parker, Angel Coulby as Kayo, and Kayvan Novak as Brains.

In the new episodes on the second half of series three, the Tracys and their Thunderbirds must go above and beyond to tackle new threats while continuing to rescue those in need.

When a mysterious distress signal reaches International Rescue, the whole team must pull together to discover who is behind it.

The new episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go will air on ITV and CITV in May.

VIDEO. Plus belle la vie : le touchant hommage de la série à la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Un hommage télévisé. Les scénaristes de Plus belle la vie ont tenu à rendre hommage à la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, dans l'épisode diffusé mardi 16 avril au soir. 24 heures seulement après l'incendie qui a ravagé le célèbre bâtiment historique, le feuilleton quotidien de France 3 a consacré une scène au sinistre.

Dans la scène en question, diffusée en tout début d'épisode, Mila, Théo, Clara et un quatrième protagoniste se regroupent autour d'un smartphone, sur lequel ils apprennent la nouvelle de l'incendie de Notre-Dame de Paris, détruite par les flammes. Choqués et consternés, tous fixent le téléphone portable, le visage grave. “Vous vous rendez compte que c'est 900 ans d'histoire qui partent en fumée ?”, lance Clara à ses amis. Une scène tournée quelques heures avant la diffusion dans les studios de la Belle de Mai à Marseille, où se déroule le tournage de la série télévisée.

Une série calée sur l'actualité

Ce n'est pas la première fois que Plus belle la vie réagit à l'actualité. Et pour cause, le programme journalier se calque sur l'actualité politique, sportive ou encore people. En octobre dernier, la série avait rendu hommage à Charles Aznavour, deux jours après la mort du chanteur. Un hommage aussi avait été diffusé pour la mort de Johnny Hallyday, en décembre 2017, deux jours après sa disparition également.

Et ce n'est pas tout, puisque la série a déjà intégré dans son scénario de nombreux faits divers, comme l'effondrement de deux immeubles marseillais en novembre dernier ou encore la victoire de la France à la Coupe du monde pendant l'été. En mars 2018, le feuilleton de France 3 avait rendu hommage à Arnaud Beltrame, le colonel tué lors de l'attentat terroriste de Trèbes.

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INFO TELESTAR. Plus belle la vie : Laurent Orry (Jérôme) quitte la série
PHOTOS. Joakim Latzko, Elodie Varlet, Anne Décis, Emanuele Giorgi… les stars de Plus belle la vie, rayonnantes à Cannes

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Manifest (2019)

Tv show review … Season 1


I love the weekly mysteries and the overall mystery of flight 828’s disappearance. I find this show entertaining and compelling.

I like all the passenger-characters. I had reservations about Michaela’s character but most of those have gone now. I like Ben and Josh Dallas but I hope he gets to use more of his acting range. He is a good actor so he can do more than just look concerned or contemplative.

I really can’t put my finger on why I dislike Grace so much. But I do. I really don’t like her. Maybe it’s because she’s equal parts nag, living in denial, asking too much of her family, and a hypocrite. Even as the season moved on she ‘accepts’ the callings and Ben’s obsession but it’s like the writers/producers are scrambling to make her likeable. It just feels forced. As for her drama? I don’t care. I fast forward until something more interesting happens.

I was disappointed in how the show is pairing Michaela with Jared again. Why do shows do that? To me, it’d be SO much more interesting to have Jared and Lourdes create a happy family life. Then M has to figure out what she really wants in life and how to move on. Her & J just basically forces her to relive her old feelings. Plus, they should have shown her as a true friend- to one of the few friends she has left. To be loyal to her instead of J. It’d make her character more interesting.

  • Instead, we get a man that repeatedly chooses an ex over his wife….ignores his wife & cheats on her with an emotionally vulnerable & confused woman. (Rememer, it’s only been 6 weeks since M found out her mother passed away). AJ’s man that throws a tantrum when Michaela tries to do the right thing by giving them space. A man that obsesses over her and becomes jealous at the first sign of another man hovering around M. He stalks Zeke, uses department resources/manpower to have him followed…barges into the apartment (aka breaking and entering), and picks a fight. What a winner there! 🙄 in fact, it felt like I was watching all the 🚩 …signs he could be abusive. At the very least, controlling.

I hope the show stops with his character. I do NOT want Michaela to end up with someone so controlling. It’s just wrong.

Also, I like Zeke. He’s a flawed person trying to do right. He’s interesting. If he becomes Michaela’s new man or just her BFF I hope he stays on the show.

I like how all the dots are being connected on the show. It’s really interesting.

Did I mention I don’t want Grace around?

Seriously though, there’s on screen chemistry between Ben and Saanvi so please, go there! No cheating or anything. Just do it right.

  • I love the revelations but I hope the show doesn’t hold to that. It’d be much too dark. Well even for this show.

I hope Season 2 is going to be as interesting to watch. I’ll definitely tune in.

Can we please have a Movie or TV show character that has alopecia. Like they have short hair and you can see their bald spots. But don’t give them some sad ass storyline where everyone feels bad for them or they feel unworthy or unattractive. Let them fucking own those bald spots and not give a rat’s ass about anyone’s opinions on their hair. Is that too much to ask for ???


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