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Please can I have a RT? ***BRAND NEW CASTING FOR A BRAND NEW SHOW*** Do you have a special occasion you need to lose a stone for? Get in touch! Applicants must be over 18 E:

📣 تمجید از مواضع « » در 🔺 وزیر خارجه چین در دیدار با همتای ایرانی خود در ، از مواضع وی در کنفرانس امنیتی مونیخ تمجید کرد

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to discuss my experience with the trial, and my life today with and Melissa Moore. Excited to announce that this interview will air today! Hope you enjoy.

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The relationship between Bradley and Colin has sort of… been a slow burner.


Got the old #80s #dumpsterdive #Analog #MontgomeryWards #TV home and to fire up. The poor homeless guy the other week took the remote. But that’s ok. What a cool, Gewfy old set.

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‘Good Omens’ Producer BBC Studios Developing Adaptation Of Michael Moorcock’s ‘Runestaff’ Fantasy Novels
The books tell the story of a resistance force trying to bring down tyrannical rule and follow Hawkmoon, whose journey takes him from ghost-cities in the Syrian desert to pirate colonies in the American bayou; from caravans of mutant creatures in Carpathian mountains to the heart of the Dark Empire itself – the glittering city of Londra where the river runs blood red.
By Peter White

Kollade in min samling av fantastik-böcker från Äventyrsspel. Äger alla fyra böckerna! :D Tror jag började på “Den onda juvelen” för många år sedan men att annat kom emellan. Man kanske skulle försöka få tummen ur, eller skall man vänta tills BBC är klara?

Tack för tipset @kulturdasset.

It was on this very spot in 1935 that Chairman Mao unveiled the plans for the future of his country. This, then, is the birthplace of communism in China, and today it stands as an anti-capitalist shrine. Naturally, we headed straight for the gift shop.
—  — Jeremy Clarkson at the Zunyi Conference Center, The Grand Tour S03E06 —

Big time execs just don’t share our creative vision!!
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*rumi quotes*
YXI FM ~ [14/02/2019 12.32]
Beat prod. Unknown instrumentalz

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Mit Sport hält Rentner Alfred Rüntrup sich gesundheitlich fit. Regelmäßig betrieben, in seinem Fall: Fußball, kann Sport den Alterungsprozess deutlich verlangsamen - das durfte der rüstige Alt-68ger am eigenen Leib erfahren. Nicht die Menge sei entscheidend. Jeden Abend ein Spiel auf Sky sei völlig ausreichend.