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: Quando o antivirus for desativado por algum ou , você pode resolver rapidamente com somente 2 passos bem simples. Leia aqui: .

Get the hang of sequence diagrams with this comprehensive sequence diagram guide.

Here are 10 questions all beginners (or even intermediate) in R find themselves searching for! This includes creating maps, scatter plots, bar, box plots,heat maps, area chart, correlogram using package in .

This is an AMAZING collection of FREE English language photography, graphic design and Adobe Suite video tutorials March 22, 2019 at 08:00PM

The only ER diagram guide you need from ERD notations to best practices!

is here 🎉 For those playing at home who want to by tackling the , you can on our workspace. DM us for an e-vite before 10am and we’ll get you connected!

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Crystal Hearts World #3 Como mejorar a los Heroes


The Origin of Mori 森之起源 android game first look gameplay español


The Heart of Knight 骑士之心 android game first look gameplay español


Game of Gods android game first look gameplay español


The E class available now by really is an opportunity not to be missed by anyone looking to enter the amazing world of resin art. This course is packed full of tips and tricks that the amazing has gathered over many years and who is willing to share all. Through out the course she uses our glitters 💃🏻 Visit her page and click link to her website in bio. Make sure you get 20% off by using discount code Just4you20% ❤️
Resin art captured my heart, first time I worked with it was 5 years ago. I wanted that glossy shine which I feel brings a wow factor. It’s addictive, I’m always excited to work on my next piece. My creative mind won’t stop! So be careful as this will become a full time hobby that can turn into a career 💕
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These are so cheap to make and will save you so much money and space

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Hi. I love the idea of having the nails available in the skin details area, However it is in the section I have my sims only cc skin option. Can you please offer the nails in every section available in skin details so that we have more options and less chance of it interfering with our other favorite skin details? Thank you.

Hmm….it’s just it takes quite a long time to do that as I would have to import 200 swatches in total for each category. Not to mention boring and I don’t get paid. Anyway, I had another person asking me if I could fix it, and it’s actually kind of meant for the downloader to change the category to what fits them the best! Here’s a small tutorial: download s4 studio, unmerge the nails package and open the skindetail ones by hitting “my projects” and finding those files, and then in under categories you’ll find “outfit type” there you can change it to another category like one of the tattoes or another skindetail. Save it and you’re done. It should then show up in the category you’ve chosen.


How To Create A Text Type Effect In WordPress? 🎬🎥👩‍💻📝⌨️ #Text #Type #Effect #Write #WordPress #Tutorial


Colour Tutorial (kinda)

so heads up i use clip studio and im god awful at explaining things so please bear with me and dont feel afraid to ask for more info :0

image 1: you got ya lineart

image 2: throw down some base colours (note how i used contrasting colours i think thats what its called)

image ¾: throw down some colours for shading and blend them bad boys (the colours i used are shown). I usually use alotta light blue to show reflection and just to make it look cool?!?!?!?!?!?!?

image 5-7: now id duplicate the lineart layer (if there are multiple layers duplicate each one then merge into one). Set the colour of that lineart to a red or orange even a pink (as shown) I sometimes even use purple or blue depending on what look im going for so play around with colours! Now for that really rad soft look, id go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur and play with the settings to your desired look 

image 8: now id reduplicate the lineart AND also the layers i used and merge those (think of like a duplicate of the overall image but as a single layer) now lock that layer and pick a colour. This is the part where i cant really say what to do: duplicate that layer and play around with layers till you get your desired look. you can even setting the layers as gradients and see how it looks!

image 9: once you get what youre looking for colour your lineart (i usually use slightly saturated colours in contrast to the mute base colours i use) I also at this point use another layer to add that cool shaded look to the eyes + anywhere else for a simple drawing like this i only did so on the shoulders and eyes

image 10: just to look cool i add white lines to further define the drawing and make look pretty?

Also note: PLEASE PLEASE play around with colours!!! This was difficult to explain because i usually play alot with and use alot of colours in the process of drawing anything :oo


My amigurumi pony doll tutorial is finally here! In this part, I show you how to complete the horse’s head. Part 2 is coming soon! If you want to access the full tutorial ahead of time, check out my Patreon!

Find Part 1 here:


This is the second video in the new “Art Journey Series”. The 2nd chapter of the first book of 3. The book of vision. This is the introduction for anyone out there

interested in becoming an artist.

In this video I talk about the Upside down drawing method which is the introduction to the Contour drawing technique. This is an essential exercise for anyone who want to start their art journey. It will give you both the ability to see lines and curves instead of shapes and objects which in return will help you draw a more accurate drawings. Two, it will give you a bit of confidence in your skills by producing a 30-40% more accurate drawings than the ones you are already doing.

This video is targeted at absolute beginners who just took their first step into the art world.

Hope you find it helpful :)


How to create logo design in illustrator-logo design challenge- 18 - Hri…


How to create logo design in illustrator-logo design challenge- 17 - Hri…



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I would like to submit romanticfemme they reblog from the most popular terf blogs even if they don't say anything themselves they are most likely a crypto terf

This is a great opportunity for a quick tutorial on how to uncover suspected terfs. Obviously reblogging from them is a big red flag, but not conclusive if they aren’t reblogging blatant terf rhetoric from them. So here’s what you do:

Google this (The quotation marks are important. They mean the search *must* include that specific term. Otherwise you’ll just get a bunch of miscellaneous terf nonsense)

This shows you something that they think is hidden: Their likes!

Anyway, yeah, she’s a terf.