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Summer Bronze Makeup Tutorial

Et toi, tu sais comment te servir de ta Monimalz ? Toutes les vidéos tutos sont a retrouver sur nos réseaux. On espère que tu as bien liké Facebook et Instagram aussi 😌

howdy this is just a little tutorial i put together. It's a neat way of thinking about highlights that i randomly came up with last night. hope u enjoy. (open the thread)

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SO CLOSE to finishing that PDF w all the tutorials I drew in 2014 -2015. didn't think it'd be so much work putting it together, cuz the content is LITERALLY already done. Hoping to have it up on gumroad by the end of the week, in the meantime here's a preview !

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: 7 maneiras de ajustar o sinal de seu para trabalhar estrategicamente sem falhas - idéias para usuários avançados. Leia aqui: .

101: Here's a for the X Window Systems, a client/server windowing system for bitmap graphic displays for desktop.

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To all my makeup lovers!

What kind of camera do you use and/or recommend to film makeup tutorials??


Eekkkssss sharing my everyday makeup routine 💖✨ THANKS FOR WATCHING!! LUV U SO MUCH 😍😘💕

Makeup/ Products I used:
⁃ @maybelline Fit Me Foundation
⁃ @almay Concealer
- @covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer
- @profusion Brow Palette
- #Profusion Glow Palette (bronzer & highlight)
- @revlon Lash Curler
- @toofaced Better Than Sex Mascara
- @deckofscarlet Mascara
- #revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipstick
- @bareminerals lip gloss
- NAILS @salonperfect “Wrapped Around My PINK-Y ”

#tutorial #makeuptutorial #instamakeup #lashes #makeuptutorial #profusioncosmetics #pixi #tartecosmetics #everydaymakeup #grwm

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Increase Your Data Engineering Productivity Using Amazon EMR Notebooks - AWS Online Tech Talks

To learn more, please visit: Adoption of Jupyter Notebooks gives big data customers an easy way to leverage open source Apache Spark in Amazon EMR for data science, interactive analytics, and prototype jobs before bringing them to production. In this tech talk, we show you how to use Amazon EMR Notebooks, an easier platform for data engineers, data scientists, and developers, increasing their productivity as they collaborate on different workloads and different clusters. Learning Objectives: - Learn about the new EMR Notebooks feature - See how to create EMR Notebooks - Understand common jobs that you can do with EMR Notebooks

|🌈♡Rainbow Pixie♡🌈| Going to a festival anytime soon? If so I gotcha girl this Glittery & Glowy Rainbow Festival Makeup Look is up now on my channel!! Link is in my bio!!🧚‍♀️♡🧚‍♀️

anonymous asked:

HOW did u get mans to swim in the fishing pond

disclaimer: it’s not an actual gameplay feature + pose player is required.

okay, so to get to a similar result as me, place your sim(s) in front of a body of water, facing the way you want them to stand in the end.

now click on your sim, and with the pose player, select Pose By Name. In the now given window, you type in “a_loco_default_walk_LFoot_long_x”.

if everything worked correctly, your sim should move themselves into the water. note, that not every body of water might be ideal for whatever plans you have. some might be deeper or more shallow than expected. 

cancel the pose interaction once your sim has reached a decent position to you. the rest is just cosmetic, so you can just whip out your poses or try some of EA’s animations such as “a2a_fountain_playTogether_splashFeet_left_x” for example. You can find a full list of the game’s animations here!

If you’re not happy with the direction your sim is facing, you can also select Pose By Name and type in “a_loco_default_turnAndGo_R_90_short_x”, so that way they will turn around in a constant loop, waiting for you to stop at the right time.


Que tal incrementar o visual de todos os dias com esse Coque super despojado. Um truque rápido que vai te transformar 💖⠀

Por: @faladantas ⠀

#fashion #instadaily #girl #style #cabelo #peteados ##dicasdecabelo #tutorial #lonuy #faladantas

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The lesson of creation realistic lighting in The Sims 4 (by @liness-simsinterior7)

Hello everyone! The most frequently asked question is how do I make the light in my interiors? So, today I wanna share with you my way of making lighting. I’m gonna try to describe to you as easy as it can be possible.

\\ Before we start I suggest you recall about lighting in real life because it will be really important in the next task. The sun rises in the East so about 8-10 am in The Sims we can see how rays of light fall on the wall in some rooms in house. Try to catch them in advantageous position. I will show you it in the screenshots. (3,4,5).

Lighting always changes in different times of day: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening… So, you should take account of it. The fall of light rays depends of time of the day. ///

Well, let’s start.

1. Imagine this construction is your room. Actually, I never build in the house because I like to change room how I want.
2. Paint this room. I have chosen gray industrial wall by @sanoysims and black modern tiles 5 by @pralinesims.
3. Now choose random windows. For better effect I recommend full windows. As you can see, on the floor is forming yellow sun rays. :)
4. Look at the full construction. Now the light is really cool and realistic, I think. If you wanna take photo, you can turn over your house on the East side and there will be the same light. Only in this position the lighting will be work. For example, If you turn it over to opposite side, the sun rays will be gone. (6) 


Let’s look this experiment in another time. In this picture is 5 pm in the Sims. The black big shadow moved into another corner (upper right corner). But in this position we also have advantages. The lighting lies down on part of the wall. Visually it looks amazing and brilliant. (7,8)


Hair painting #timelapse!
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alguém de vcs pode me ajudar? estou tentando fazer algumas mudanças no tumblr mas não consigo nem mudar a sidebar porque sempre que vou salvar aparece que o theme não é http e preciso usar um theme http! já tentei em dois navegadores e uns quatro themes mas não dá certo :((

How to draw bones part 3! ☠️

Requested by @cumberworld44

Here’s the part 3! Last part will be the next post.

Next I’ll show you how to draw ribs! This part of the skeleton is particularly hard to draw (I hate it). I recommended you to start with the sternum, then you can add the ribs behind the sternum to see how much you want to put and where. And then, draw the rest of the ribs to form a ‘cage’. If you want to add realism, you can draw the 'floating ribs’ at the bottom, they are not attached to the sternum.

Now this is quite easy to do but very long, the spine. All you have to do is to draw the base, draw a vertebrae, draw the cartilage between the vertebraes, aaand repeat this until the spine is done! The last thing you need to do is to put the little spikes on the vertebraes, be careful though because the way you draw them changes depending on the angle! And here you go! A beautiful spine! :D

End of part 3


Having trouble layering your #dolls socks? This is my technique for making that process a little easier!
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