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Comparing two files using pydicom | |

ha buscado con su Fire que puedas agilizar al máximo tu flujo de trabajo. Por ello, este controlador para FL Studio, integra interesantes funciones que puedes automatizar

💥¿Quieres conocer TODOS los secretos de una de las mejores plantillas de ? Te traemos este de y empieza a crear tu web ya! 🚀 by

Improve your 3D renders with Photoshop [2/7] New video tutorial about the Highpass Filter, which I use everyday. If you only have one video to watch from this serie, check this one:

La prossima generazione di è già qui, sempre connessa e con sistemi di sicurezza in prima linea e completamente connessi al cloud. Leggi l’interessante !

Wer hat mein Video zur @marvynmacnificent & Collection noch nicht gesehen? Ich habe diesen Look mit der Palette und dem Pinselset geschminkt. Schaut vorbei, Link ist in der Bio! .

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How to THINK when you draw EARS QUICK TIP! I post LOADS of FREE TUTORIALS and reference pages up EVERY DAY here on TWITTER! See them ALL right HERE: so many more on the way :)

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also, how do you go about drawing two characters interacting? like maybe just standing next to each other or walking next to each other in a natural way because i never know what to do with the rest of their bodies after i draw their head and neck :,) i know this isn’t that well explained and i truly understand if it isn’t something doable since i know ur super busy and have more important things to do but thank u so so much in advance

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Omfg I'm so sorry all this shit is happening to you when I saw that post I literally had to go through the replies bc I couldnt tell what what was wrong. Its obviously exaggerated and not fetishzied??? Like what??? This will blow over soon and at least you get some new followers out of it.

Thanks so much for your support! :) Yes it’s very bizarre and has made me realise that a lot of people in the art community that claim to call out problematic behaviour are super problematic themselves :( like they’ll call out bullying but then do it themselves so yikes!! I’m just going to keep in my lane, I never wanted to get involved in any drama and I’m hoping it will blow over soon and my reputation isn’t too tarnished haha :)
Edit Photo Ala Selebgram @Dearnessie Using VSCO | VSCO Tutorial
Edit Photo Ala Selebgram @Dearnessie Using VSCO | VSCO Tutorial This tutorial we will discuss about photo editing feeds Instagram @Dearnessie current filter ...

Tutorial Feed Instagram DEARNESSIE


3d Modeling | Icosahedral Bloom Math Art Solid | 3dsMax Tutorial

In this tutorial, we model a high genus Icosahedron Platonic Solid with a twist.  The result can be exported for 3d printing, or as a render object.


#tipTuesday with @thecurlienoodle
Peep the texture!!! 😍➿😍➿
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For this Tutorial Tuesday, I wanted to show you a tutorial of how I SOTC - Scrunch out the crunch!
I learnt this hack from @curlsbypearls . She uses a satin glove. I don’t own a satin glove, thus I use my bonnet .
When I started my CG journey, I would use a lot of oil for scrunching and it face me wonderful shine . But It would also weigh my hair down. I also was discussing with @desicurly and she suggested I do a SOTC with my bare hands. That gave me some extra frizz. Even though I loved it, my hair wasn’t lasting long enough with the frizz on the first day. Thus, when Ana did the video of how she SOTC with a satin glove, I decided to try with a bonnet. And it works wonders.
Things I take care of -
🎉 SOTC only when your hair is 100% dry.
🎉 SOTC with your bonnet first, then add oil for the extra shine and gloss
🎉 if you don’t have a cast, you can skip the bonnet and apply oil lightly
🎉 SOTC very gently. The video is sped up, but I do it very gracefully.
🎉 use oils that are light.
🎉 You can use satin scarves and gloves too! .
Bonnet - @nptresstreats
Oil - @righteousrootsoils
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By nature they tend to be tall (the women being shorter than the men). The men can be as tall as 2.0 meters (6'6"). Males weigh approximately 70 kilograms (154.3 lbs). The women can be as tall as 1.7 meters (5'8"). Females weigh approximately 50 kilograms (110.2 lbs).

Hair can range from curly to very straight (perfect for the Surak cut). Not all Vulcans adopt the blunt bangs look however. Some wear it long (T’Pring) without bangs, some wear it short with messy bangs (T’Pol) and some (like Stonn) wear it short and bangs combed over to the side. Vulcans with tight curled hair wear it cut short and straight at the front (like Tuvok).

Vulcan eye colour is typically is black, dark brown to light brown. Of course they can also have green, grey and blue eyes, but this is less common. Skin colour varies from very pale to quite dark. They can have freckles/moles/birthmarks etc. YES Vulcans can grow facial hair and YES Vulcan men and women have body hair (on arms, legs and other areas).

Vulcans have copper based blood. They have green blood. I always use a green blush for them that greens the cheeks, ears, knees and hands and feet. It’s subtle, but adds to the look of their complexion. I use a blush I modded for my own Vulcans and it was incredibly easy to do with PS or Paint and Sims 4 Studio. 

Just like us Terrans, Vulcans have eyebrows, but they’re quite distinctive aren’t they? Pointy to be exact. They can swoop up, curve up, go straight up to a point or look flat and hardly pointy at all, only a slight tilt in the alignment of the brow. They can be thick, messy, barely there etc. Just like us. 

Its all about those ears, right? Vulcan ears come in many different sizes and shapes, just like ours do. Vulcan ears that have curved backs right up to the top point of their ears (THEY DO NOT HAVE ELF EARS). Saavik’s ears point back rather then to the front, Saavik is half Romulan however, so this could contribute to her ears being a little different. Generally speaking, curved backs to the top point and the ears orbit forward. Some Vulcans have really pointy ears and others do not. 

Vulcan women tend to wear light make-up, but nothing overly garish. They do wear lipsticks, eye shadows, eyeliner etc. I tend to go for more neutral tones. Think simple and logical. Most females don’t have pierced ears.

Last, but not least…..what the heck do Vulcans wear? Well, robes, tunics, long skirts (for the women) and other modest, covered attire. usually muted, dark earthy tones. Greens, blues, black and browns are a good place to start. As I pointed out it’s difficult to dress sci-fi Sims. You may have to customize some clothes so they work for you.



Tutorial donde mostramos como agregar medias móviles u otros indicadores como Bandas de Bollinger a las ventanas de otros indicadores como el RSI, el MACD o el oscilador estocástico.

AO3 Filtering

I just posted this as part of an ask, but I thought it would be useful to have a really basic tutorial on filtering on AO3 since it’s hard to find one (if you know of one please let me know)

AO3 filtering

Filtering on AO3 can be broken down into 2 main areas: Including and Excluding

Once you’ve navigated your way to the fandom you want you can access these options. This is also available when searching through an author’s works (and is helpful when they have tons of stuff)

Everything is going to be found in the Sort and Filter bar on the right hand side of the page and will look like this

It shows the Include, Exclude, and More options filters. These allow you to choose what to keep, toss, and decide if you want to pick by things like word count and complete status. I use the exclude more than the include because I am very picky. (I actually rarely use AO3 to look for fics because when I’m looking it’s usually for something hyper-specific I end up writing myself)

Include will break down into categories like this: I’ve clicked on a few to show examples of what including looks like

Next we’ll exclude some things

You’ll notice I’ve excluded a lot of tags here, more than what I’ve included. I’m usually really thorough with the exclude tag because it kicks a lot of the stuff I don’t want to see.

Next, you’ll notice on both Include and Exclude there is an option for Other Tags to Include this is a great option to add some stuff in that isn’t normally included in the pre-selected tags, that you really don’t want to see.

It’s got a great type for suggestions option that pulls from tags that have been used multiple times, but you can also freestyle things too

Once you’ve done all your including and excluding and extra options select sort and filter.

Here’s pre-filter works

and post filter works

Even after you’ve filtered you can continue to filter things down further out of the works left, just go through the same process in the sort and filter tab as before.

This isn’t a foolproof way to sort every single thing out that you don’t want to read because fics are posted by people and often those people don’t tag things properly. But it does significantly up your odds of finding what you’re looking for.l

If you still need help using AO3′s filtering you can find their FAQ here.

There’s a tumblr blog called Filter Me AO3 that might help as well

You can also use this handy-dandy list of tags to filter out to help you decide what to remove or keep found here

I’m happy to add any other great tutorials people might suggest as well, just let me know, or reblog it with your own links. I hope this helps! 

Colouring Tutorial

Hello! I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time so, please bear with me. This is a very simple explanation on how I achieve most of the colourings I make for my edits, headers and icons. It usually depends on my disposition and the kind of idea I have. I hope this helps! Please message me about anything I left out or that is incomprehensible. :*)

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how did you remove logo if you don't mind me asking? ☺

(edit: sorry in advance for anyone that doesn’t want to see this post, the keep reading link isn’t working for some reason)

Hiya! I don’t mind at all ☺️ essentially what I do is to put what I think should be there over the logo and I use the clone stamp tool on photoshop to do this:

So we start with the original image

Then using the pen tool (circled in red) select the area you want to cover up. You could use other selection tools but I like using the pen tool because you pick where the points are so the area can be whatever shape you make it. Also depending on the image you may find it easier to cover the logo in sections like I did because the zip on chanyeols outfit made it a bit awkward.

Then right click and click on ‘Make Selection’; a little box will pop up with some settings, I just press okay to those.

Once you have your selection, click on the clone stamp tool (circled in red). To choose the area that you will clone you put your cursor over the area, press the Alt key (the cursor will turn into a crosshairs looking thing - circled in green) and then left click to choose that area.

Once you’ve done that, hover over your selected area - the part you selected to clone should appear over it (as shown in the image below) so you just have to align it to where you think it looks good and left click to stamp it over the selected area. A couple of things to note here: the image won’t stamp outside of the selected area; also if you drag the stamp tool while you’re stamping, the part of the image it clones will also move along so be careful because you could end up cloning a part you didn’t want to. What I usually do for tricky areas like chanyeols zipper is to stamp once and then reselect an area instead of moving along with the stamp tool.

So just do that over the rest of the logo then use the Eyedropper tool and paintbrush to clean up anything you missed or to clean up any harsh edges around your selected areas and you end up with something like this!

I hope this helped anon and let me know if you have any other questions or if there’s a part you would like me to explain better

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Hii i'm really really sorry if i bother you with this, i just love your art and you inspired me to draw. I have been struggling with shadows and colours. Do you have any advices? For example, when i'm painting the hair idk how to make the shadow, should i paint it with a dark colour? I am really confused when it comes to curly hair or Even straight hair. I mean i know that i have to use a colour palette but idk how to paint it. idk the technics sorry for this and my bad english :(

Hello and thank you! I hope these help… Using a multiply layer is a really good thing for easy shadows! I usually use greenish blue, purple, or red. I drew some easy ways to draw hair too!

Your English is very good!! I hope you have a lovely day :)


Today I’m going to teach you how to repair a cracked or broken bath bomb that you may have made
yourself or purchased for a gift.
I Walk You  step-by-step including the items you need to do it and how to apply it.
Super simple I hope you like this video.

How I design my gems, or at least fusions...

Heck yeah, I can. First of all, this is highly variable? I mean it really depends on what I’m doing…


So with time passing by I’m becoming way more direct in terms of designing, like back in the day I used to fill pages for a single character but now I just think really hard about it -_- 

STEP ONE: Think, and go on google, and think some more. Here I wanted something related to war and chaos so I found Schorl and I had the idea of a warrior goddess… 


Literally… once you have an idea on what to do, blob it… Digital painters do that, it’s like a sketch before a sketch, so you get an idea on where to go… this part is highly natural, just follow your hand… here is when I found out that ruby and nacre dynamic would be similar to ame and garnet so I took inspiration from sugilite! Ruby and Nacre have very contrasting hairstyles, so I decided to go full on weird and to imitate those roman stuff… And so the roman vibes went on.


This is VERY important, duh. Basically, its when you’ll make sure that things work. Think about the components, their relationship and how it would manifest like Rebecca does. NO MIX AND MATCH. Sometimes I put colors, just to see what could make it…

Refine your sketch and make sure that important elements from each component are here, in a way or another… Also, in my mind thats usually the final design, but it never is. Also, you should start thinking about the colors here… I decided to put horns because schorl is said to be related to demons, I added horns on the knuckle to imitate a constant hard rock mood, the rest is gladiator realness. 


AND THAT IS THE FINAL DESIGN… Yup, thats it, when I’m inking stuff I think very hard and have a lot of doubts, thats why things change so much! 

Boom, it’s done, your gem is designed… I will talk about the colors later! In another tutorial!

ALSO: I do gems like that too, except that its more freely, less thinking since its an independent character.