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Finally finished coloring these :')

This month Im challenging myself with character design each week. I designed some characters based on the themes given in the last pic and did two turn arounds for two of them this week.

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Working on a Eurasian Red Squirrel base turn around. pretty happy with how this redo is going so far.

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God provides when we worship Him! Worship is eternal and establishes the atmosphere of heaven. Continuous worship is represented by an attitude of our hearts—meaning a lifestyle of worship. ➕9am | 10:30am | 12pm

Working on a mouse base turnaround, pretty happy with it so far.

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God provides because He is merciful. All He wants is for us to give Him what we have.  It doesn’t have to be spectacular. But when placed in His hands, turnaround is set in motion.

We're always praying for our social media family & I'm still declaring that 2019 is a year of shifts & .What in you & your family's life are you believing God for?Let us touch & agree with you.

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I’m taking a character design class this quarter! Here’s my character lineup and some turnarounds


This week was all about making a rough animated animatic, however I also had to draw out my other tasks as well which included creating a final design for Pat our squirrel character as well as turnarounds for our trees. I’m far from finished with completing all of the trees, however I have a fair start so far. However I do have a final design for Pat which I’m hoping to finish by next week. It’s #9′s body with #6′s tail. The eyes are currently still up for debate, however I think once I create the new version of her we’ll easily be able to tell what eyes would work best for her. I’m not sure If I’m allowed to show you snippets from our animatic so for now I won’t reveal my parts, however once I hear back, I might create another post showing you my work on one of my shots.


Some model sheets created for Deep-Rooted Misunderstanding (Watch it here).
Included are the three growth stages of the Plant Mother, Brawl (the most loyal of the plant minions), Flower (The second generation Minion that already appeared in Quest for the Northwest), a height comparison to out main characters, and of course our dear Grunkle Stan in his morning robe. 
May post more concept art/model sheets soon, feel free to let me know what you would like to see next.


Derik …   Need to change color to shirt/ skin tone

Sparky …  About done… working on fire effect

Angel … Pretty much done..  

Grim Floater… Needs a lot of work..  Will change facial features to be more accurate