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Who loves to put their tunes on? Card available at

β€œCountry Rap Tunes” 🏜Out now‼️Available on digital outlets and its available on hard copies. HMU I just got a new batch in too πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’― . . . . . .

TOMORROWWe are super about our first ever "Karaoke for Kitties (and Puppers too!)" event at ! and will be brought to you by Barry-oke ! with your friends! Participants must be 21yrs or older with valid photo I.D.

You're on the downhill side of the week! Next stop ! How about some to get you through to the weekend? Make 1 donation this month and you could win our .

Come and hear us at 2pm this Sat 22 June at FloFest, Florence Park, Oxford. We’re part of a lovely line up that includes the mighty Brickwork Lizards! And it’s free!

Well done to our fantastic performers last night at the Ensemble Concert 🎼 Thank you also to our lovely audience for their support and encouragement.

This Friday We’ve Got DJ Rob Spinning Those From 11pm straight after being on the radio 105.3 Zack FM

Ah, my favorite brain soup, cream of nowhere.... TheCramps/Surfin Dead , and from DextersStash...

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VR SEX - “Surrender”


Ah yes, the lemon demon song I relate to most of all

Like Weeds
His Hero Is Gone
Like Weeds

His Hero Is Gone // Like Weeds

Their words whisper lightly into newborn virgin ears:
“Our truth is the truth. Seek no solace in finding roots”
But the shadows have foes and like weeds we will grow.
Now there’s a war being waged: it’s over our words we must
Face as our lives unfold and convictions are old the real
Truth is told and like weeds we will grow


Sesame Street: Cookie Shark Lyric Video | Elmo’s Sing Along Series

I didn’t realize until now that I can adore Cookie Monster even more than before.