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Creemos que todos en algún momento necesitamos un momento a solas para crecer como personas. ¿Quieres saber por qué?

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A will always help with a sale, whether you are or a smile goes a long way.

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Developing a business ecosystem is essential for entrepreneurs and small business owners, as a healthy ecosystem builds awareness, cultivates partnerships, and influences change among industries.

My clients always ask “doesn’t that burn” I’m so used to the heat I could put my hand in fire 🔥 lol jk, How many hair stylist can relate ? . . .

Tuesday Tip: Time to Check and Clean your dryer vents. Every time you use your dryer, you’re adding lint. This means the dryer is less efficient at cooling down, and will take longer to dry your clothes but it also turns dryers into fire hazards.

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“Contrary to popular opinion, the hustle is not a new dance step- it is an old business procedure” Fran Lebowitz Don't be afraid to have multiple side hustles! It never hurts to have different avenues to explore new business opportunities! 🤙👍

Whether you're studying in the library or at home this evening, here are some effective study tips to get you through!

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Tip Tuesday 💡

If your selfies, pics and videos are turning out hazy, here is a quick and simple tip:

Clean your cameras. Just a quick swipe with a microfiber and you’ll see a much more clear and crisp image.

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Use an #AspectRatio #calculator ➡️⬅️to determine the right dimensions for #socialmediaimages or any other ratios problems. ✔✔✔ For the best social media image #cheatsheet use #LouiseMyers
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This week with the #TuesdayTip we are starting a series on seasoning a converter. It will be broken down into the what, why and how. So strap in for some fun.
This week is all about the what it is. Seasoning your vehicle’s converter is a phrase that gets tossed around #HoosierMuffler quite a bit. It is used for whenever a converter is changed. It’s a phrase for prepping the converter to be ready for your vehicle’s emissions test.
This is the simple part of the series. Next week we will tackle why you need to this for emission’s testing. But, if you cannot wait and need to talk about this now you can always call (219) 838-7779, text (219) 237-0522, or stop by and talk about your converters.


So inspired by wisdom from Mother Nature 🌏👩🏽‍🎨🌍 in picking the symbolic and meaningful motifs for my designs 🦋💐🌟🐚🌳🦚🦢🐛, as well as, of course, her beautiful creations the gemstones 💎 themselves! Love the poetry of this ‘Advice from a flower’ - created by the genius @yourtruenatureinc Their range of products inspired by a whole range of nature’s wonders are so beautifully inspiring, so definitely worth checking out - these are the perfect wise and motivating cards to pin up on mood boards and more! Turns out there’s not a whole lot of essential wisdom that can’t be harmed from nature! What are your favourites!⁣

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Our tip this week - make time for yourself! You can only be a strong leader for your team if you take care of YOU. List a few of your favorite self-care tips below. 👏👏

Are you in interview mode this month searching for your career? For your #TuesdayTip, we want to stress how important it is to be prepared for those common interview questions! Stand out from the crowd and show your confidence! 🙌


Crafting/artist tip for the day…have glitter or paper dust on your work surface? Take some play dough and pick it right up! Perks of working with two year olds 🤣. #crafterstip #craftingtips #tricksofthetrade #tuesdaytip #playdough #playdoughfun #playdoh #playdohfun #artisttips #glitter #glitterbomb #glittering #cleaningtips #instatuesday #instaart (at Lake Mary, Florida)

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Today’s #TuesdayTip is a tip on how you can maintain that positive attitude! Gain a natural energy boost by exercising in the morning before you go to work or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator! 💯 💪

#LarryandJosh like to talk about #LiveData all the time, but what does that mean? Good question and good thing it is the topic of the #TuesdayTip this week.

As the name entails Live Data is data taken from your vehicle when it is running. It is also data that they have to be actively looking at to get a handle on your vehicle’s situation. How they look at this information is on an On-Board Diagnostics 2 (OBD2) scanner. It’s like when you are hooked up to all the machines in the hospital so the doctors can get information about you.

Applications they need live data for are: looking at oxygen sensors in your exhaust, misfires, and fuel trim. Those are just a few of them.

If you have more questions about Live Data or you need it done on your vehicle you can Call (219) 838-7779, Text (219) 237-0522, or stop by #HoosierMuffler.

This week #LarryandJosh are going to answer a question that they get asked quite a bit with this #TuesdayTip.

The Question is are all codes the same? The short answer is they are not the same because they serve different functions. We will go into depth on why there are different types of codes.

Pending codes are codes that have recently popped and are the newest codes. They are so new because they are events that are happening now.  That has not triggered the Check Engine Light (CEL). They do not prompt a CEL until a certain amount of drive cycles have been completed. After a certain amount of drive cycles and the code continues to pop up then it’s “promoted”.  This is where the code has been changed in your vehicles computer to CEL status and the CEL pops on. Each vehicle is different for when these codes change to history codes.

History codes are the codes that prompt the CEL to turn on. They are the codes that have been promoted from pending status to codes that need to be looked at. That is why they prompt the CEL.

The pending and history codes both need to be looked at to do a complete diagnosis of what your vehicle needs. It takes a keen eye to decipher the codes and determine what needs to be done. That is exactly what Larry and Josh possess. If your vehicle does have a CEL or you’re worried about codes; then you should call 219-838-7779, text 219-237-0522, or stop by #HoosierMuffler