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Call-In Shalom Morning Prayer Tuesday At 8 AM (EST) ­čÖĆ

, a director and founding partner of , is arguably South Africa's most experienced, competent and entertaining auctioneer - and he'll be joining our this to auction off a few vehicles! This is an auction you don't wont to miss!

3- seminar: On 24th February 6 till 10 pm 4- How to deal with more than one : On 26th February .. 7 till 10pm Good luck Phone-WhatsApp : 01033670599

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Tuesday afternoon, join the PTA for a bake sale to support Citizens for a Blood Space War. Proceeds will go to support neutron bomb development and deployment to our outer solar system allies.

💭 Someday someone is going to look at you like you’re the best thing in the world, but the way you look at yourself is MOST IMPORTANT 〰️ #transformation ⏳💪🏻 #transformationtuesday #quotes 🎥 videos in feed! 〰️ #life #fun #projectrock #underarmour #fitnessmotivation #fitness #tuesday 📲 👁 BIO 4 more🤪 #health #workout #workoutmotivation #training #personaltrainer #workouts #video #videos #bodybuilding #gym #gymmotivation #gymlife #healthy #crossfit #blogger #vlog #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo #work @therock @underarmour . @projectfocusofficial @projectrockua @project_rock_fans @underarmour @underarmourwomen

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Ieri ho detto alla mia prima amica che ritengo vera che mi sono fatta (siamo amiche dalla quarta elementare e ora siamo in quarta superiore) di me e A. Nonostante fossero passati mesi non le avevo parlato di questo fatto per paura della reazione. Però é stata felicissima per me e ne sono davvero grata. Non parlavamo molto in questo periodo perché siamo cresciute e cambiate entrambe. Insomma gli interessi sono diversi e così ci siamo un po'perse. Però la sera mi ha mandato un messaggio dolcissimo e lunghissimo e l'ho apprezzato davvero davvero un mucchio. Spero davvero che chiunque possa avere un'amica come lei. Che nonostante tutto c'è e c'è sempre stata. Ti voglio bene S. Sei la mia costante

Amanda *teaser*

A wild ride, shook to the core, and romantic?

She was everything you could ever dream of but why does she act like that whenever you touch her? Maybe she has a thing about dirt, or that she doesn’t like contact, or she has a dark past with herself and doesn’t want her scars to be shown, maybe she just gets turned on easily…. BUT whatever the reason she still has your heart. Can you get hers?

Type: GL

Caution: Triggering to some: sexual, language, and suicidal thoughts

Coming Week of: 2/18/19 ( On Tuesday)


Shelly d’Inferno, the incendiary cover girl for our “Hotter than Hell” winter issue #14. Metal metronome Vinny Appice, drummer for Black Sabbath (Mob Rules) and Dio, gives us colorful “Behind the Music” tales from his years keeping the beat for two of Metal’s most legendary bands, as well as what it was like working as a teenager with John Lennon and playing both John’s and Dio’s last shows (must read)! a new version of “Trixie Transylvania” by the talented Annie Sketches and gripping art by Sandra Grippi, Crazy Holly
Also in this ish, we present “A Dash to the Death,” an interview with director Aaron K. Carter (An Hour To Kill, Dead Kansas)
And Shelly d’Inferno isn’t our only smokin’ cutie. We keep the heat on this winter with Amber DeVille , Bailey Peyton, Kyrie Koffin, Allison Addams, Finnish media personality Marianne, and the “Sex Witches of the West,” featuring Caelyx and Kara Grace and Rahel and Cody Biss (Vampire Feast). Plus you’ll be itching to see Ivy Rose pose in her Coffin Cuties clothing and Sky Medussa showing off her pumpkins!
#newissue #coffincuties #shedevil #krampus #issue14 #tuesday #holidays #xxxmas #coffincutiesdoitbetter #models #monsters #magazines #print #entertainment #dio #blacksabbath #mobrules #johnlennon #vinnyappice #redwater #tbt #creaturesofthenight #devil #rocknroll #metal #graveyard #deadnudes #horns #blackhair #humpday🍑

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#ProKick senior classes #tuesday & #thursday evenings- we do it all. Check our Prokick web-site for details.

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Didn’t have a good training today… 😔 in artistic cycling it’s very important to be focused in training because it’s a lot about technique. I am studying the whole day and then it’s really difficult for me to focus on the training in the evening. How is it in the sport you are training for? 😊
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[2.12.2019] Tuesday 9/100

What I need to do today:

  • Drink 64 oz of water 
  • Math homework
    • Monday’s and today’s assignments
  • History notes
    • Chapter 22 section 2 and 3
  • Read personal book
    • Finish Spells
    • Read Songs of Achilles
  • Start planning my garden
  • Set up 100 days of productivity Bullet Journal spread 

What I did:

  • Finished Spells
  • Watched 2 episodes of Vampire Diaries (3 left till I finish season 5!)
  • Drank 64 oz of water
  • All Math homework
  • History notes  Chapter 22, Section 2
  • Read Songs of Achilles
  • Set up 100 days of productivity Bullet Journal spread  (ended up being 99 days starting on day 2 lol)
  • Cooked dinner by myself


Sorry, I had next to no energy in those posts… I can’t call them what those videos were called.. I can’t anymore.. I used to have Natalie remind me and she would call these those and now.. I… Can’t stand it.. It angers me just by hearing the word but, I also want to vomit every time I hear it.. It’s weird, I’m sorry, I’m avoiding the past two weeks or so because it was a rollercoaster and… I… Nevermind.. No one wants to hear my… Emotions.. No one here wants to hear it..