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💭 Someday someone is going to look at you like you’re the best thing in the world, but the way you look at yourself is MOST IMPORTANT 〰️ #transformation ⏳💪🏻 #transformationtuesday #quotes 🎥 videos in feed! 〰️ #life #fun #projectrock #underarmour #fitnessmotivation #fitness #tuesday 📲 👁 BIO 4 more🤪 #health #workout #workoutmotivation #training #personaltrainer #workouts #video #videos #bodybuilding #gym #gymmotivation #gymlife #healthy #crossfit #blogger #vlog #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo #work @therock @underarmour . @projectfocusofficial @projectrockua @project_rock_fans @underarmour @underarmourwomen

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Ieri ho detto alla mia prima amica che ritengo vera che mi sono fatta (siamo amiche dalla quarta elementare e ora siamo in quarta superiore) di me e A. Nonostante fossero passati mesi non le avevo parlato di questo fatto per paura della reazione. Però é stata felicissima per me e ne sono davvero grata. Non parlavamo molto in questo periodo perché siamo cresciute e cambiate entrambe. Insomma gli interessi sono diversi e così ci siamo un po'perse. Però la sera mi ha mandato un messaggio dolcissimo e lunghissimo e l'ho apprezzato davvero davvero un mucchio. Spero davvero che chiunque possa avere un'amica come lei. Che nonostante tutto c'è e c'è sempre stata. Ti voglio bene S. Sei la mia costante


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Happy Tuesday! 💕
Make sure you give this workout a go. Strictly glute isolation 🍑

1️⃣ kettlebell squats with 15 seconds isometric hold x 3. I’ve recently read an article from @drjohnrusin where he was demonstrating the effectiveness of isometric exercises and how they can lead to hypertrophy. When you are holding at the bottom with the weight you need to make sure you squeeze as hard as you can your glutes for 15 seconds with a heavy kettlebell and I swear this will leave you in bits

2️⃣ Smith machine kickbacks. Now, everyone else prefers to bring the knees all the way to the bottom. However, I feel it more in my glutes when I do a minimum movement like you can see it in the video. If you do it all the way to the bottom instead you will feel it in your legs too so it depends what you prefer and if you try both you’ll notice the difference before someone comments anything about the full ROM. This is purposively performed this way for a REASON 🍑

3️⃣ single leg abduction. Try this variation by doing one leg at a time and you will feel it much more in your side booty
#gymmotivation #workoutmotivation #bootygains🍑 #bootybuilding #gains #gym #gymworkout #bootyworkout #tuesday #green #italiana #isometrictraining #squats #shesquats #squatspo (hier: India)

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Didn’t have a good training today… 😔 in artistic cycling it’s very important to be focused in training because it’s a lot about technique. I am studying the whole day and then it’s really difficult for me to focus on the training in the evening. How is it in the sport you are training for? 😊
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Sorry, I had next to no energy in those posts… I can’t call them what those videos were called.. I can’t anymore.. I used to have Natalie remind me and she would call these those and now.. I… Can’t stand it.. It angers me just by hearing the word but, I also want to vomit every time I hear it.. It’s weird, I’m sorry, I’m avoiding the past two weeks or so because it was a rollercoaster and… I… Nevermind.. No one wants to hear my… Emotions.. No one here wants to hear it..

Welp i just accidently closed my post i was writing. Ugh. Super. Just a cherry on top og how crappy im feeling today.

Im trying to not feel so out of sorts. But today was Another pointless snow day. And it didn’t even snow!! And my hands are cold and i have felt sad and guilty all day. Its not been fun for me and i could barely focus on anything worth while. And now im really worried about rent because of all this time off and i just put money into savings for the first time in forever and now I just feel unsettled.

I am trying really hard to be positive. But its been really hard.

James went to bed early last night. I stayed up for a couple more hours and had fun looking up furby listings and finding fake knock offs. And i slept okay.

I was not thrilled to get a snow day part 2 text. But I tried to take it in stride. Even though it never snowed and it just was miserable and raining and cold. But no snow.

Me and James stayed in bed until about 9. He got up and went to 711 to get us breakfast. I was dressed and loving my make up by the time he got back. That new eyeliner I got is excellent.

Once we finished breakfast we cleaned my apatment. And it feels much better in here now. I was feeling frustraited though because I knew James had plans for the afternoon but he wasn’t giving me a straight answer on when he was going to hang out with Brandon or whatever. And Ben wanted to get together to take pictures and i wanted to give him a time but James wasn’t helping me. Finally he said he would leave at 130. Okay. But then Ben canceled. Okay guys. So I just felt more and more unhappy. Like with James its fine you have other stuff going on. Im not trying to play games. I dont care if you leave at noon or 7pm. I just want to know the plan so i can schedule my day!! I get really upset by wasted time and these last couple days have really been hard so the playing sround doesn’t sit right with me.

We went to soups on for lunch but they didn’t have the one i wanted. And the one i got really wasnt good. But now im realizing i dont have a sense of smell right now. So its possible the soup was fine. But it did have undercooked peas in it and i didnt appreciate that at all.

We stopped at Starbucks. I got cake pops. And we said goodbye.

I walked home. It was so gross out I just wanted to be home. The rain had stopped for a bit though. And so i stopped at the art store, not dick blick but plaza, and got big paper and paint.

If I was gonna be sad snd despondent, i could at least paint.

So i did that for an hour. And it helped a little. Everything helped a little. I tried on all my outfits for this weekend and California. I organized. I went to the store and got a pizza. I tried not to be miserable. I laid down and watched the new shane dawson doc. Its been a weird day for me. I just feel so unsettled.

I eventually took a bath. Put some green dye in my hair. Scrubbed. Mask. Upstairs. Jammies. Painted nails. Did eyebrows. And now im listening to true crime videos and ready for bed.

I realy hope we work tomorrow. I may be doing photos with Ben in the morning but if i feel this torn up its not gonna happen. Well see.

Send me your good vibes. I need it right now.

Good night.