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I 4got to add the link *face palm*😬 Salutations my awakened kinfolk😊 Check out this vid, ain't no joke😑 When adventuring in the snake & scorpion infested desert bro, remember ur 1 killer critter KILLA, cocoa cola coke😵

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and sold out Brisbane discussion on , , and the from the Heart with Noel Pearson, Professor Bronwyn Fredericks, Eddie Synot and Avelina Tarrago moderated by Kerry O'Brien. Supported by

Not one of these can stop the it is in the of man . The is not no matter how many times the body dies the will survive.

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This is why I like animals better than humans. Who can relate? 😄
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I gave and gave

The best of me

But couldn’t give you what you need

a melancholy town where we never smile ….

realizing the world around me just

gray … asf …

nobody here ever smiles .

everything is fake .


Please come to LA to live forever

California life alone is just too hard to build

I live in a house that looks out over the ocean

And there’s some stars that fell from the sky

Livin’ up on the hill

Please come to LA

She just said

“No - boy, won’t you come home to me?“


Watch my life pass me by

In the rear view mirror

Pictures frozen in time

Are becoming clearer

I don’t wanna waste another day

Stuck in the shadow of my mistakes


If Hearts were unbreakable and I could just tell you where I stand…

If I was invisible..

Wait I already am….

I need some advice…..

I really like this girl-I drove 3hrs to see her. My last relationship lasted 7years. And I haven’t dated at all for the 2 years since. So now I’m here with this girl and I really like her. Way more than I thought I would. But I’m like freezing up. It’s like I’ve never been on a date before it’s so fucking awkward. What the fuck do I do? Help 😩

Our mind can be our worst enemy with our heart’s it’s best accessory…

The Sane Sound of the Insane (Joshua Ali)

Glorious 25th to everybody!

The twenty-fifth of May draws to a close again. I don’t really post much but it’s so nice to read other people’s Tumblr and to see that they appreciate the Discworld books. They’ve meant so much to me. They were the first books that made me laugh out loud, so much that it was difficult to read them to my sister (something I did for a long time and I would advise anyone with younger siblings, it’s a great ritual), because I kept having to stop to laugh. But they’ve also taught me so much and they shaped me, in ways I’m sometimes surprised about myself. About how people act and react. About goodness and souls and that people generally are a bit stupid, suspicious and well-meaning. About knowing to wear the right (not proper, but Right) boots. And about knowing who is wearing those boots. 

Anyways, as you can probably tell by this long post I’ve been thinking a lot about Discworld and Sir Terry lately, probably because of Good Omens the series. (And yes, I’m getting an Amazon subscription, but only at the end of June, and yes, I will be reading the spoilers because Impulse Control? Sorry don’t know her, and yes I’m so excited because I’ve imagined David Tennant as Crowley since I read that drunken explanation about a bird in a space ship going to sharpen his beak and I’m so so happy about it, the mere fact that that series exists and that I will get to watch it fills me with absolute joy.)

Glorious 25th of May to everyone. Remember Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love and a soft-boiled egg (with soldiers, because my mom makes them like that as well).