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Hey - from the πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ HEADQUARTER πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ we the shop owner in a rented cinema for 1a-customer-support 😊 the big big big boss πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ only me , to save his (i`m better than a safe) - i was a little fat these days πŸ˜†

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Thank you so much Mr & Ms Umang for trusted your vacation 8 Days to us.
See you in your next vacation with us ✈🛄 🚗 🌴🙏😊
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icylook  asked:

I'm aware it can be tricky, but for the meme: How does Briar perceive Vergil? Ψ(゚∀゚)Ψ (Many likes for the fancy Inquisitor from me xD )

How Briar Lavellan perceives Vergil Surana

Briar would think Vergil has discerning, impeccable taste in fashion and easily concealable weaponry like daggers. Vergil is clearly someone who appreciates the finer things in life and knows how to play the game of politics well, not just so he can live in comfort but to advance longer-reaching goals, the same sort of balance Briar attempts to maintain through his work as Inquisitor. Vergil’s a man with a plan, and as curious as Briar would be about what his real schemes are, he’d also be cautious. Their conversations would be like chess matches–ones Briar would likely enjoy, but ones he also has no intention of letting his mask down for either. Every time his blue eyes would peer over his glasses at Vergil, he’d clearly be thinking, trying to “read” the Warden like Vivienne or Bull would and plan his next words accordingly. He’d make it clear that Zevran has provided invaluable help to his Inquisition and generally try to stay on Vergil’s good side. He has no wish to see if the rumors of blood magic are true, or just how much training he’s had with weapons besides a staff. If he ever felt like he’d relate to Vergil as a friend and not simply as an important contact and example of how far mage elves can rise in a “mundane,” human world (an example Briar intends to soar higher than, with his Herald and Inquisitor titles functioning as his wings, to leave his stamp on history–though he’d never mention it openly), I think Briar would be eager to discuss magic with him, besides more “trivial” topics like hair care and how to dress to impress and simultaneously enrage human nobles.

How does [my character] perceive [your character]?

Here is a new OC Trusted. Next will be Dhocomerina, but a little later, now I’m doing Ych pony and he’s big. Drew 5 ponies, left to draw 11 pony, will finish soon at the end of March. Now read the story Trusted.

Name: Trusted

Nickname: Unknown

Race: Jungle elf

Gender: Female

Age: 498 years (approximately 22 years)

Height: 173 cm

Home: village Lazran (the Lost world in the Iguazu falls)

Parents: Unknown

Brother or sister: Unknown

Relatives: Unknown

Best friends: Louise, Tinky, Sakura, Lifi

Para: -

Allies: the Rebels, Heroes-spies, BPS, shield, and some organizations

Enemies: the Empire, the Empire of DTS, the Decepticons, the Templars, and some organizations

Abilities: to Control the magic, cook

Weapon: -

Character: Kind, nice, funny, sometimes shy

Like: Joy, fun, candy, flowers

Don’t like: Sadness, rain, cactus, spoiled cupcakes

Status: Unknown, most likely she is alive

History: Nothing is known about her. Was its family, were brothers and sister, were relatives, is unknown. Only is known about her, that she was born in the village Lazran. She loves to make sweets and treats her friends. Have a friend from childhood - this is Louise’s best friend and she also love to cook. Then she became friends with tinky, Sakura, Lifi - they are kind and love to cook food and sweets. She works at BPS, and it helps both BPS and Heroes-spies the salvation of the world and the universe. Makes sweets for young children and adults. In the war, she almost did not fight, does not know how to fight, but only knows how to control magic. After defeating the Empire and the Empire Dark, she returned to her home, where she used to live. It takes several years and began a new war with Thanos, but did not participate in the war, the cause is unknown, some think she was scared or did not want, but Thanos has lost in the war. And again the war with the villain Dark Overlord, and killed Captain Marvel took the heart. And this war was not involved, she took care of the children who lost their home and family. After Dark Overlord lost, and Trusted has moved, far no one knows. Still think she is alive and lives in the village Lazran.


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