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No it was shoe up my ass!

Jaz-Z worries about tone? That’s rich 🙄 He spent more time in the White House than the cleaning crew when King O’hate was president. The pillar of society, model citizen 🤣 Must be a convicted felon 🤔

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YOU MEAN LIKE U Drumpf? Not even a Patriot 2 OUR🇺🇸that allows Russia & Saudi Arabia to run our country with killings & corruption & place ALL our families in danger! Meanwhile➡️ sit back reap their💰& don't even pay no bloody taxes! PISS OFF A**⚫️

Even boss, Putin is scolding his puppy. He says "It's the United States and trump that have to respond to for the murder" We have an obedient Puppy as a ⬇️

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Biden fd vicepresident varnar för kelande med envåldshärskare! 🙅‍♀️

death to a woman spreading Christianity in Pakistan ? and know one cares! you care about tone of voice or face gestures and this you dont feel is important.

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Who comprised the panel? What metrics? I like & follow the WEF. But this is ridiculous. With & they thought it was a competitive economy?? Hogwash.

Don’t you just love it when a spoiled rich kid, , whines about the possibility that they could lose their deduction for golf courses and jets if win, takes a lot of nerve!

The are a Beautiful Family! America is so lucky!❤️🇺🇸

Today's note just went to subscribers The focus: - MInutes - reaction and the outlook - collapse after Inventory build - stall - glass jaw - Plus much more Sign up here

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I am not buying song and dance, or threats. Those I take seriously.



Im hat Hosen runtergelassen: dreckiges Frackinggas ist wichtiger als ! ist gegen Förderung von -LNG-Häfen durch Steuergelder, nicht in , oder sonstwo. Wir brauchen mehr !

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It's about the Economy Stupid Over 7M Jobs yet to be filled in Economy this all but assures the Blue Wave won't be coming ashore 🌊 Rust Belt Workers who don't want Illegals taking their Jobs are Walking Away from DemocRATs BOOMING ECONOMY

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Not at all, I am more Hail To Pitt. Enjoy your mindless cult. It’s cute how you support a family as dysfunctional as the . How did that happen. Oh wait never mind 😂😂

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Pat Robertson, prominent evangelical leader, on Khashoggi crisis: lets not risk $100 billion worth of arms sales

Its unclear whether Trumps stance on Khashoggi will change as a result of the Times latest reporting.
For those who are screaming blood for the Saudis look, these people are key allies, Robertson said.
Throughout the Trump administration, the role of CBN has consistently been to legitimize the presidents actions to his white evangelical base.
In return, Robertson has frequently been granted rare access for sit-down interviews with Trump, during which he typically throws Trump softball questions.
Robertsons stance is in keeping with his wider, full-throated support for President Trumps policies over the past few years.

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Posted at Thu Oct 18 11:20:14 2018


#i #USA am so fucking #TrumpNation #America #WORLD #TRUMPS #UNIVERSE I Make America Great Again every fucking day like it’s MY LIFE LONG CAREER AND Profession! #MAGA #Keep #America #Great LETS GO 2nd term #PresidentDonald #DonaldTrump #Trump 2020 #William #Phan #AmericainGoodFaith 2024 #AmericainGreatFaith Coming Soon!!!!!! #USNAVY #USARMY #USAF #UNITEDNATIONS #USCG #FREEDOM FOR #ALL LETS GO AMERICAN MUSCLE LETS MUSCLE THESE CORRUPT POLITICIANS OUT OF DC AND DRAIN THE SWAMP FOR WE THE PEOPLE RULE THIS COUNTRY!!!! AND EVERY AMERICAN WILL HAVE A GREAT JOB NOT JUST A GOOD OR DECENT JOB BUT A GREAT FUCKING JOB BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING AMERICA in 2018 BABY!!! I PROMISE TO MAKE AMURICA GREAT EVERY FUCKING DAY @usairforce @unwomen @unwomenuk @worldstar @realdonaldtrump @donaldjtrumpjr @flotus @taylorswift @gop (at United States of America Congressional Branch)

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Trump says no financial interests in Saudi Arabia but makes money

They spend $40 million, $50 million,“ Trump said during a presidential campaign rally in Alabama in August 2015.
President Donald Trump said Tuesday that "I have no financial interests in Saudi Arabia” but in fact he has boasted in the past that “I make a lot of money with them.”
“Saudi Arabia, I get along with all of them.
Trump’s tweet denying a financial stake in Saudi Arabia comes amid a growing furor over suspicions that the country’s rulers ordered the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2.
Trump’s attempt to distance himself from profiting from Saudi Arabia is undercut by a long record showing deals his companies made with that country’s government and citizens.

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Posted at Tue Oct 16 14:40:19 2018
Trump's impact on global climate is already long-lasting

Weve got to get it under control or we will face major disasters for decades and decades to come, especially our children, he said.
Without hesitation, he responded, global warming and climate change.Global warming and climate change are out of control a disaster stoked by Trump and the oil industry, and causing more and more havoc around the world, Sachs said.
Thats not to say hurricanes, typhoons, and other natural disasters are a direct result of global warming, but scientists say they are made worse thanks to the changing atmosphere.
We will face major disasters for decadesThe Trump administration stated in an environmental impact statement that the planet will see a 7-degree rise in temperature by the year 2100.
The two storms differed greatly, but one fact remains: They were able to build such strength because of the changing climate.

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Posted at Tue Oct 9 02:00:11 2018


#Repost @fasteddie_400
Training for 2019 starts today. Although it was great to take a full month off and not see a gym or swing long drive fast, I was pleasantly surprised by my session today. Didn’t really have any expectations for speed but as my #coach @waldlucas says, #sequence #trumps #all. #sotrue can’t wait for @iganzlongdrive #global #event in #China in 6 weeks. #letsgo #finishstrong @callawaygolf @paderson_shafts @flightscopegolf @boxhiitfitnessforma @fitcryospa #teamcallaway #fasteddie #athlete #power #speed #fast #training #lucaswaldgolf #fitover40 #betterwithage #growthmindset @barrett_stover @rev_sp @turn2_sports

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#MAGA #Trump #World #Trumps #Nation #USAF #USCG fuck shitty ass fucking nerds who violate other’s free speech and free expressions @gop call @thisisbillgates @realdonaldtrump @usairforce @deptofdefense @bloomberg @history I want them in my office immediately @refugees @bbcnews @unitednationshumanrights (at United States of America Congressional Branch)

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