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A 73-Year-Old Woman Just Wrote The Sweetest Poem About Her Relative's Pronouns And OMG You Guys I'm CRYING
"Let them be they."
By Syd Robinson

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The Morning After: Netflix teams up with Ryan Reynolds

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Hyperlocal Tech Earns Zavvie, 8z 'Innovator Award' Finalist Selection - PR Newswire (press release)

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don’t quote me on this…………but i just heard?? that there was a argentinian guy that got into a boat after one year of the independence of Argentina?? and went to the Ocean like ‘ok let’s help the ones that want independence too, let’s fuck up some spaniards up’. in 1818 he got to California, spaniards were like ‘uhhhhhh fuck’ and in the second ‘fight’ the argentinian group won, and FOR SIX DAYS that territory WAS ARGENTINA. no one else reclaimed the territory so guess what??? he got BORED and LEFT!!!!!! so he went to centro america like ‘hey guys. guys, let us fight. we are friends. ill fight some spaniards for you.let me fight” so he fought with them agaisnt the spaniards, and they all got the independencia……….the countries from centroamerica were like ‘uh. this pirate guy that helped us has a cool looking flag in his boats. he’s chill, he helped us a lot. let’s use his flag as an inspiration for ours”

and that’s why argentina and a lot of countries have similar flags.