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Survivors: The A-bombed Trees of Hiroshima by David Petersen via

Crescent images from Wednesday morning. Last one before new moon on the 24th. Will be too low tomorrow morning for me to image 1st image with 6 inch SCT, 2nd with Canon T7I/300mm lens.

Repost from vitor.esteves To warm this and rainy . 💚 The usual views of a ... coconut and turquoise waters 🏝

झाडं आहेत म्हणून आपण आहोत. झाडं लावून आपले जीवन वाढवूया. नेल्डा परिवारात शामिल व्हा:

Way cool: Italian artist Giuseppe Penone removes the growth rings on a tree to reveal the tree at a younger age

Happy moment last day night Live long stay blessed ☺👼 Today onwards save Save A great success ahead ra machii

The countless floods in the whole world are the reactions of the .Poor countries know more of the victims since they do not have insurances.Planting is among the least expensive remedy in this emergency.Dont talk too much.start acting!

Snow day (like a week late) I got this picture using my iPhone of the river while on a snow day ride on my new @santacruzbicycles hardtail.

前回アップした写真は を使用してます。 のプロファイル補正で超ワイドな作品に仕上りました。

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new moon new mountain


This morning I witnessed a murder… of crows…
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Take a Step Into Alaska’s Backyard (Denali National Park & Preserve) by Mark Stevens
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An ultra-wide angle view and image captured looking to the southeast from a side porch viewing area in the North Face Lodge area while staying a few days in Denali National Park & Preserve. With many images at this location, I’d focused on the snowcapped peaks of Denali as it seemingly rose above a nearby ridgeline. Here I pulled back on the focal length and went for that setting to just let the eyes take eyes take in the full spectacle of Alaska. My thinking was to angle my Nikon SLR camera slightly downward in order to capture more of a sweeping view across the tundra to my front. The colors of that tundra were starting to show some autumn colors with much more vibrant red and green. I did some initial post-processing work making adjustments to contrast, brightness and saturation while playing around as I learned how to work with DxO PhotoLabs 3 that I’d recently purchased after moving away from Capture NX2. I then cropped some of the foreground and blue skies to complement the wide angle view with a panoramic feel.

I’m always looking for good spots to shoot the sunset, and I love a high vantage point, so I’ve been searching google maps for rock outcrops on hills that might have a clear view of the western sky.
By the time I found a way to the top of this hill, I didn’t have much time to find the best view, so I settled with this one, started a timelapse then continued searching. Most of the views from this hill were obscured by trees, but I eventually found a good view of the lake, which I snapped a few photos of before leaving.

Visit my instagram page to see the timelapse video,

I made this time stack by combining 382 photos into one image. Here’s a quick and easy Photoshop tutorial of the process I use to make time stacks.