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I got a new Chinese elm bonsai tree today, and I'm super excited to see it grow up this upcoming year! Using these shots as "before" photos.

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tree being felled illegally. Please take swift action to save the 30-year old tree.

can you see that specie? eats you from the inside out. The rocky mountains are full of dead pine. I know a few california trees in cant fuck with.

7 days, 7 black and white photos from your life. No people, no explanations. There’s a challenge portion. 3 out of 7. I challenge @sandiegodiningdish !

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Mountain Loop Highway, Verlot Ranger Station and Big Four Ice Caves Trailhead, Washington. 12.9.19


#senses #nature #naturephotography #stream #trees #travel #instatravel #holiday #shotoniphone #earth (at Sun City, South Africa)

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Yesterday it dawned on me that trees die to give us pages, to give us books where we can store the greatest of lessons, feelings, memories and notebooks where we can create the greatest of memories too. So when I was writing something horrible like “I don’t want to live”, “life is bad”,“there is no hope”, the tree whose pages it was, might be crying and thinking, “This is not for what I’ve given you the pages so that you can not live?”

After that I’m trying to see life in a really positive light. The tree might be happy if I start writing hopeful things on the paper.

Tree Clouds
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When you capture the painting at the right moment. The clouds mirror, where the leaves waved, weeks ago. The cold weather and rain changed the trees. Rugged trees reach out to the clouds, with curious branches.. All the leaves have blown away, in this cold damp and muddy field. A witness to a once lively pasture. Fall is here and has claimed; all the autumn leaves. While dreary and wet, the tractor sits, in the elements until Spring. All that is left behind are the adorable yellow flowers of a promise to come. Own this stark 16X20, where the plush grasses defy fall.


I spent a few hours picking up sticks and building this “nest” but I didn’t get as far as I was hoping before I had to leave to catch the sunset. I’d planned to go back and work on it some more, but I don’t think I ever did. It’s been over a year since I’ve been back there, and I wonder what it looks like now.


Hohenschwangau, Bavaria by Adrian Wright
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It snowed all day but I can’t complain too much because I caught a snowy landscape! This area is in Lower Bavaria in Germany.