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Tree Services Feature: Spring Tree Care Checklist

Bougainvillea Who is McClard? Learn about this unique artist and his intriguing, proprietary creative process at For more Art design, visit our page here

Beautiful sunset??? No, light pollution! Nice tree silhouette though!

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Thanks to a generous grant we're creating a new opportunity plan for the ๐ŸŒณ It will enable us & our partners to find out more about current cover in the AONB & prioritise areas for future planting ๐ŸŒณ Find out more:

โ€œA grows tall from sturdy roots,โ€ said the willow. โ€œWe provide shelter for the and the insects. We offer cool shade and fresh air to all who are in need. That is our .โ€ ~ by ๐ŸŒณโ™ฅ

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Donnabuang by perkot
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Its a tree with shrek heads on it. I call it… The shree

*Person walking up to the shree*: thats ah…an interesting tree ya got there..

*me proudly standing by it*: why thank you! Would you like to pick a couple of shrek heads to take home with you?

Person: *you can see the panick in their eyes*: thanks

Me: oh but youll never be lonely. They talk to you!

*one of the shrek heads*: GeT OuT oF mY sWaMp!! *roars*

*person already running away*

*Me to shrek heads*: you must stop doing that its putting me out of business!