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I just binged the new season on Netflix and now I don’t know what to do with myself

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Fantastico Evento di 2 Giornate Piene B2B
Presentazione Sellers e Buyers
Storie delle terre, dei Successi Business, Domande e Risposte tecniche e dettagli.
Cena Dinner e Degustazione delle Produzioni del Made in Italy Giornata B2B

Ringrazia particolarmente a tutti i Partecipanti per la collaborazione ed la straordinaria Sensazione di sentirsi tutti a Suo Agio.
Siamo riusciti ad Esprimerci tutti ed anche a chiudere gli accordi ed intere.

Alla Prossima per le Vie della Seta (China)
P. ITALIA (Russia)

CEO & Owner per L’Italia
Sandro Militello

Fantastiche Persone/Aziende

Az.Agr. Rocco Pepe (Wine)
Goji Pachino ( Food)
Mauro Manto Bianco ( Birrificio)
Az.Agr. Odoni ( Wine )
Only Sicilian ( Food )
Fardella Della Ripa ( Wine )
Borgo Schiavin ( Wine )
Monte Moro ( Wine )
Casa Lu Wine ( Wine )

Presidente della’Ass. Pelorias (ME)
Sig. Paolo Pellicciaro

Presidente Proloco Vulcano (ME)
Ristorante L’Approdo
Dott. Bonarrigo Pietro

Italia Golosa
Cooking & Tasting
Sig.ra Maria Tripodi

Love to Italy
Sig. Stefano Arena

Sig. Walter Guarrasi

Grazie Infinite ITFY

#influencersoftheworld (presso Italy)

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23, Octobre, 2017// Day 1 - Descent Into Montréal

Do you ever have one of those “ah-ha” moments where you feel infinite but so tiny and humbling at the same time!? Going to the top of Mont-Royal made us feel like that. It really made us appreciate life and its full glory. The fall foliage was so beautiful and the view incredibly breathtaking- we didn’t want to come back down. However, as every journey has its peaks; it also has its valleys. One must come back to the ground eventually. Now it was time to explore the urban jungle that Montreal is!

-Chris & Kevin

Imagine walking through a foreign street on a hot day.

The world around you is endless. Endlesley hectic. Endlesley noisey. Endlesley an enigma.

And all you hear is the rattling noises from flocking vehicles followed by trails of flying dust. You’ve brought a bottle of water with you, and take a sip. You wonder … Does water taste dryer when it’s hot?

Now, imagine entering an empty area. The hotness has cooled down. The sun touches your skin softly. The spring flowers radiate your sights in the light.

You feel you’ve entered a new world in full color. And even your water seems to taste better. Fresher. Crispier. More refreshing.

I found my little safe haven in India

Jeff [pounding on door]: Whoever the hell you think you are, you just kidnapped a Metro police officer! That’s a Class A felony and I’m gonna put your ass away – you hear me!? [more banging]  

Grace [waking up]: Do you have to be so loud? [groggily looking around] Who the hell are you?

David: Hello. I’m – I’m David. I’m a friend of Marcy’s. [gestures to Kat] This is Kathryn. She’s married to Agent MacLaren, who’s Marcy’s boss. [points to Ray]. This is Ray. [slight pause]. He’s still unconscious. [looks towards Jeff] The unhappy man is Officer Conniker…who I’m guessing is in a relationship with Carly, who is also a friend of Marcy, all of whom may or may not be time travelers. And you are?

Grace: I’m a…high school guidance counselor.

David: Oh okay. That makes perfect sense.

Shawn Spencer [over in the corner of a completely different fandom]: That is some of the best nutshelling that I have ever heard!

A Person Pointed Towards California

Never fall in love with a person

Pointed towards California.

There is too much sky that way

To fly that way

And then come home to you.

They may say

I still love you baby

But they’re too blinded by the sunrise in the East

To see the dust and the cobwebs left by their shadow,

The wounds their essential absence has ripped into your flesh,

They won’t understand why you can’t stop choking on their dust

when you spit up blood,

They won’t notice

Till you try your turn at walking away.

And this is why you don’t fall in love with a person pointed towards California!

It’s not because they’ll leave you,

you already know that much is happening,

It’s because, in my experience at least,

they won’t let you go when they do.

Every brave adventurer

Needs a sweet girl back home

An anchor for the tether they’re unable to release or engage.

You’re not an anchor,

You’re the memory of a warm soft bed

And it’ll be your place to wait for them their

While they change their name,

Their privilege,

Their shame,

Turn their backs

And refuse to let go

As they walk away

Towards all that sky….