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THEY'RE BACK! Bench Africa took staff to South Africa & obvs. it was EPIC!

Currently the buzz!!! “UNRIVALLED EXPERIENCE” , for information contact us: Tel: 00212528217373, e-mail:,

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just landed in Sophia just got at the airport it is impressive the image of the development of the country, smell of migration, just put my feet in a few metres by the passport control I am…

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Varanasi - India (by Prabhu B Doss


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Want to take a peek inside this gorgeous van conversion? Well now you can, as we’ve just released a tour of @nellys_adventures’ van over on our Youtube channel!

Gelly and Lydia have been travelling all over Europe in their LDV Maxus van, which they have lovingly kitted out inside with a whole range of reclaimed materials.

Their kitchen is made of an old garden shed, their storage cupboards are made of upcycled apple crates, and their recently installed Glastonbury woodburner sits on an old ship’s step repurposed into the most beautiful wood storage box.

Their van is a huge inspiration, and we’ve been getting some ideas for our new build too. Head on over to our Youtube channel now to check it out! Link below

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Not exercising yesterday was a good choice! 😂😂😂 3 hour Colosseum, Paletine Hill and Ancient Rome this morning.
Then another 3 hours Vatican tour this afternoon.

I think the app is broken. I have been active for way more than 200 minutes today!

The tours alone were 360! Couple that with walking to the train and metro stations, I would say I am pushing 500!

Managed to get some Rome time in today after playing catch up last week.

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day! It cant be seen in a day either!

I feel like I didn’t experience a fraction of what the Colosseum and the Vatican had to offer alone, let alone everything else.

It’s a really awesome city though. I would definitely recommend it!

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Travelling with depression

It’s my second week in Spain. It’s Wednesday and I will fly home on Saturday.

On my second day here I wanted nothing more to be at home again, yesterday I wanted nothing more than to die. I am not the travelling kind of person, because it makes me realise that I am so fucking scared of myself and this world.

I met new people, had a good laugh, saw great places and ate good food. But nothing made me happy. The last two days I did not leave my hostel bed, but cried instead, hoping no one would come in to the dormroom.

Tonight I had a Videochat with a good friend and I told her my greatest, deepest and darkest secret and now I am even more scared, because I kept it a secret for a year and now I just blurred it out on a Videochat from the other side of the country. I want to go back now or never.

I’m homesick. Fuck travelling.