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Buy things that makes your soul happy. 😌 (aka plane tickets and food)

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I have a specific type of insomnia that appears when I’m traveling. No matter how great my hotel room is and how relaxed I am, I just can’t sleep.


That eerie feeling when you’re the only person in the waiting area…#travelersdiary


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If you are travelling with a Camera, take a photo of a piece of paper with your contact details. If you lose your camera they will be able to contact you when they view the photos.


Canada here I come!

02 and 03-Aug-2017

It’s finally time to go on my new adventure!! I wasn’t used to waiting this long, anymore!!

Well my flight was at 21h, from the international airport, which is at least an hour away from where I live, and my parents weren’t gonna be able to give me a ride this time, so I had to take the shuttle from the other airport. Since we should be there 3 hours before the flight, I had to be there at 18h, and there was a chance there would be some protests on the way, so I left home at 15h30, to take the 16h10 bus. Unfortunately, this wasn’t free like the last one, but I got a discount buying both ways at once, so it cost me a total of R$73. Thankfully it all went well and I got there about 1:10 later (but for some reason the AC in the bus was at 15°C!!! WHYYYYY??? It was around 20°C outside… it was nice!! Why did we have to freeze???).

Right after I got to the airport I had an accident, though… it was way too ridiculous to tell here, but let’s just say it involved an escalator and me trying to prevent my big bag from falling on the guy behind me…

Oh well, now I’ll have matching scars (remember the time I almost broke my left leg, last year?) and the right leg of my jeans is ripped… hahaha, it hurts, but not as badly as it looks… I thought it was gonna hurt a lot later, but it wasn’t too bad.

I spent some time re-arranging my bag, because even though I can always bring 32Kg with me on these long international flights, my last flight before my final destination would be from a different company, and it would be a domestic flight, so I wasn’t sure they were gonna allow over 23Kg, and I didn’t want to take my chances.

Once I had checked in and checked my bag, I ate the food I brought with me (cause everything at GRU airport is ridiculously expensive) and went to the gate area.

Because everything before that took so long, I didn’t have to wait much, and soon I was on the plane.

I hadn’t flown United Airlines in years, and it sure made me miss SAA… very little leg room, BUT the food definitely improved since last time (which was disgusting… well, the coffee still is, to be honest)! I even got dessert! And my flight attendant was my favorite ever!!

I missed breakfast, though, because nobody bothered waking me up (I had a terrible night of sleep, because the lady next to me wouldn’t stop moving and bumping into me), so I only woke up to the sound of people unwrapping their croissants. But I asked for mine after they served the beverages.

We arrived in Newark around 5h30, and for a moment I got pretty scared… so, Canada doesn’t have a specific law for volunteer work and such, so we don’t need a work visa, BUT depending on the person at customs, they might not let you in the country because you’re gonna be working, even if it’s for free, so we have to say we’re just travelling. So, arriving in the US, I didn’t expect the lady to ask me what I was gonna do in Canada, so I just answered honestly, and she asked me if I had a visa for that, and I told her that because it’s an unpaid internship, I only need a tourist visa (not even a tourist visa, actually, just an ETA), so she just let me through, but she was stamping my passport and writing on it, so I was terrified, thinking that she might have written something that could get me in trouble!! Thankfully it was just her signature and the date! *Phew*

I was supposed to board for Montréal at 7h20, but the flight was delayed… like REALLY delayed!! I was supposed to arrive there at 9h something, and the plane only took off at 10h40!!! I was supposed to board my next flight at 11h25!!!! Well, we landed at 11h30, and I still had to go through customs and re-check my bag, not to mention that I was in the back of the plane, so I had to wait for everybody to get off… the flight attendant even called them to let them know (because nobody bothered mentioning the flights that could be missed because of the delay, as I’m used to hearing, when the plane lands)… I ran!! Customs was actually fine… I was in such a hurry that I didn’t even say all that I was planning on saying… I got to the counter to re-check my bag at 11h55 (the plane was supposed to depart at 11h50)… they didn’t wait for me… but the ladies were really nice and got me on the next flight, which was about 5 hours later.

Oh! There was a nice snack on the plane!

Oh! I asked them about the weight, for when I’m coming back, and I’m still allowed 32Kg! Woo-hoo!! I get to buy stuff!!

Well, I had enough time to check out the entire airport and choose what I’m gonna buy for my family on the way back. I stopped at Starbucks for a MMM (Marble Mocha Macchiato), but had to google how to make it, because the baristas didn’t know it (it’s basically a caramel mocha, but with white mocha instead of vanilla, and dark mocha drizzled on top). It ended up costing me quite a lot, but I love it and hadn’t had it since 2013, so I deserved it!

And after all that stress, from both yesterday and today, I felt like I deserved to eat something nice and different, so I got myself some lobster tacos!! They were super yummy!! But I forgot that here the taxes are added later, so it actually cost me even more than I expected… oh well, I’ll just have to skip a few meals to make it up for it! Haha

The previous airports only had free wifi for 30 minutes, but thankfully, the wifi at the Montréal airport is unlimited, so it was actually some nice 5 hours of rest.

My next flight was also delayed, but only for half an hour. The plane was SO tiny!! Like, seriously!! There were about 30 seats!! Haha, but they gave us mini pretzels and water.

At 20h, I finally arrived in Sept-Îles, my final destination for the day… the sun was setting and it was quite pretty, but unfortunately I wasn’t by the window.

From there I had to take a taxi to the hostel. I was told it would cost around CAD25.00, but thankfully it was less than C$23.00!

The lady at the front desk was really nice, but didn’t speak much English. She showed me to my dorm (I had to carry my big bag to the basement) and I didn’t have the energy to do much before going to bed, aside from showering.

Oh! I met this guy who’s sharing the bunk bed with me, and was asking him about what to do tomorrow (my only day in Sept-Îles), and he mentioned this island that he was actually planning on going to tomorrow. So we’ll do that.

Now time to get some rest so I can make the most of my time here!