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Jinhae-City Dream Road, South Korea

¿Aún sin planes para esta ? Aprovecha y disfruta de la Feria de ; con espectáculos, exposiciones y actividades para toda la familia. ¡Tienes hasta el 12 de mayo! 👌🏻

can be full of details and unknowns. It is wise to plan ahead. Whether it is , or another , preparation is key.

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Pulled my outfits for Spain 

Now that my vacation days have been approved, it’s time to start packing for my trip. It was so quick and easy UNTIL I started photographing everything I was slipping into my suitcase. I sincerely just wanted to remember what I am bringing with me since I’m doing this 3 weeks in advance.

The reason for the early start is simple. I needed the clothes I bought for this trip out of my sight so I am not tempted to wear them in the upcoming weeks as the weather gets warmer.. lol. I have little self control and love dressing up. 

All the photos looked so pretty in my camera roll. I felt a bit inspired by my streamlined packing process and decided I want to share it here.

I’m going to be pumping out a lot of packing posts today and save the rest for another time. They will be for my future reference and/or anyone else in the void who could use an easy to read packing list that covers all your bases. 

Lately I pack for myself, my fiance, and some of my friends. Might as well pack for you, too.