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Our next learning and development session takes place in on Tuesday 28th January. Our will learn about complex and the long-lasting effect it has on young people. 😞 Visit: to learn more

Such a fabulous feeling when people enjoy my training. Warmest thanks to the teams of and for the sensitivity and empathy shown throughout all our conversations on and

Join us for this course for non-therapy professionals to help develop their knowledge and understanding of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, & ways to effectively offer support within their professional roles. Book here;

Session 1: Upper Limb continues at the . Drs. Benjamin Shore, Unni Narayanan, Christopher Reilly, and Kellie Leitch present on treatment of supracondylar, lateral condyle, radial neck, and medial epicondyle fractures.

When the brain is traumatized it tends to over function and stay in the fight/flight phase. It takes a lot of work to get it back down to a regulated, grounded state. But it is possible through therapy and trauma work.

Our well- researched and regularly verified email addresses of trauma surgeons will help you in connecting with right prospects. Know more:

आयुष्मान भारत महात्मा गांधी राजस्थान स्वास्थ्य बीमा योजना द्वारा निशुल्क उपचार... 24Hrs accidental Care Unit...

It’s TRAUMA THURSDAY! Today our subject “TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS” I will be breaking down the heartbreak.: 1. How to know when a relationship is toxic 2. When it’s time to get out or get support. 3. Understanding how our brain systems play a role in our behavior.

Dr. Anthony Cooper welcomes all attendees to the . Drs. Nikki Hooper, Natasha O’Malley, and Nicolas Nicolaou present on distal forearm fractures, monteggia fractures.

Neuroscientist Yehuda shows how descendants of trauma survivors can experience the physical and emotional symptoms of trauma they have not directly experienced.

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i prevail // i don’t belong here

“Mit der Frage „Wär’ es schlimm, wenn ich nicht wär’?“ Wär’ es schlimm, wenn ich geh’, wenn es morgen schon ein Ende nimmt, denn ich weiß nicht, wann es mich an meine Grenzen bringt.”


“Diese Maske raubt mir meine letzte Kraft. Ich bin des Lebens fucking müde und hab’ dieses Kämpfen satt. Ich glaub’, ich werd’ des Lebens nicht mehr froh, denn egal, wo lang ich geh’, alle Wege führ'n zum Tod.”



Trauma - How To Overcome It

✋ Stop for a minute and let’s talk about your feelings.

Watch the full video on my YouTube channel at the link below: ⬇️

I look forward to talking to you about this topic.

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Trauma didn’t make me stronger, it rattled me to the core and broke me so deeply I find myself a stranger in my own agony. Trauma came into my house and broke all my photo frames and asked me how I could possibly think that I could keep memories of myself. Trauma beat me so black and blue that every breath is an uphill battle with lungs full of glass. Trauma gave me nothing but agony, not strength, not courage, not bravery. In the face of devastation, I was simply devastated. In the face of heartbreak I was only heartbroken. And in the wake of trauma, I was only traumatised.

Trauma K.F.//2020

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(?) Do you think it could possibly be a body memory when, my lower back is touched I get scared or nauseous and sometimes scream or gasp? Don't need a definite answer but wondering if I should discuss with my therapist.


Well, it definitely sounds like having your lower back touched is a trigger which means it would probably be a great idea to talk about with your therapist. There could probably be body memories linked to this experience. 

Hope this helps,

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