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Jaguar Boosts U.K. Auto Sector With Electric Cars Commitment. (IndustryWeek)

Auto Suppliers, Even High-Tech Ones, Scramble To Offset A Nearly Global Downturn In Auto Production. (Forbes)

Our Allstars did a fab job during this morning’s bus evaluation drill. Thank you to And the best Dept ever!

Thank you to everyone who have served our military. RTI Does not take it for granted. . . . . . . . . . . .

: Even on vacation, AA staffer Stacey takes the time to explore and experience an area's transportation options. Here she is enjoying San Francisco's bike network with her kiddos!

Successful attendance at requires the timely arrival of the booth display and materials. So what do need to know in order to prepare a shipment of trade show materials?

Another speaker update: , Senior Director of Transportation at will be leading a deep dive on decarbonizing the sector! Ready to map what it takes? Join us on October 11th in San Francisco:

Ship Finance International up 3.0% = $45.6 million gain. At $1.6 billion marketCap, represents 2.8% of the $56.8 billion / industry.

A big KUDOS to all Assistant Principals! You do so much to keep our students safe. πŸ‘πŸ½

The positive impacts of bicycling are huge! Everything from your personal health πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ to the environment πŸƒ to the economy πŸ’² can benefit from using a bicycle as your main form of .

Great turnout in the first 30 minutes. We'll be at the QU Hall of Fame Room until 6:30. – at Pepsi Arena

In combination with business partnerships and connections with other carriers, Norfolk Southern ships every product imaginable to and from any destination, linking communities and customers to the marketplaces of the world.

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We are celebrating this Friday for hitting 100 followers on Twitter. Ice cream for the whole ILS team! #freightforwarder #freightbroker #icecream
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Watch this autonomous Tesla drive from home to work on its own

 Tesla announced Wednesday evening that all Tesla cars made from now on will have all the hardware they need on board to achieve full self-driving (though autonomous software will rollout later, with a cross-country demo planned for the end of 2017). Tesla’s already doing its own early testing, of course, and the video above shows a vehicle with fully autonomous capabilities navigating… Read More

The ILS is getting ready for the county fair. We have several families from the office participating. Look out for the videos and photos to be posted! #freightforwarder #freightbroker #countyfair
#ilsdelivers #ltl #logistics #trucking #freight #logisticsmanagement #transportation #transport #cargo #truckingindustry #freightforwarding (at Wooster, Ohio)

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Scooters Gaining in Popularity

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in cities and towns around the world. They are overtaking station-based bicycles as the most popular form of shared transportation outside transit and cars in the U.S. Riders took 38.5 million trips on shared electric scooters in 2018, eclipsing the 36.5 million trips on shared, docked bicycles, according to a report released Wednesday by the National Association of City Transportation Officials. This as scooter companies face challenges from every direction, including vandalism, theft, rider injuries, intense competition and aggressive regulations in cities across the country. Yet the scooter industry persists, and venture capitalists, ride-hailing companies and traditional auto manufacturers continue to pour millions into the fledgling companies.

Companies are jockeying for strategic position in the so-called micromobility revolution, where consumers are embracing shared scooters and bikes for short trips and exploring alternatives to car ownership buoyed by the ubiquity of smartphones. Riders took 84 million trips on micromobility services such as shared scooters and bikes in 2018, more than double the number from the year before. Scooter and bike riders typically use an app to find one nearby and pay a few dollars to ride for a set period of time, paying within the smartphone app using a credit card. Some shared mobility services, such as Lyft-owned Citi Bike in New York City, offer monthly or annual memberships for riders.

There were more than 85,000 electric scooters available for public use in the U.S. in 2018 compared with 57,000 station-based bikes. Shared bikes are considered “station-based” or “docked” if a rider takes out the bike and returns it to one of many docking stations — basically parking lots for bikes — which are spread throughout a city. Dockless bikes, which represent a smaller portion of shared bikes, can be left anywhere, and can be found and unlocked through a smartphone app. Shared docked bike usage among monthly pass holders peaks during rush hours, suggesting use by commuters, but shared scooter usage does not, indicating scooters may be more likely to be used for recreational use, according to the report.

The popularity of electric scooters is riding so high that, in some towns, leaders don’t want the e-scooter rental business to invade their streets and have decided to ban this means of transport. For example, in Colorado, Breckenridge wants to stay “scooter free.” In this popular mountain destination where bicycles are the preferred mode of alternate transportation, scooters are far from welcome. “I think we’ve seen across the country we’re just trying to be proactive,” said Haley Littleton with Breckenridge. “We have a lot of pedestrians up and down our streets and we have pretty narrow sidewalks because we’re historic. We think it does probably a public safety hazard.” The ban applies to e-scooter businesses like Bird, Lime and Lyft scooters. “We’re always increasing walk-ability, even though we are banning the rental business of the scooters we are trying to get people out of their cars,” said Littleton.

So why are Electric Scooters Popular? The obvious answer is that they’re a practical, ecological and economical alternative to city traffic. Every day, more and more people are changing their way of commuting to work, school, and university in order to save time and money. Electric scooters are perfect for a short city ride, and they are perfect as a “last-mile” vehicle. Electric vehicles have many advantages, but the electric scooter specifically adds some more to that list as it is lightweight, foldable and small. For instance, speed. While the speed is not that high compared to cars or motorcycles, the ability to avoid traffic jams is great with the ability to maneuver around others. You can reach your destination in a similar time without having to worry or deal about traffic.

Other advantages include the fact that you ride without effort, so you don’t need to worry about sweat stains or being tired after the ride. Finally, it’s fun! That’s why electric scooters are especially popular among teens. Kids also love them, and there are some small models for kids. Kids use them for having fun, as opposed to commuting, so they are unlikely going to kindergarten/elementary school on them.

In conclusion, electric scooters are popular now and will become even more popular in the years to come. They are a fast, efficient, and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional car and motorcycle. Due to their advantages (portability, good speed, ability to avoid traffic jams, size) they are probably the best vehicles for a city ride.


Mobile home and office - Practice in East Bengal by Sheikh Shahriar Ahmed
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During the day, the rikshaw is the source of income. During the night, it turns into a home with a bed.

A slow decay.  Former pride of the Milwaukee Road railroad system in Juda, WI; this once high traffic depot (for its time) held Passenger rooms, an Agent office, Baggage room and a twin outhouse.

Some years back, when I first came across Juda and this depot, I got photos of this depot on a Sunday when walking around would not cause issues.  I came across the dual outhouse, still with some of the Milwaukee Road Orange color on the old fading wood.

When this photo was taken, I had been trying to gather some drone shots and first learned of the “gimbal overload error” and thus snapped some images to document it’s aging.  The roof is suffering great loss, mostly over eaves and still shows a study chimney for the old wood stove I now presume gone.

A great showing of the building craft of the day as this building once saw traffic of diesel, & steam - Customers from far and wide via motorcar, horse, and stage coach.  The structure standing mostly from the late 1800 certainly until current time. Albeit with many notable changes in it’s time to “ modernize” from a booming space to a passing outbuilding of a rural lumber yard.