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What is ? How can Blockchain help increase through a decentralized database? What is its impact on the future of the market? hosted an exclusive interview with Dr Shermin Voshmgir to uncover these questions.

Always looking to learn and share the latest happenings in the space. Here’s how one of the world’s most popular chocolate brands is using the to crack the code on supply chain .

will not be listing so-called “ coins” In the new era of and would be abiding with the upcoming regulatory framework () that will apply to all legitimate brokers in .

At first plenary session of in Tokyo, debating “Why is so important for democratic governance?”

P&G's Chief Brand Officer Pritchard calls for digital media's reinvention as its "dark side" of fraud, ad-blocking and terrible content worsens via

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President has made the attack on the media one of his preferred narratives. His communication strategy is far from offering and , according to and .

Agree. Big proponent of . This is a matter of , as said. Thinking the public will warm up to the problems creates for US, as comes to light. Yes. I want this publicly flayed.

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Arif time to do what is right Time to Time to demand a is DEAD NO MORE Not tenable for to lead the party into your MP

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Disarmed by Charmed: A Claimant’s Courage Squelched

Four days ago a strong personality within the erotic hypnosis community went public with a claim of being harassed over an extended period of time by someone within the leadership of Charmed. He detailed his livid dissatisfaction with Charmed’s response to his case, including his opinion that he was left out of the process, and expressed concern that others within the hypno community who come forward about abuse by community leaders could face the same trouble.

Soon after the victim went public, the most prominent leader of Charmed, Wiseguy, responded to his concerns by suggesting that the victim was harassing them in his efforts to follow up on his case and seek justice. No evidence was presented to prove that what the victim was doing constituted harassment. 

In the 48 hours which followed, multiple community leaders connected to Charmed’s leadership engaged in everything from downplaying the alleged abuse to calling for leniency for the alleged offender with the rationale that volunteers are hard to come by. There was a vehement rejection that something might be wrong with the review process or that community leaders were handling this the wrong way.

As of yesterday, after a cyclone of public treatment by community leaders which some in the hypno community consider contemptible and worrying, the victim has deleted his courageous appeals to the community.

The ongoing scandal surrounding Charmed leaves us here; in a regrettably solemn moment of silence. 

This has been HypnoDrama. Stay tuned.


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low light at the Tufa Dan in the middle of Lathkilldale

Modernizing the Proposed Records Schedule Commenting Process

The records management program at the National Archives has been working to build an open and collaborative electronic records management community with federal and industry stakeholders for many years. 

Since 2017, we have been planning, developing, and engaging with stakeholders inside and outside of the National Archives on a new approach for public comment and review. We have now changed the process by which the public can review and comment on proposed records schedules. Now, these schedules will be available on the Federal eRulemaking Portal,

We are transitioning to as a way to improve our own internal business processes, and also to be responsive to clear, widespread interest from the public to use a web-based platform for a more modern, transparent, and efficient way to review and comment on records schedules.

Read the full post on the AOTUS blog.

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White House maneuvers to block release of Trump’s tax returns

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump would not release his tax returns because they were under audit, a disputed claim that the White House has not allowed to be independently verified. “While his taxes continue to be under audit, he doesn’t anticipate that changing at any point anytime soon, and therefore doesn’t have any intention to release those returns,” Sanders said on Fox News.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal… disputed the claim that an audit would prevent Trump from releasing his returns. Independent experts have also said Trump could release his returns if he wanted to, even if he were being audited… [as] all previous presidents dating back to Richard M. Nixon have done voluntarily.