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📢 Today's ATOM rewards distributed The staking yield for 16th round from 6/24 00:00 to 6/26 24:00 🔹16th Round Staking Yield: 0.0977% 🔸Expected Yearly Staking Yield: 11.892% Details on the yield 0px; " tag="ulation:

Hyperledger refers to a disbursed, open-source framework and with you are ensured with a trust network which offers:-

County devolution is ultimate nerve to END ALL protracted, perennial problems &marginalization if AFFILIATION FROM TRIBALISM ADHERED 'S VIEWS RESPECTED/ PUBLIC PARTICIPATION OF CORRUPTION

We now have Australian govt anti- legislation (great work everyone involved!) with reporting starting 1 July but as says we need all state govts to legislate and slavery is in our shopping. Its up to us to stop it

I want to share this family photo. Instead of watching wholesome game shows we oooh and ahhh at well-organized, easily searchable document databases (specifically, ’s).

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There are 3 substantive issues: • is not always seen as a priority • The quality of data is not well understood • There is a culture of tolerating and working around poor-quality data. Thanks NAO.I needed this 🥺

Not loving your new product - more cheap plastic invading our lives. How convenient -resealable - did you factor in the cost to our planet? Soon there will be no fish to package

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The Trans Issue // SS18

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Facebook's political ad transparency tools roll out worldwide

Facebook’s efforts to improve transparency in political ads are now a truly global affair. The social site has made its transparency tools available to advertisers worldwide, letting them post political and issue ads so long as they’re authorized. The disclosure policies remain the same – if someone else paid for an ad, you should see a “paid for by” disclaimer. The ads themselves will sit in an Ad Library archive for seven years alongside data like the view count and demographics.

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Essere come l’acqua- trasparenti e liquidi-
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Updated Guide to Posted Documents Regarding Use of National Security Authorities

June 24, 2019

On September 19, 2017, we posted a guide with links to certain officially released documents related to the use by the Intelligence Community (IC) of national security authorities. Today, we have once again updated that Guide to include links to additional officially released documents:

View Updated Guide to Posted Documents

These documents have been published to meet legal requirements, as well as to carry out the Principles of Intelligence Transparency for the IC.

There are many more officially released documents available for public review than those captured in this new guide. In addition to this Updated Guide, the IC recently launched a new web portal,, devoted to transparency, which features a section called the The Intel Vault.

The Intel Vault’s IC on the Record Database enables users to conduct full-text searches of the Section 702 documents posted on IC on the Record. Newly released documents will be regularly added to this database.

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I see that some bundles are arriving, do you send all of them at this point? Or are you still in process of sending some zines?

Yes, all orders have been shipped out before last Friday (June 14th). Everyone should have received an email with the updated shipping status on the day that we shipped it out :)

If you have a question about a certain order we suggest that you email us about that so that we can give more specific answers about estimated shipping times and so on

The Environmental Protection Agency is, to me, an extension of the Department of Defense. It protects something really important in this country, which is a huge competitive advantage. We have clean air to breathe, water to drink and land to develop and build on.

And I just have to say the EPA hasn’t changed. There’s a leadership change, which is beyond politics in my mind. The EPA has been run by Democrats, by Republicans, but has never, in its history that is 40+ years old, been run by someone who seems to be determined to do the one thing that could destroy its credibility, which is not making it transparent.

Every EPA administrator has committed to regulate transparently. We don’t have that commitment anymore. It’s not the EPA, it’s that the leadership has decided to move away from the transparency that assures people that their health and their community come first rather than somebody else’s bottom line.


Recently, I’ve cried so much that it felt as if my eyes needed their own wipers.
Deep pain. It felt like Pain I understood. It felt like Pain I have experienced. It felt like Pain yet to come.
Yet, Pain remained anonymous.
Sometimes a tugging.
Sometimes a letting go.
Sometimes unrealized.
These “feelings” have not been fleeting but instead very revealing. Feelings lie. Feelings discourage. Feelings take you off course when they lead you away from Truth. Feelings show you lack. Feelings cause you to want to shut down or run away. Feelings rip through you like a hurricane and tear you apart. Oh yes. I have a deep intimate knowledge of feelings. I walked with myself through years of painful trauma. I work with others in their trauma. Normally, I hide pain. But recently I’ve felt a holy lift. Hence the water pouring from my own eyes that took me by surprise.
The government of God lives inside as I weep my guts up from my spirit alive in Christ. I’m sure God has a plan as He moves through my space. I sense Him making room as I give Him more place. These emotions won’t stay forever. They have a time limit I know. But for the time being…I am letting it flow. I know the deal. This indeed will change as I follow - His lead, His voice and His will for tomorrow. Joy is not an emotion. It’s a state of being. A condition in Him. It’s a sacred place of discovery, intimacy and love. #Weepinginthenight
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