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“We really want you to bring new ideas to the table, our operation isn’t efficient and our people aren’t engaged, we really need to make changes around here.” Time passes...

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“We really want you to bring new ideas to the table, our operation isn’t efficient and our people aren’t engaged, we really need to make changes around here.” Time passes...

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"Humanisons le progrès" . Sujet ambitieux et passionnant pendant 2 jours à l' avec des entrepreneurs d'avenir c'est parti

Bienvenue au ! A 10h10, retrouvez Sébastien Laplanche qui interviendront sur la thématique : le fondement de la . Nous vous attendons nombreux!

Symposium Schluss mit Buzzword-Bingo? Besser über Erfolgsgeschichten wie reden. - Spannend: Inzwischen orientiert sich die Politik an IT-Anbietern statt andersrum - wie

Der IOT Solutions World Congress ist eine zentrale rund um das Thema Internet of Things. war in Barcelona vor Ort. Heiß diskutiert: Das Potenzial von in der . Mehr Fotos gibt es auf

Nouveauté pour les Agilistes de la Romandie: le rapport “Trends & Benchmarks” de paraîtra pour la 1ère fois en FR cette année, grâce à la collaboration avec ! 😀 Contribue aux résultats!

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… Клетки Сознания – активация, развертывания, выведение на заданный уровень функционирования, эволюции…

Методики Вознесения (855)

… Природа человеческая так устроена, что Вера крайне слаба, реалистический подход к Жизни не позволяет Вам мечтать на уровне своей Души…

… У Вас не должна присутствовать энергии страха, с уверенностью на пути необходимо Вам шагать…

… Кто сердцем принял, разум свой раскрыл – прибудет в Вас Великое Пробуждение и вдохновение настигнет в этот Миг…

… Энергия Любви, Свободы Духа, помогут Вам преодолеть неприятные для Вас моменты…

“Archetypes that arise in us, are allies to our vocational callings, since the need to work is as primal as that of love. Humans need to work to survive, and prosperity is furthered by more and more of us doing work that is right for our personal skills, interests, and motivations. But, deeper than that, is a work instinct energized by archetypes. When I was a little girl, people would give me dolls to play with, and I would line them up, and teach them, so it seemed clear that my future should be in education.”

Carol S. Pearson, Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroine Within; Using the Power of Story to Transform Your Life

I. Enter the Void

Originally posted by gertieparr

Obsolete shadows moved out of the corner of her subjugated mind. Overcome with whispers many, silent babbling prayers to any and all that might take it upon themselves to listen. Effortless chill, the permeating damp of a musky reptilian slither crawled slippery smooth through magically intoxicated veins. Palms pressed flat against the glossy surface of what appeared to be a slowly churning river-way, black obsidian ripples expanding with the simplest movement as Leonaess Dawnbinder stood from where she had been crouched with rabbit-like fear in this dank oubliette. 

She had been here before but never had it been so void of colorful expression. 

There was no light, but eyes adjusted to the gloom with amethyst gaze casting over the sinuous coil of shapes in disgustingly sensual movements; turning in on themselves just out of peripheral reach. Skirt felt heavy as it dragged slow, dredging up memories from the bottom of this rank river that seemed to be picking up a tugging current. A stone bench sat in the middle of this twilight pit, a beam of singular light casting it in welcoming illumination. As she was about to near, trudging silent though the stranger be burdened in a full set of plate was the hulking figure of a Blood Knight. A helmet concealed features, even the regalia that clung to a proud masculine form looked rusted and splattered with a black ooze that dripped from the breaks in armor. Lowering himself to sit down on the bench, smoldering and burning were the eyes that found purchase on the aura soother’s opposite.

“ Your mind is crumbling.”

The echo of his tenor which normally would have boomed eternal was whispery soft, mingling with the crazed cacophony that had paused the moment she reached the bench to sit alongside the forsaken Knight. 

“ That it is and this time there is no coming out of this unscathed.”

Just below the translucent surface did objects start to float upward from memorial depths: flower petals, a bracelet, the furred form of a rabbit…

The touch of an encumbered hand drew her attention back towards the hulking metallic apparition that unlike the rest of the drifting objects had waded through the river of her thoughts like a bound ghost. A slender, pale hand reached up to curl fingers in desperate claim to protected digits.

“ Alassian, I don’t think that I can do this.”

The Knight’s hand slipped from her own and rested against her pale cheek, a biting nip of cold teasing her skin that had at first thought to be numb. Gesture caused eyes to lift from where gaze had fallen to the lifeless cony, finding herself struck by the intensity burning beneath the cover of that concealing helm. Taloned edges teased through Leonaess’s unbound curls that shimmered like rich threads of silver, but it was a singular strand of gold that remained which had caught Alassian’s attention, letting it twirl affectionately before a painful exhale as if some strong emotion overcame the male construct, drawing her head closer to rest heavy brow against her starry pale own.

“ You must prevail, rise stronger than before and continue to see the good in the world though there be darkness. Don’t be afraid to let go, dalah’surfal.” 

How long she had been crying was unknown to her, but it came out a wracking sob as everything around her started to shift and that decrepit comfort of a time-lost memory of a love long dead crumbled away like wind blown ash but yet his voice remained.

“ Let go of it all, for he will need you in the end.”

The last bastion of her sanity slipped as she let her mind, this safe haven, slip beneath the corrosive surface as the remaining tethers to a sordid past were cut.


How many times had she begged to be taken deep beneath the waves and left there? But now that she found herself beneath the lapping cover of trickling despair, body in a fluid suspension of neither here nor there, she wanted nothing more than to breathe. The hand that came down to pull the pair from the abyss was unexpected, cresting the waves of amethyst subconsciousness to realize she was bound to a chair. The drugged after effect  pumped sloshing and befuddling through poisoned veins, silvery blue eyes swiveling a moment in her collecting stupor - this feeling was one she had only ever experienced after a bad trip. 

While the let down was familiar, this group surrounding them like an occultist cabal around the bonfire was not. Slipping soundless to the right of where she was bound stood a poised, faintly smirking individual whose inquisitive stare was deeply invasive. A second figure joined the first, hooded and cloaked, thick heavy boots crushing the decayed earth beneath. A long bow of intricate woodwork was slung over an armored shoulder with a fully quiver in adjoining hand - in the shadows of that cowl one eye burned in a silent sneer. 

So it was that Castinus and Zalmora Starhaven, suspicious  figures both, that heralded her rebirth.

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People yell, “I am a sinner!!!!” I’m like “okay yeah how are you treating people?” “Maybe you should stop being a sinner now.” No joke, really. If you’re a sinner that bad maybe you should change. People yell stuff but it never adds up is my point. Why are we just yelling out things.


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Fit For February


I looked around me. I looked at the empty buck of fried chicken. I checked the empty containers of mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and coleslaw. I grunted as I picked up the two empty 2-liter bottles of soda. The only thing left was half of the cake that came with the party combo meal.

I looked at my bloated stomach. I fell back onto the couch. All 320 pounds of me felt even more tired and heavy from the meal. I started rubbing the pain from my stomach. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, I thought to myself. A few weeks into January and I already broke my New Year’s resolutions. And, in a big way. I made a complete pig out of myself.

But, how could anybody not expect me to binge after the kind of day I had. I started the day as usual, since the new year began. I ate a bowel of plain cereal. I went to work. I ate a salad, for lunch. The only thing different was today was gym day.

I was still very self conscious about my body and only planned on going to the gym once a week, to start off. Being January the month of New Year’s Resolutions, the gym was pack with a lot of people. It helped to see other out of shape people. But, I still saw that I was the fattest person there.

Being in my 40’s and fat my whole life. I didn’t really have a game plan. I was just winging it. First, I went on the treadmill. I knew I wasn’t in shape to run for a prolong period of time so, I started at a walking speed. That’s when I saw him walk in. He wore a tight muscle shirt that showed the curves of his abs. His strong arms were out on full display. “Fuckin Shit! I hate January. All the fucking fatass come in thinking they’re gonna lose weight this year.” He said to his friends not being subtle at all. They all laugh.

A few more minutes past, I’m was still on the treadmill. Then I feel a strong force push my arm. It almost sent me off balance. But, I caught myself. I looked to see who pushed me. “Hey dude, I need to use it,” said the guy from earlier. He was clearly annoyed by me being there. “Um … I’m still using it.” I sheepishly replied. He looks at me with full on hate. “Oh yeah. Your using it? Are you sure about that fatass?,” he says aggressively. “Um… yeah.” I said starting to get scared. “Let me fucking guess. You ate a salad today, too. And, you’re feeling proud about yourself’” he said mockingly. “Now, your deciciding to waste everyone’s time by WALKING on a treadmill. Take your fatass and walk somewhere else. Better yet, stop lying to yourself. We both know this is some silly New Year’s resolution. It’s not going to last. You’re gonna stop trying to lose weight by the end of this month, especially a fat ass like you. I mean look what you’ve done to your body. There’s no reversing that damage. I don’t go into your kitchen and eat your food so, stay the fuck out of my gym.”

I stood there motionless for a few seconds. I couldn’t believe the hate and words coming out of his mouth. I looked around and saw a majority of people didn’t hear him. They were either to in the zone or had their earphones in. However, a hand full of people did hear him. They looked at me with pity, but didn’t say anything. My face grew red. I could feel tears wanting to form. Without saying anything I just left. I walked quickly to the locker room and got changed. I looked back over at the treadmill. And, there he was. Not even bothered by what he said.

I left and started crying. I felt like a complete loser. I was fat and weak. I couldn’t even stand up for myself. My stomach started growling in sympathy. I was hungry. I was beyond hungry. I could feel my stomach turn into a black hole. So, instead of going home to my premade chicken breast, brown rice, and steamed vegetables, I got the party Combo meal at my local fried chicken restaurant.

After thinking about everything that happened, I sat on the couch eating the rest of the cake and distracting myself from my pain by watching tv. Slowly, I drifted of to sleep.

The next morning, I slowly woke up. And was surprised to feel that I was on a bed. I must have woke up and put myself to bed, I thought. I opened my eyes to see, I was in a bed room. But, my vision was still hazy with sleepiness. So, I closed them, out of habit, and began stretching. It was weird. I actually felt good. Usually I’m sore and still tired. But, I woke up feeling light and energized. I removed the blankets from my body and I could tell something felt off. But, I was to comfortable to care. The morning air was colder than usual.

I went to pat my stomach. For a breif millisecond, my mind panicked. My hand should have touched my stomach already, I thought. Then a millisecond later I touch some something hard. My eyes immediately opened. I’m not in my room, I immediately realized. I looked down and saw why I felt different. I wasn’t staring at my pale white obese body.

Instead, my skin was now a beautiful tanned brown. I rubbed my hands along the ridges of my abs. I felt up the new pecs on my chest. I flexed and watched my biceps bounce around. My penis was growing from the excitment. Reaching a size I could only dream about. I can’t, I thought to myself. It’s not my body. But, the urges were just too strong. As, I masturbated I moaned in complete ecstasy.

After enjoying my new body, I finally got of the bed and started exploring my surroundings. Everything felt easier. I felt so much lighter and stronger at the same time. I made my way to the bathroom and jumped. I saw the guy from the gym staring at me. He looked scared, too. I quickly realized I was looking at a reflection. I was looking at the body I was in. I smiled.

I left the bathroom and saw a phone sitting on the nightstand. Memories started flooding my mind. Instinctively, I used my finger print to open my … his phone. More memories started filling my mind. I was Javiar Ramirez. But, even with these new memories, I knew this body was not really mine. Memories of my daily routine flooded my mind. I had to get ready for work.

I sighed, but looked at my reflection through my phones camera and smiled. I didn’t know what to do about my old life. I was in this body now. So, I had to play the role of Javier, until I could find a way back. I looked at my body again. But, do I really want to go back, I thought to myself.

So, using his knowledge I went about my day. I made my protein shake. I made my breakfast. I had fun trying on different clothes combinations and talking pictures of myself. Finally I got dressed for work. I had my lunch. I met up with some of Javier’s friends. Then I went to the gym.

As soon as I walked in, I looked around. Hoping to see my old body. And there it was. Struggling to run on the treadmill. I never realized how fat I really looked. But, now I was ready to give Javier a peace of my mind. Words filled my mind, as I was thinking what to say. Maybe something along the line of who is the fatass now, I thought.

I forcibly tapped him on the shoulder and he almost tripped. I chuckled to myself, as he turned to face me. He look at me scared, “I’m sorry. I didn’t think you’d be back here today… I’ll get off.” He lowered his head and started getting his belongings. I was thrown back a little. Before he could leave the treadmill, I held him by the shoulder. “Look, I’m sorry. I don’t want any trouble … I’ll stop coming to the gym, just let me go,” he started to plea.

I just looked him in the eyes. Was he in there, I thought to myself. Does he think he’s me? Is he trapped and forced to act as me? No matter his fate, I saw the deep pain that I used to have in his eyes. My anger vanished and I could only feel pity. “No, it not like that,” I sighed. “I just wanna apologize for everything I said yesterday. I was just having a bad day but, that still didn’t give me the right to act like an asshole.” He smiled at me and nodded. I continue, “I’m actually proud for you. That your trying to make a change in your life. Keep it up. But, I did see you struggling.” His face started to turn red. “I know what I said yesterday. But, for a big guy like you walking is actually going to be a better and safer exercise. Just keep at it and if you need any tips, I can help.” I said as knowledge about working flashed through my mind. His face still red, he thanked me and continued his work out. I finished mine and headed back home.

I don’t know who did this or why but, I’m glad it happened. I can gladly say that becoming fit is marked off my New Year’s resolutions. However, I do hope Javier’s or should I say Mark continues his weight loss journey. The next time I see him, I should offer to be his personal trainer.


Cheerful Host-part 9 (Reupload)

The past months have been hell on earth. A nightmare come true. These dumb fucking bimbos have been training me to reply to their every command whether it be to finger my pussy or fondle my nipples or bounce up and down to make my massive knockers bounce in public…but I wont give in to their orders!…unfortunately I have a bad feeling my decision to disobey will prove fruitless and harmful to me and my assets.

“Where are you taking me? Why are we going back to the mall, havent you embaressed me enough in that victoria’s secret earlier? What else could you sluts possibly want?” I spoke to the hive of bimbos in an annoyed tone.

Juggs responded “well a perfect bimbo needs a perfect makeover isnt that right ladies? And what better place to start than getting those already fat lips pumped up even more hehe!”.

“What?!?! No, please I already have ridiculously fake, plastic jugs and booty please I cant handle any more implants!” I begged the bimbos.

“Thats exactly the point silly billy! We, like already pumped up your tits and ass so now we need to top off this bimbo cake with some big, fat, fake dick sucking lips!” ariana spoke in a mocking voice.

I began to tear up at the thought of how goofy I would look with massive fake lips and how hard it would be to speak or communicate

“Please ladies, dont do this to me I will do anything…anything at all!”.

“Awe mega mountains thats cute, if we want something from you we will make you do it…speaking of which…play with us right now! Hands on your tits and pussy, girl!” Juggs demanded.

“WHAT!?!? Were in the middle of a fucking mall are you crazy?!?!” I whispered into my cleavage as to not seem crazy infront of the crowd of mall-goers bustling the crowded building.

“EXACTLY!” The bimbos all shouted at once.

I then began to feel the all too familiar feeling of my pussy and nipples swelling up…it felt…AMAZING.

“wont you play with us now, mountains…come on you know you want too” nicki spoke in a seducing, childish tone.

“Hurry up bitch, were not letting you go anywhere until you obey us!” Jugs shouted in the back of my mind.

I gave in to the feelings and dove my hands into my tight top and shorts and began to play with myself. My attempts to stifle my moans proved to be no help as every passing pedestrian either looked at me disgusted, whistled at me or copped a feel themselves.

“Hmmmm these horny guys grabbing a feel gives me an idea, mountains present your huge jugs to the next chick that walks by and beg her to feel you up hahahaha!” Juggs suggested, the other 59 bimbos controlling me all laughed at my situation and decided to pump up the sensitivity in my delicate areas.

The slightest brush from my tight clothes was enough to bring up an accidental squeal in ecstasy. Without hesitation I hefted my titties up to an approaching goth high schooler who had just exited the mall’s hot topic.

“Please, please play with my tits! I need release so bad!” I shouted at the young lady as my knees were shaking and my arms were swiftly giving out from attempting to carry my enormous knockers.

“What the fuck!?!? No way you dumb bimbo!” The goth hissed at me before storming off, dissapearing into the dense crowd of shoppers.

“Girls, please make this end. My shorts are soaking wet and im so tired from hefting my boobs around in everyones faces amd playing with myself for the past hour” I begged the bimbos.

Juggs replied “Okay fine mountains…we will save this for later when your makeover is done!”.

The bimbos all squealed at my suffering as they swiftly brought me back to my feet out of my puddle of pleasure and strutted me over to the mall’s lip injection clinic. The sluts strapped me down to a leather chair in the back of the store as a curvy nurse holding several needles appeared.

“Oh my god can we please talk abou…” my speech was cut off by the nurse pumping the needles into my face all at once.

The sensation of my lips filling to the brim with silicone felt terrible. It took several minutes to finish her injections and by the time she finished half of my view was obstructed by my now cartoonishly large top lip.

“Mmpppff mmppff mmpppfff!” I lost the ability to open my mouth enough to create words.

My lips have become too fat and heavy to be able to open my mouth. “Perfect! I have never done silicone injections that large before but I made a special case for you so you better enjoy it!” The nurse said to me in a cheerul tone as she grabbed a handful of my bottom lip to test its thickness.

“This is perfect! No more backtalk from miss mega mountains!” Nicki interjected.

The sluts all cackled at my inability to speak as I was lifted up off the leather seat and out of the nurse’s office.

“Next stop, a new wardrobe!” Jugs announced.

“Mmmmmppppfff!” I attempted to plead to the sluts.

“Silly mountains theres no point in rebelling. We just took away your one way of communicating with the outside world. You are all ours now” juggs said with a triumphant jiggle of my colossal titties.

“Now play with us…or else…” Nicki demanded.

I didnt hesitate and quickly stuffed my hands down my bra and worked my nipples as best as I could to satisfy the bimbos. Several people passing by either gave me a dirty look, blushed, looked away or hollered at me like some kind of dog. After several minutes and many awkward interactions we approached a lingerie shop I had never noticed in the mall before.

“Alright ladies GO WILD!” Juggs announced to her hive of sluts as I was forced to sprint into the sex shop as my big boobs hit me in the face several times.

The sluts selected several outfits: a christmas themed bikini, a sexy nun costume, a leopard print bodysuit, an obviously too small tracksuit, a latex devil outfit and a tiny pair of panties with an equally miniature bra to go with it. I was practically pushed into the change rooms by my swarm of sluts to the confusion of the clerk at the store and got a look in the mirror at my current situation. I felt like breaking down crying.

I looked like a cartoon character, I barely fit in the change room with my enormous caboose and fat melons attached to me and to top it off I now sported the biggest pair of fake lips I have ever seen, they reached past my chin and rested just below my eyes “MMMMMPPPPFFF!”.

“Like what you see, mega mountains?” Juggs taunted.


“Yeah, we are all pretty sexy together arent we, I suppose you should be thanking us that there is no reverse spell to separate us…yeah…were one big bimbo together forever.” Juggs mocked as I stared in utter shock at what I had become.

“Ummm excuse me if you are done, like, pouting we have some outifts to try on” kim said in a spiteful tone.

The girls then reached for their first outfit…the santa bikini. All the outfit consisted of was a red mini bikini with a santa hat. The bimbos finished dressing me up and proceeded to put me in as many lusty poses as they could think of, it was so degrating watching my now ruined body being paraded around like this. Every single one of my private bits were on full display…my large and in charge nipples are easily distinguished from the tiny fabric of the bikini top, the bottom of the bikini served as nothing other than a string of cloth rammed up my ass and served no other use other than to split my fat pussy lips. After several minutes the bimbos decided to move on to my next outfit…a sexy nun outfit…compared to my last get up this outfit was actually quite conservative. The costume consisted of a regular nun’s cap and robe with the main draw being the large frame in which the purpose is to display as much cleavage as humanly possible and of course the sluts spared no time as they adjusted my boobs until as much titflesh was spilling out as possible. They became bored of the maid outfit rather quickly probably due to how much skin it covered. The next suit the bimbos decided to stuff me into was a leopard print bodysuit, after zipping up the suit my breath was sucked away as the suit hugged and pushed up all of my curves.

“MMMMPPPPFPFF!” I tried as best as I could to communicate to the bimbos that I couldnt breathe under all my titflesh but my begs were of to no avail as the sluts continued to pose me in any way they pleased without a hitch.

“Damn girls look at our tits! This cleavage goes on forever and ever!” Ariana spoke in a lustful tone to her fellow sluts.

My next outfit was an extremely tight tracksuit. My enormous junk in the trunk was tucked into the extra small tights resulting in a brought up squeal from the cameltoe being firmly set in whilst the tights run deeply into my own ass crack, next the track jacket was zipped all the way up resulting in my titties looking like beanbag chairs stuck in a suit.

“Ooooohh I like this outfit! And it seems like mountains is enjoying it as well. Look how much shes blushing!” Kim pointed out.

“I know what will really get mountains going” juggs said as she took over my whole body.

I felt my lips open as I was forced to speak into the mirror…wait how was she making me talk with my fat, fake lips?!?!

“Hey samantha…enjoying the ride? I sure hope you are because its going to get so much sweeter…we will never stop recruiting sluts to join our hive and you will never escape being the host of our hive. You will never be rid of your massive knockers, your big fat booty or us…so get used to it bitch because you are under new management. The bimbos management” Juggs finished her speech and returned to her respective consiousness in my jugs.

I felt like crying but my big fake lips only allowed me to hold a ridiculous duck face as I stared full view at my figure. Whilst I was distracted the sluts undressed me from the tracksuit and quickly suited me up into a hot red latex bodysuit and attachable devil horns. The slut squad stuffed my extreme assets into the bodysuit to the point of deriving severe discomfort from within the suit. “Perfect!” Jugs announced as she assessed the fruits of her labour by fondling my tight implants and injections.

“Yes, a million times yes! Lets roll girls!” Juggs announced to her fellow bimbos as I strutted out of the sex shop.

“Mmmmppppfff mmmpppff!” I tried conveying to the sluts my terrible discomfort due to the constraints of the bodysuit but my begs and moans fell on deaf ears as they kept bouncing me along like some kind of pornstar preparing for a shoot.

I looked absolutely ridiculous, I looked like jessica rabbit going to a bdsm convention.

“*ahem* we need some attention down here mountains, come on dont you know how to be a good guest?” Jugs spoke in a sharp, snarky tone.

I stuffed my hands down the front of my suit which only made my discomfort more extreme and began working my nipples to please the bimbo hive.

“Now don’t you dare take your hands off your tits until we say so or you will feel the wrath of the bimbos” juggs hissed.

I continued playing with my mountains as I was forced to walk through the entire mall as if to display to everyone what I had become, this is so fucking humiliating. My face was burning red by this point which only further put my heavy makeup job front and centre. It took several minutes to exit the mall and by the time we had my pussy was ready to burst but the sluts refused to supply me release. With my new outfit pushing up my knockers and booty combined with my new fat lips I now felt even more embarressed to be seen in public. The people only see me as a bimbo now and now with my massive lips I cant even talk back…I am now a passenger to my own body at the horny hands of 60 bimbos, sluts, whores and strippers….wait why are we going back to the strip club!?!?!…


تمرين pull ups او العقله من اقوي التمارين اللي ماينفعش تطنشها ..

لو مش هتدخل تمرين pull ups ف تمرينه الضهر يبقي انت هتخسر كتير ..

تعالي اقولك التمرين دا شغال علي عضلات ايه و شوف انت فايتك قد ايه …
•العضلة الاساسية
•عضلات lats اللي هي اكبر جزء في ضهرك و اللي بتديله الشكل العريض.
•عضلات مساعده
•الباي و الساعد و الريست
•الكتف و الصدر

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Good morning kings and queens 🤴🏾👸🏾! @mainohustlehard always coming with the facts. You can’t be concerned about what other people think about what you’re doing. Their opinions really don’t matter. Why give someone else that much power over you?
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TUESDAY: “If you can fly then run; if you can’t run then walk; if you can’t walk then crawl; but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward!”
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