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Day 20. The only acceptable remake 😍

What results have you seen take shape within your Pilates journey? Post your greatest accomplishment in the comments!

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Good Afternoon Beautiful People!☀️ The Change you want in your life can begin right NOW! You just have to make the choice &take action. Encourage, Empower, Elevate

"Accepting what is doesn't mean you can't change or rearrange your life. Let go of the past. Have faith in you and in all that you can do and see it through!" Dr. Jo Anne White

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💪🏼WHAT will YOU DO today to GET STRONGER?💪🏼
It’s more than the external weights you lift; it’s about the struggles, negativity, and challenge you push through because you want to be a better version of you.
So…tell me what you struggle through? Tell me why it makes you stronger!? Tell me what you’ve done for you!
It’s the foundation of strength you build from the bottom up.
Be determined to commit and change rather than staying the same.👍🏼
I’m getting excited seeing the version of me shining through! I’m working hard to keep making progress and helping others toward positive change!👍🏼 We’re all in this together, so let’s lift each other up!🖐🏼
💖BONUS POINTS! My outfit matched my step.🤣
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Things were looking rather grim. Link, though he was being taken to the Shrine of Resurrection, was in such a state that nobody knew if he would fully recover, or even how long it would take. Sure, the Shrine was a marvel of ancient technology, but Link could definitely use some kind of help.

It just so happened that Purah had in her possession an ancient bit of tech that she was researching, and discovered that it could mend and repair things rather efficiently, and that perhaps it could be used in addiction to the Shrine of Resurrection to guarantee that Link was healed. So the device was left strapped to the injured warrior as he slept. 

While the device did work in repairing Link’s battered body, it had some… unforeseen consequences. The device, in the process of healing Link, suffered a bit of a malfunction, converting the young man’s body into an inorganic construct, using the material and technology around it as a base. The images of the Guardians, which were gleamed from Link’s mind, were also used in the constructing of the knight’s new appearance, turning him into a Guardian Robot Girl

The device, which had integrated itself into Link’s body, continued to run even as Link finally woke up and left the Shrine. Based upon the things she experienced, her body would adapt and evolve to better deal with the problems around her. 

She also possessed the ability to interface directly with the Guardians and other ancient Sheikah technology, with her systems identifying the various Guardians roaming around Hyrule as her ‘family’, and labeling the dark power controlling them as a sort of virus that needed to be dealt with in order to free said ‘family’. 

All in all, waking up was a mighty confusing experience for poor Link



Tia owned that Slam Ball. (RIP @ slam ball) Our clients love this movement not because of all the awesome benefits but because it’s a great way to relieve stress.

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(at Heathrow, Florida)

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The Road To Transformation

As many had probably heard, read or witnessed, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris- one of the most historical, iconic and cherished buildings in France- was on fire on Monday. Although the cause of the fire is unknown, the damage it caused was substantial. Thankfully, all treasured artifacts were saved and, thanks to the actions of numerous firefighters, the fire did not cause too much structural damage and was able to be controlled. 

The impact of the fire was far-reaching. Not just Parisians, but people from all around the world watched, mourned and prayed.   The cathedral was a result of three-generation’s worth of work and had overcome challenges which were both architectural and logistic. Novelist Victor Hugo once stated, regarding the Notre Dame cathedral, “every surface, every stone of this venerable pile, is a page of the history not only of the country, but of science and art.”

It always amazes me and fills me with joy to see people- from all cultures, backgrounds, religions- “coming together”, in a sense, to show their love and support. It demonstrates our compassion and shared humanity. 

It also gives hope. Because when tragedy occurs, people come together; it is instinctual. We want to mourn, pray and comfort. But what is also instinctual is our desire to do good. To take action. To rebuild what is lost and restore it to it’s grandeur again. 

As Barack Obama stated perfectly in his tweet regarding the damage to the cathedral, “It’s in our nature to mourn when we see history lost – but it’s also in our nature to rebuild for tomorrow, as strong as we can.” 

I believe that destruction paves the way to transformation. In order for something to be rebuilt into something even stronger and more magnificent than it originally had been, some ruin is often necessary. There needs to be a catalyst, and demolition- as destructive and devastating as it may seem at first- is often the soil which new life can bloom from. 

Although it is wonderful to see so many millions of people coming together to show their support- whether through words, prayers or donations of time and finances- it is equally important to remember that the Notre Dame cathedral is just one of many areas which needs our support. We can not turn a blind eye to tragedy- of any kind. While the world comes together to show compassion and support towards the citizens of Paris, we need to remember the far less publicized tragedies happening in our own neighborhoods, as well in other countries. Those who are homeless, disabled, and mentally ill need support and advocacy. The political, humanitarian and security crises in other countries, or the growing rates of genocide, famine and disease can not be ignored. I believe that it is crucial- especially for my generation and those to come- to strive to be as educated as possible about what is happening in the world and at home. 

But, thanks to worldwide social media outlets, I can definitely see that more attention is being equally distributed to various news and events. I have faith that, as world citizens, we will continue to acknowledge and give support to all people and places that need healing and restoration. I have faith that the world-renowned and greatly loved Notre Dame Cathedral will be restored to it’s former glory- and perhaps be even more glorious somehow! I have faith that billions of people will marvel once again at this cathedral and be moved by the sense of peace, comfort and awe it gives. Just like a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly, I have faith that destruction is only the first stepping stone on the road to transformation.    

Killing it

I have been making huge changes in life and haven’t really been posting but I’m up to 204lbs and have built a pretty decent home gym. Have support from my family and my oldest daughter has gotten serious about training hard. After years of research and lifting I have designed my own workout plan and named my gym “The Assylum” I have added 15 in two months and my daughter has added almost 10lbs. Will post more recent things


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re: transformations

So really, I say I like TF stuff when mostly I favor large, fuzzy beasts, such as werewolves/bears, apes/bigfoot, etc. Things like lizards, birds, horses etc. don’t do it for me. 

But there is a specific transformation trope that will always at least, get my attention: when a dude has a really slow-burn, part-by-part change happening. Especially if he feels it happening but doesn’t realize what’s going on at first. Like say his ears turn into bear ears, and then maybe his feet or he grows a tail. Like the little things happen first. And then the other changes start coming. But he has time as his partially changed self to… idk. panic, freak out, try to make it stop, etc. That “still a human but what’s up with your ears” look. 

<.< there’s probably a Japanese word for it. I don’t always like it but sometimes it can be kinda fun.