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& were able to & with Duck Creek's solutions. Check out how they made the transition:

Parti de XXL de short à Medium en dedans de un an ... Pensais jamais reporter du M dans ma vie ! 😳

Post Book Club... responding to β€œCrenshaw” with care packages for the homeless.

.comeback weeks mantra starts with me my failures accept the way I look today same Me on inside one day one workout @ a time #journeyhealthiestversion#stay tuned -Her.147.70

Thousands of signatures. Thousands of people writing their commitment to ! Thank you for your expressions and your pledge to and

May success be with you and everything you do, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

Continuing to ask yourself "WHY" certain situations or obstacles reappear means you have not learned the lesson. Be present in your growth. Don't just accept, learn.

are burning down whole towns in California, and the latest report says we have 12 years to rapidly our energy systems to PROTECT on Earth as we know it. your Rep today & demandΒ they support the ?

Claudia has hit the press !!!!! 16 weeks to a new her !! 😍😍😍 When will you take the plunge to start your 16 week transformation 😬😬😬

ONE spot left! Start 2019 transforming the way you think & live! If you want to better lead your organization, a team, or your own life, the Women's Leadership Series is for you:

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When you come to The Center today, make sure you take a picture with our hashtags!

Beautiful place at Kohima..! Concern writes this place was once filled with pile of garbages but today everything is transformed..!

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The California Concrete Professionals

Concrete is more than just a surface to walk on. When done correctly, it can transform the exterior of your home. We provide concrete services for Brentwood, CA


So here’s how you can make our programmes work for you! 4 different levels of intensity. They’ll all work you hard but it means you can easily find what’s right for you and aim to reach the next level. I’m so excited to start this new programme and two new workouts drop this Tuesday. Contact me for details and how you can get involved.
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Story time-

I don’t always share my why. Partially because there are many reasons, and then there’s the fact that I’m not great at sharing that part of me.

This time last year I was the heaviest I had ever been. My clothes had stopped fitting like they should, and I told myself that it was just my butt. I started buying bigger sizes, which happens in life, so I didn’t let myself dwell on it. I had no energy, but I’m teacher, and I thought, who does?

A little over a year ago my dad died. He died before turning 60 like his dad did before him. My dad at times had been a little on the heavier side, but not what I would call overweight really. It was his second heart attack. I’m not going to lie, that scares me.

I realized I wasn’t at a stage in my life anymore where I would just naturally stay in shape and be healthy without doing something, unlike the majority of my life before. I joined Beachbody (the reason why Beachbody will have to be a story for another time), and started working out.

I’d like to say I went all in with my nutrition as well, but I’m going to be honest and tell you that part came a bit later down the road for me. What I noticed at the beginning was that I had lost most of my muscle tone. I started to see it come back, and I knew I could do this. Every workout I finish makes me feel better, body and mind. Every program I complete I feel that much stronger. One month left in this year. One month to make sure I finish better than I started. I plan on making that a tradition for each year.

Guys, I feel like I’m Jared from Subway 🙈😂

I got this skirt at the beginning of LAST year I believe. It used to fit snugly at my waist, now when I wore it today it hung more at my hips.

Did this happen over night or even in a couple of weeks? Of course not! I’d be worried about my health if it did.

Don’t go for the shortcut or miracle fixes 🙅‍♀️ It’s not good for your body! Yes, focusing on your eating habits & exercise can take time to see the results, but it’s so much better for you and sustainable 🖤

Start with just 1 hour. If you can’t find that, start with 10 minutes & then increase the time limit accordingly..

I am learning how to lighten my load. That way I can truly cherish the time I take to refill. I know my Inner world creates my Outer world so I take care of the world when I take care of myself 😘

If I could make 3 wishes

1. Everything I eat is perfect for a healthy diet ( Pizza, Mac and cheese, bread pudding, and ice cream EVERY DAY)

2. Have a domesticated gorilla who’s my best friend. (I’d take the top off my Jeep and we’d ride around looking for stuff to do. He’d spot me at the gym and we could just sit on the couch and play games together.)

3. Be able to transform (transform into a muscularly fit body. Be able to transform into a younger body. Be a celebrity for a day. Etc.)

Try to name a better 3 wishes!


“Truth-#Archangel #Ariel wants you to know that Her #heart full of #unconditional #Love has clear vision.
With #compassion, she sees your strengths and weaknesses.
Truth and untruths told to yourself and others. She stands without judgment.
She urges you to do the same allowing compassion and forgiveness for yourself and your #innocence.
See with the eyes of your heart.
You know when something doesn’t #feel right, let this be your barometer.
#Listen to the subtle and not so subtle signs.
Follow the threads of inconsistencies that bring uneasy feelings to the surface of your mind.
These threads bring you to the information needed to #transform another layer, which has been hiding the #wisdom and Truth of who you really are.
The more you speak #Truth from your heart, whether heard or not, #energetically you offer up a field of opportunity that others can connect to their Truth.
Your personal Truth is as it #resonates within. Transform any untruths that keep you from experiencing this #beauty of who you truly are.”
- Mystic Art Medicine Oracle 💫
#iloveyou #lifeforce #selfawareness #light #nature #goddess #god #yum #dance #channel #guide
Music 🎶 by Harris Cole #harriscole @_harris.cole Song ( #parkavebeach) #tantra #yoga

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