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" want more than anything in the world to protect their relationship with us, as long as that doesn't compromise their own integrity." Continue reading to find out 9 ways to "bad" :

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Butterflies remind you that it is never too late to transform. Just as caterpillar thinks its life is over, it develops wings and starts to fly. They are a great reminder that it is never too late to transform yourself into something beautiful.

Thank you for the invited for to share our lessons from the and we have learnt have learnt so much from your exceptional teams working across

When you don’t face your you limit your to succeed. Sometimes you must “Do It Afraid”. The moment you decide to your thoughts, eventually you will your life.

Many incumbents are blindsided when new players entire product categories. Rotman School of Management Professor sees three ways companies can insulate themselves from failure:

Throwing it way back to when one of our UNIC URW-706's had a mission to help build a giant Bumblebee- what a transformation!

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I can’t seem to catch-up with my mind. My mind is stuck in the chaos and unable to stay focused on anything. I’m constantly battling my emotions and insecurities, while trying to keep my cool and look chill and relax. When In reality I’m paralyzed by fear and stuck in an ‘unreality’ of selfish thoughts. I see that I am creating conflict and discord around me, but the human notion, I am the center of the universe clouds my reasoning to step up and take action. Today I will focus on putting others first and helping create a positive impact on my surroundings. I will be mindful of how I behave and what I say. I will practice self discipline and think before I speak or act. I will choose to ignore my bullshit emotions, and transmute them to positive frequencies. I will be understanding of what my circle of friends and family are going through. And I will be there to lift them up and let them know love.


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Had a few #setbacks these last two months. Back to #box 📦 one ☝️. #Weighing in at 126 lbs 😬 Time to #transform and get real bc I have 8 weeks before the SISU Iron, 10 weeks before I attempt 200 miles and 12 weeks before my Goruck HTL 😜 Who’s getting back at it?
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“Torn Open by #suffering, you have become #vulnerable and #compassionate. Strengthened through #joy, you become light of #spirit and accepting of all life. You are her #Rose Child.
To become what you are, you have endured the agony of breaking open as a seed, found inner #strength to push down roots, and the focused #intention to #rise about the Earth.
You have been thorns and branches, finding ways to protect yourself from predators as you reach out to the light. And now your heart, the fragrant blooming rose, is opening.
This process repeats a we #transform and become capable of receiving more #lifeforce, growing into a bigger #manifestation of #soul light upon the Earth. At such points on the path, we come into direct contact with the #Divine.
The oracle of Our #Lady of the Rose Child comes with a special message.
If you have been suffering, she is in your heart, suffering with you.
Your breaking heart is the seed cracking open so that new life can begin. The challenges are because you are entitled to become your full self. Her message is this: from any suffering, a great #Love will be born.”
- Mother Mary Oracle
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     Ricky and Evan were walking along the beach. They had been walking along the shore for a while when they stopped. At the end they thought they saw…a girl.

     She was thin and beautiful, only wearing a brown bikini. She motioned for the two to follow and disappeared behind the rocks. When the two got behind the rocks, they saw a hole leading to a cave. Curious, they both slid down the hole.

     It looked like a moonpool. And inside, was the beautiful girl.

      ”Hello boys.” she said sweetly. ”Do you know why I wanted you to come over here?”

     Ricky shrugged.”No?..” the girl smiled.

     ”This is why.” and she jumped into the water, bubbles covering her for a minute until she resurfaced, having transformed into a mermaid.

      “Holy! You’re a! You’re a…”

     “A mermaid.” The girl responded, flicking her tail. Ricky blushed at the beautiful mermaid, while Evan stood there in awe.”I called you two strong boys here because I’m a lonely little mermaid, and I’d like some company.” She motioned for them to come in.”Won’t you join me for a swim?” Ricky and Evan looked anxious but timid.

     ”I don’t know…aren’t you going to eat us like in the stories?”

     The mermaid laughed softly. “You literally just saw me transform. Clearly I’m like you, no?” She smiled sweetly at the two. “My name is Cleo. And you?”

      Ricky smiled.”I’m Ricky, and this is Evan.” Cleo smiled.

     ”Well boys, won’t you join a little mermaid?” Ricky jumped in first, followed by Evan. The mermaid smiled at the two.”You two are cute but, there’s no way you’ll keep up with me. I can’t have you two looking like this.” she said, putting her hand to her face. “I know..” she said seductively as she swam up to Ricky, and slowly wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him. Her tongue touching his as their lips pressed against each other, his face burning bright red with blush. As she let go, she did the same to Evan. But before either could react, they noticed they began to feel strange in the water.

     “What did you?..” Ricky said as he paused, looking in shock as his blonde hair suddenly began to grow rapidly, becoming curly. He looked over to Evan, who’s brown hair was slowly becoming blonde, growing out rapidly too.”Whats happening to us?!” Ricky said out-loud.

     ”Relax and let me help you calm down.” The mermaid said. The mermaid swam beneath the surface and came up behind Ricky, putting her head on his shoulder and her hands around his chest as she squeezed gently, causing Ricky to let out a soft moan as his shirt slowly began to shrink and form into a scaly bra, as he felt his nipples tingle.

     ”What…are you ahh…” Ricky sputtered as his chest began to push out. With each squeeze, his chest began to grow larger and heavier. Soon Ricky had soft lush breasts. Cleo moves her soft hands onto his shoulders and rubbed as they slowly rounded, becoming less broad and more feminine as his frame shrank.”What’re you doing to me!” Ricky demanded as he turned around to look at her, staring down at his breasts, he blushed.”What are these things?!”

     Cleo smiled.”I said, Relax.” And she leaned in and kissed Ricky, holding him tightly so he couldn’t escape as his eyes slowly began to roll up with submission and pleasure. With each kiss he felt his lips tingle and grow plumper. Getting thicker and softer. Soon their wet kisses became softer and harder. Ricky’s jaw slowly got softer and smoother, his nose cracking down and becoming smaller. Cleo began to kiss Ricky’s neck as it became softer, his Adam’s apple slowly disappearing as his voice slowly rose in octaves and pitch, gaining a distinct Australian accent like Cleo.

     ”What…mmm…feels good..” Ricky said as Cleo continued to kiss and squeeze the transforming man. While Ricky was transforming, Evan was trying to escape but couldn’t. He looked down in horror to see his feet flattening into a tail fin as his legs slowly began to bind together.

      ”Ricky! Help!” Evan said as he began to slide back into the water. But Ricky was becoming more and more a mermaid. His stomach had flattened and become toned and his ass had expanded.

     Meanwhile, the changes were spreading up Evans legs as his legs slowly began to bind into a tail, brown scales covering them as he struggled to move, slipping farther to the water as he kicked his tail. He let out a loud moan as his penis slowly began to get pushed inside of him, his testicles slipping inside forming ovaries as they were covered by scales, leaving a flat mound where his genitals once were. While Evan was in shock looking at his new tail, Ricky was just beginning to get his.

     Cleo had wrapped her tail around Ricky’s legs as his legs began to transform as well. Feet slowly fanning out into a fin. “It feels…good…ah…yes! Make me a mermaid!” Ricky cried out as his legs began to buckle at the knees, slowly coming together as it became harder and harder to pull his legs apart, as brown scales began to cover his slender legs. With a loud moan, Ricky felt what remained of his masculinity forcibly fold inside of him, while Evans last bit of masculinity was destroyed with his blossoming chest.

     Both mermaids let out a moan of pleasure and relief as their transformations completed, both exhausted. Their brains were trying to process the new alien feelings. Evan and Ricky could only focus on their new sensations. Their tight cores, their heavy chest…and their new tail.

     ”Congratulations girls!” Cleo said.”You two turned out perfectly.”

     Ricky and Evens were still in shock.”Perfect?!” Ricky said in his new feminine voice.

     Cleo leaned in for a kiss.”Perfect..” she whispered, and leaned in for a long kiss. Soft moans and gasps escaping from Rikki’s lips as her transformation finalized.

     Cleo then moved onto Evan, squeezing him and kissing his neck as he began to let out soft moans.”Don’t you feel better…Emma?” Cleo asked, as what remained of Evans resistance dwindled.

     ”E-Emma?” Evan asked weakly.

     ”Yes…Emma. Such a pretty name for a mermaid. Wouldn’t you agree, Rikki?” Rikki nodded, in love with the changes that took place in her new body.


     Cleo smiled.”I thought so.” The mermaid watched as Rikki swam up to Emma, and leaned in.”You look so much better as a mermaid Emma.” She said in her soft new voice, and planted a deep kiss on the new mermaid’s lips, as all of her troubles went away.

     Rikki smiles at the new calm expression upon Emma’s face. Cleo put her hands on the two mermaid’s shoulders.”Come on girls, let’s go find a merman to play with.” And with that each mermaid dove beneath the waves, kicking and flicking their new soft brown tails as they swam beneath the waves, having fully transformed into mermaids.

     Initially, the two were against the changes. But after some ‘persuading’ from Cleo, and the way it felt to swim. The girls loved it. Their soft long tails flicking with the waves, their soft cores and sensitive chests. They could get used to this, and a life under the sea as beautiful mermaids. 


“Self Mastery- Sun ☀️ 🦅 Eagle-
Ride the #Snake 🐍 still and coiled…
In your #spine at the base.
Sun and eagle #guides your way..
as you seek to find a new space.
Use your power, gift to fly do not cower, master your mind.
#Ray of #light #strong and #bright,
sun and eagle soar in flight.”
-Cher Lyn
“ The art of #SelfMastery is about learning how to direct your mental and emotional #focus.
Select your thoughts, just as you chose what you will wear each day.
This is a power you can cultivate.
Working on the mastery of your #mind is only thing that is worth trying to control. Drop all other ideas of control but that!
For, if you find learn the art of Self Master you will consistently find yourself caught in a whirlpool.
You cannot be in control of your physical world.
The task suggested before you is to master your inner response to your external world, your thoughts and emotions.
The watery underworld suggests emotional flux perhaps #triggered from the #subconscious.
There are times when you feel angry or frustrated.
During this, know you are being tested.
View it simply as information, take a deep #breath, and prepare to deal.
Know that you. An all upon the resources to #transform these #challenges.
Make an accurate assessment by honestly looking at your life circumstance and take #action to make changes for the better.
When you receive this medicine message you are alerted to practice Self Mastery.
Perhaps you are spending more time dealing with conflicts in your life creating opportunity.
Your soul is shining the light 💡 of #awareness for you to fly like an eagle.
You can soar higher playing with the thermals while keeping a sharp eye 👁 on negative thoughts.
Take this solo flight ✈️ to reach your highest potential.”
-#Mystic Medicine Oracle
#selflove #sundayfunday #witness #meditate #dance #instincts #intune #rideyoursexy #medium #psychic #om Music 🎶by @bambambaklava Song ( #WhiteBronco ) ✨💫

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