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Dear ji ji kindly bring reform in the current education system. Categorize eligibility, efforts and hunger on the basis of merit with standard cut-off across categories.

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Celebrating Tony Award winning . So proud of all they have accomplished! Thank you for 25 years of INSPIRATION!

It feels great when you contribute to someoneโ€™s happiness and Development. with

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What are you DOING again and again? Our thoughts become our actions which become US. Perhaps it is time to your life to achieve success with this interview:

You look at me as if something was happening differently in me. Well, yes, I decided to be happy even if you suffer it. .โ € .โ € .โ €

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📍P L A N E T N A M E K • V E G E T A


WATCH ME I Transform into my fav songs from each decade

Sometimes you need to make changes in your life in order to start moving forward.

Stagnation will never give you the future you seek.

“One day” will never be if you do not make that day “today.”

  1. Make The Decision To
  2. Transform And
  3. Keep Fighting To

Grain of wheat

“Jesus says “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains a single grain of wheat” that means the grain of wheat needs to stop being what it is and become what it’s supposed to be in order to be transformed” Father Mike’s words paraphrased. Lord, please help us all transform into the person you want us to be

Another beautiful rejuvenation …

Wow! This project has time travelled from a tired eighties property into a sleek contemporary home. With a lot of timber and not a lot of budget to work with, we painted existing cabinetry in the kitchen and made new units to match the profile, thus saving money and extending the amount of storage available. The awkward corner was converted to a clever use of space with a wine rack and a hidden pantry/broom cupboard behind. Topped off with a stunning timber top for the island, this kitchen is now warm, modern and functional. Old peach hued tiles throughout the home were replaced with light fresh floorboards in the living spaces and plush carpets for the bedrooms. Brand new bathrooms and a clever overhaul of the laundry finished off the transformation of this 4 bedroom home. We love the finished product and hope our clients have many happy years enjoying their new home. 

And to give you some idea of the scale of transformation, here’s the before photos - 



Agende seu horário e tire as pedras do seu caminho!

Estou esperando você!

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There are days I wish I could transform into this girl again. There are nights I dream I could redo it all from this point. This picture shows the utter happiness I lived in for years. Honestly I don’t even know how I became someone else. This girl was positivity and hardwork. I feel complacent in life at this moment, but there’s not the passion and drive she had those 6 years ago. Here’s to the rediscovery of this girl… 💕

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Landmine x Transform?

New Quirk Name: Great Traits

This Transformation type Quirk allows the user to take on small traits from the someone they touch. This can be some thing as simple as hair color to something as complex as a voice. This makes the user great at social camouflaging, able to mix and match into new personas at a moment’s notice. The user can even pass on these traits to other people, though only one person can have one trait at a time. However, they can only take one trait from a person and have a total of three traits on their body at a time. Any traits can also be worn down, whether that be through damage, environmental factors, or even just them eventually falling apart with the passage of time.


Gotta practice that henshin, my belt is coming soon 🤣🤣🤣 #henshin #transform #kamenrider #kamenriderkuuga

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