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Got 2nd position @ Monsoon half Marathon Bangalore with timing of 1:23:58. Trust yourself and be consistent in your training program, push yourself towards your goals sincerely. 💪🏼jai hind.

5:05 AM: Supposed to be weekly long run, 28 km at 5:00 mins/km pace. Bombed after 14 km. Good days and bad days eh, there should be another category called days. 🤦🏽‍♂️

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How I like to end my Saturday nights! This was about round 30 with my friends and I was on the verge of fainting and gave all I had left In me. #martial arts #training #teakwondo

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A little lower-intensity/ get the heart rate up (with some movements I like) circuit.
👉🏼Bear crawls (for distance)
👉🏼Prisoner squats (15)
👉🏼Hand release push-ups (6)
👉🏼Alternating KB swings (20)
👉🏼TRX rows (15)
👉🏼Farmer carries (for distance)
Repeat 4x
#hybridbarbell #cardio #circuit #lowintensity #training #girlswholift #powerbuilding #health #trainer #goals #gains #lifestyle #powerlifting #strong #kettlebellswings #trx #youngstownohio #330 #gym #gymlife (at Hybrid Barbell)

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01 de junio 2019, #entrenamiento 🚲🚴‍♂️🚵‍♂️ Girardot - El Arbolito, Ricaurte, Nilo #training #cycling #ciclismo #mountainbike #mtb #roadbike #mountains (en El Arbolito)

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[Story] My journey from the bottom 5th BMI percentile in college | Diet, Training, and Mentality

Hey guys I’ve posted about my fitness journey in various places but I wanted to write a fully comprehensive outline of my full fitness journey highlighting my diet, training, and mentality. I decided to post here because I wanted to share my progress with as many people as possible and provide insights that could help and inspire anyone on their own journey. So here we go…

Where I was:

Where I am now (18 months later):

YouTube Link to Transformation:


Hi I’m Justin Park and your pretty typical teenage student. If it wasn’t obvious from the pictures, I was extremely skinny and looking back on them now I didn’t even realize how frail I was. That’s because in all honesty I wasn’t really insecure about my appearance at all in fact I probably thought I was fit because I mean isn’t the opposite of fat fit in America?

So I was the token scrawny asian kid in high school and I took it for granted. I took it for granted because nobody expected me to be any different and I was fine with that. I mean life was still great as a student I had so many more things to enjoy about life then worry about fitness. So what changed? It was visiting my doctor for my annual checkup and finding out that I somehow managed to grow a few inches but had still lost a couple pounds. LOLWUT?! Taking a peak at the BMI chart I found myself ranking in the bottom 5th percentile in BMI. That’s when I decided maybe it was time to actually do something about it since obviously puberty wasn’t helping.

Entering college, I never touched a barbell in my life but what gave me the itch to keep swiping into the gym day in and day out was because it was my way of progressing in some aspect of my life regardless of how bad I may be doing in my classes. Here’s my journey…

Starting Stats: (summer senior year)

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 110 - 120 lbs, I just know a ballpark estimate because I didn’t really keep track of an official weight before I started training.

(I did random machine exercises the first few months so these numbers are after some minimal training)

Squat: 135lbs x 5ish reps

Bench: 95lbs x 1

Deadlift: 135lbs x 3ish RPE snapback lol

Current Stats: (18 months later)

Height: 5'9" … and a half? lol

Weight: 145lbs

Squat: 275lbs x 2-3

Bench: 170lbs x 2

Deadlift: 315lbs x 6


Ok so you might be wondering how the heck were you so skinny to even begin with. The two biggest reasons and I think are probably the same reasons for most skinny individuals was that I was involved in a ton of cardiovascular type exercise and had extremely poor appetite and eating habits. I was extremely involved in tennis my whole life and then track my senior year didn’t help. I was also part of the long distance team for track so you can imagine the amount of calories I burned. In terms of the food back then, it was basically waking up at 6 AM groggy for school and not eating breakfast. Either buying a school lunch which is literally meant to be super low calorie due to rising obesity rates in the US or eating a sandwich with like two pieces of ham. I would then have track or tennis practice immediately after school. I would come home grab like quick snacks like yogurts and pretzels or something and go to the library to study. Then I would come home and eat like one actual proper meal. So yeah I was in a severe deficit for my energy expenditure.

I first learned about surpluses and all that jazz after some research. I first started at 2500 calories a day and increased it to about 3300 calories which is currently what is maintenance calories for me so I will need to continue to increase my calories. My macros at 3300 calories are 444C, 90F, and 190P. These, however, are just goal estimates that I try to hit everyday and I first prioritize my overall calorie intake and then my protein intake. In terms of the actual foods, in my first year of lifting I ate super clean bro foods like chicken, rice, olive oil, etc. but learned more about IIFYM and started to care more about my macros and overall calorie intake rather than the “healthiness” of the food especially since I was so underweight and any food was food.


Like I mentioned before my first few months I was just exercising for the sake of exercising. I would come in and do random machines, build up a sweat and leave. After watching some fitness YouTube channels I started learning more about the compound lifts and progressive overload. I was pretty overkill with my training and went 7 times a week but that’s just because I fell in love with training and it was something I was looking forward to each day.

First Year:

Day 1: Chest/Tri

Day 2: Back/Bi

Day 3: Squat or Deadlift/Shoulders

So essentially I rotated between those three days and switched off from squats and deadlifts. I started each day with a compound exercise and did 5x5 and tried to progressive overload each workout. I did accessories for that body part after the main lifts. Nothing fancy. This got me around to a 225 squat, 140 bench, and 275 deadlift (yes I know poverty).

As of late, I'v been super focused on getting stronger and hired someone to do my programming for me because I wanted to get serious with my training. I currently go 6 days a week each day focused as follows: squats, back/bi, chest/tri, deadlifts, shoulders, and squats. I also get my bodybuilding volume as accessories spread out over the week.


I’m not the biggest. I’m not the strongest. But I’m biggER and strongER and that’s all that matters. Most people in the gym would say I’m still underweight but they don’t realize where I started. My numbers are far from impressive but in my 18 months I’ve come to enjoy my training and that is what is going to keep me motivated for years to come and who knows maybe then my numbers will be impressive. I just want to say that EVERYONE has some itch towards fitness. It just looks different for everyone but you just have to find that itch. It may be bodybuilding, crossfit, olympic weightlifting, strongman, etc. It may even simply be to train your squats so that one day you can dunk. I truly believe this because there is no way you will not make any progress in life by exercise because everyone starts somewhere.
Let me know if you have any questions. Go out there and take action fam!

Original post here ɷɸɵɸɷ Check out these motivational books on eBay!!

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Total fight

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