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Getting in some shading with a Tombow marker. Haven’t used it in a while, so it’s good practice. This is a shot from the upcoming storyboard I mentioned previously.

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You know the actor Orlando Bloom? Doesn't his name remind you a lot of something like... oh I don't know... a state named Florida?

I'm really tired today, and my phone hasn't been able to reach the 40% because I've been too tired to actually give it time to charge. I like this drawing i guess

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Artist’s note: My 1st line piece for my drawing series of 8 Days of Night. Where some students and Pros of UA have contracted vampirism. I decided to start with everybody’s favorite Ice & Hot wielder, Todoroki. Still a WIP but I’m not sure if I should color it or ink it full. I would love to hear you guys input.

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MyHeroAcademi © Kohei Horikoshi

Happy 60th Anniversary to “Sleeping Beauty”!💖 The Disney film was released on January 29, 1959.

“Sleeping Beauty” is one of my favourite Disney films! Especially because of the amazing hand painted backgrounds, the gorgeous Maleficent and the graceful and beautiful Sleeping Beauty.