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Just some flash I painted.

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Traditional art or digital art. What do you prefer? FIGHT! 🔔! haha Please don't. Both are amazing! And both have their pros and cons. (Yes- traditional art has its cons too!) My last post was digitally painted by the way. Go check it out and let me know. :) . .

"Why get unlovable tattooed on yourself when its not true" Firstly I'll get whatever I want tattooed Second who said its because other people are unable to love me? Maybe its because I'm unable to love me self therefore leaving me feeling unlovable

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Don’t get lost as you travel through the stars.

I’m going to eventually be online somewhere (not sure which platform) under a more professional name for myself. Until then, please take a look at a bit of a painting I just completed yesterday for an assignment!


“DIY build of a traditional hand cut joinery wooden chest inspired by The Witcher fantasy series

I’m a huge fan of the Witcher series, so when I came across a reference to Geralt’s wooden alchemy/potion/travel chest, I knew I had to make it! …“

From Youtube channel Further Fabrication: The Witcher’s Wooden Alchemy Chest // Woodworking Build

Amazing tutorial and result