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PR Audio + FYI

Amidst updating my website I thought I’d mention that I recently received some Hamilton Puerto Rico audios originally from WaitingForPie. They are Limited Trade and Extremely Limited Trade. But if any of you want to trade, I am open. Additionally, I added a section for my growing Great Comet collection.

Also, just and FYI. I can and will turn down any trade request. PLEASE, do not tell me I have to trade with you. I do not, it is my free will. Especially with the PR audio. The LT and ELT tags are non negotiable and to have respect towards the trader I have been told not to trade a bunch of these audios out or gift them.




If you are ready AGAIN Private message me.

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🇪🇸 Aquí hay un pequeño vistazo de lo que ocurrió ayer en mi trading. Estaba dispuesto a tomar una pérdida de $ 10,000 si la operación inicial no funcionaba. Esa es mi máxima pérdida por trade. Cada uno de mis traders opera con una pérdida máxima para cada trade. Esta cantidad oscila entre $ 150 para algunos traders, hasta $ 20,000 para algunos, dependiendo del nivel del trader. ¿Cuál es la cantidad máxima que permitirá que tenga un trade antes de salir? Dímelo abajo ⬇
🇺🇸 Here’s a little glimpse of what took place in my trading yesterday. I was willing to take a $10,000 loss if the initial trade did not work. That is my maximum loss per trade. Each of my traders operate with a maximum loss for each trade. This amount ranges anywhere between $150 for some traders, all they way to $20,000, depending on the level of the trader. What is the maximum amount you will allow a trade to have before getting out? Tell me below. ⬇️
🇧🇷 Aqui está um pequeno resumo do que aconteceu no meu trading ontem. Eu estava disposto a tomar uma perda de US $ 10.000 se o trade inicial não funcionou. Essa é a minha perda máxima por trade. Cada um dos meus traders operam com uma perda máxima para cada trade. Este valor varia entre US $ 150 para alguns, até US $ 20.000, dependendo do nível do trader. Qual é o valor máximo que você vai permitir que um trade tenha antes de sair? Diga-me abaixo. ⬇
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