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I, everybody, WE try to find a logical explanation to everything that surrounds us, but most of the time there won't be a satisfactory one. We all have to settle for the approved explanations about our and on it . 🤷‍♀️ are simple the Elite's .🤐🤫

Το αγαπημένο μας κουκλόσπιτο επιστρέφει!!

Sweet woodland forest nursery mobile featuring an owl, fox, deer, squirrel and bear, all hanging from two whimsical logs with a smattering of cheery leaves.

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Come by and see what we’re yelling about. #WhereTheFluxYouAt #HomeofThe5DollarArcade #toys #videogames #arcade #vintage (at The Flux)

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So this arrived from my partner’s mom today. I casually mentioned I was interested in it after seeing it in the attic. Let’s just say it cost a bunch to ship and I am really excited to have it!!

I want to clean it up and restore it. I think it is so cute and iconic!! I am already planning to make new decals for it. 😁 And if I can, I would love to make proper cushions, fabric accents, etc for it as well!!

Wir hoffen ihr hattet alle einen farbenfrohen Start in die neue Woche 🌈 … so wie Yosi 💖 und Yoki 💚

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Nonhumanoid toy mold idea for various action toylines

 Im proposing one toyetic character concept that can use a  Neca-like figure stand

Imagine as wispy,  Evangelion or Deoxys like creature ment to evoke flying without wings, and with a bearhug action features.

Or could have legs combine into a tail for a “hovering mode” that they use in media.

Basically, an organic version of Jetstorm

I’d like to see more characters like that. Bipeds get boring after a while.