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Wat een warme welkom ... shop bij voor jezelf of geef cadeau aan iemand

Ever thought of playing a sculptural puzzle? Crafted from multi-layered plywood, Strata - by - forms a deceptively challenging puzzle. Visit:

Army Toys Town. You, a battle-hardened warrior, and you have the whole world at your disposal. Challenge him and establish your own rules of war.

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LECTURE 6: MEET THE BEATLES (PART 1): Prof Hunt’s Beatles Blog is brought to you by REMCO BEATLES DOLLS!! Be the FIRST kid on your block to own these delightful likenesses of John, Paul, George and Ringo! These rare gems from 1964 are as delightful today as when they first hit toy stores. They’re also a HELL of a lot more expensive (!!!!). A pristine set of these suckers can set you back anywhere from $400 to $1000 on eBay (!!!!!). And if you still have one in an opened box? Fuggedaboutit!!!


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You are welcome to come see what Now and Then Galleria LLC is all about. Today we are showcasing a family game…
Coca-Cola Checkers - Collectors Edition

This Coca-Cola Checkers Game comes with hand sculpted bottle caps: 12 Red 🔴 Coca-Cola Bottle Caps, 12 White ⚪ Coke Bottle Caps, a Game Board and Official Rules. This is an Official Licenced Product of Coca-Cola. Made by USAopoly.

The “Hot” Red 🔴 Coca-Cola Team vs. The “Chill” White ⚪ Coke Team. Win and crown yourself the “Queen”, yes the queen or the “King” as you enjoy this custom Coca-Cola Game of Checkers. Fun times happen with this game, so let us play!

This royal game is for the ultimate fanatic. It is new in wrap and ready to be part of a Coca-Cola / Checkers fans collection.

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My brother and I recreated Toy Story 3 frame-for-frame

The project began around 8 years ago. Little by little, we achieved our goal of creating a tribute to our favorite film, Pixar’s Toy Story 3. Here is a side-by-side example of what we created:


You may remember a Tumblr post about a “Real Life Andy’s Room.” That was my brother and I, and it was created for this project. Here is an example of what the room looks like in the film:


This project has been an incredible learning experience in stop motion animation, cinematography, set/prop building, patience–you name it. You can view the full-length, fan-made recreation here: