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'Sometimes the smallest things take up thee most room in your heart'-A A Milne In today's tech laden world the can be overlooked, but there is nothing more comforting to a child than a huggable little bear. via

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Vader’s Pain

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Peikko: I have a lot of plushies. They help me to relax.

Notes from the mouth: weird, I got a job, opening up, memory from a trip, hugs, soft, cute, childhood, I’m a fan, helps me to relax, gify from a friend, funny, everything has a meaning.

I’m curious, what kind of plushies or toys do you have and which one of those is dearest one for you? My teddybear has been with me over half of my life. Plushies help my anxious mind to relax, find meaning, tell secrets, pet them and fix them.


Why does this doll have teeth in his butthole mouth?! 😱. I hate it. #toys #weird #dolls #butthole #teeth #ugly #wdf #lol #yuck

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So I saw this at Walmart and I am a sucker for blind boxes.

It says there are 8 items inside, was surprisingly heavy, and cost $5.

I expected it to be full of junk, so my expectations were low going in. I probably should have grabbed the other box, though, because they are sadly gendered. This one was full of “girly” items my son didn’t like much. He only flat out rejected one item from the lot, though, so that’s good.

It’s a little cardboard box with a plastic handle. You can’t see what’s inside. The only indication of what might be included is an obscured list on the side (it’s in that giant ?).

Inside are a bunch of plastic bags. I’m getting tired of surprise toys in plastic bags, honestly. They could just as well have been packaged in paper. I get that it’s easier to run plastic bags through a packing machine than rippable paper.

Anyway, he got into it and had fun sorting out all of the different packages. At first he thought we were missing an item, but the largest bag has a sticker stating that there is a second item inside.

And here’s everything that came in the little plastic bags! He didn’t want the fingernails, and I don’t blame him. They’re itty bitty and an unpleasant shade of purple. Right into the donation box. Everything else he decided to keep.

The pack of random animals counted as one item, as did the two bracelets. The note pad, fashion guide, and markers also counted as one, while the locking diary and multi-color pen counted as two.

His favorite items are the bubbles (they’re decent bubbles, too) and the light up rubber duck! It changes colors!

The most unexpected, I guess, would be the three blue lobsters. Why three blue lobsters, a pink lion, a green dolphin, and an ORANGE DINOSAUR????? So random.

Anyway, I honestly don’t feel like I wasted my money? This feels like items you might get at a dollar store or as the less expensive prizes at an arcade, though some I would expect to cost maybe $2 like the light up duck. So it does feel like we got a little more value for our money.

Other than the super terrible fingernails, everything else is of ok quality.

The pen is pretty good. I’m impressed. It feels sturdy, writes well, and changing the colors is easy. The markers not so much. But then I’ve never once had a marker that looked like that and wasn’t junk. Pink is red, blue is BLUE, and red is dry.

This notepad has a lot of pages and three different characters you’re supposed to design fashions for. It’s not bad at all, the paper is good enough quality, and the characters are cute.

I don’t know what the point of this “fashion guide” is, honestly. It kind of feels like dry-erase paper. Maybe you’re supposed to color and erase your own designs. Or maybe it’s supposed to give you ideas for the three characters on the note pad. They did all come together with the markers as one item.

The diary is also pretty cute and has plenty of pages. It’s not exactly secure. That little lock is a joke, and the whole cover is soft vinyl. I’d expect to see this at a dollar store, yeah.

Probably the most amusing thing about them, though, is that each item has it’s own barcode, and those codes are x-ed out. That leads me to believe that these are items that were returned to the manufacturer and they decided to use blind boxes to get rid of them at a small loss instead of taking a 100% loss and tossing them in the dump. I can’t say that’s not smart.