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I'm so horny rn! RT this post and add me on snapchat for a free nude pic

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Happy Easter from Stretch Armstrong! Stretch has been on an Easter egg hunt today and found loads of eggs! Did you receive many chocolate eggs? Post a pic to our wall!

OK, I had to post this pic, it encapsulates the for me... Mrs. Reagan on Mr. T's lap with his Mr. T

Happy Easter from Stretch! He has been on an Easter egg hunt & has found lots of eggs! Did you receive many eggs? Post a pic!

pics of the day (I could not risk to post sooner) reveals MITO!

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Been attempting Hyperbolic crochet, found out i was being mildly sabotaged by shitty yarn(the teal yarn is the most determined yarn to fall apart ive ever met in my life. It lives in a constant state of completely unwravelling itself. The moment i switched to the alpaca wool yarn was an extremely noticeable difference lmao)