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At the time, my dad was MD of Investors Ireland, a credit betting facility set up by *his dad Flor J. Burke (racehorse owner) after 1930 Betting Act passed. FJB’s mum (my gg/m) 1 of 1st Irish women to get a betting license

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The other day, I had a brainfart: “I can’t find a bag I like anywhere for a price I’m willing to pay. *looks down at my well-worn bag* What if I just copied this?”

It’s been a good 14 years since I last worked with coated fabric (Dear … From xxx Miyabi, Due’le quartz) so I’m a little anxious about how to finish it and make a thing that looks professional, not slapdashed together in some amateur’s Craft Room TM. I think unstructured fabric bags as a purse are pitiful and a hindrance to my life. 

So I spent the last 2 days sourcing al the hardware I’ll need, including a rivet setter. I’ll have to sacrifice a wooden cutting board for that, if I don’t still have the last broken cutting board I’ve done all my grommeting on. (Boy was that funny when I hammered it and the whole thing just cracked right down the middle.) (Wasn’t funny being in a hotel still trying to set grommets and the guy downstairs kept banging back on the ceiling… buddy, IT’S AN ANIME CONVENTION. IT’S 2PM, FUCK OFF.)

I found a lovely pearly-pink faux leather for the shell, which I hope is the correct weight I need. I’ll have to get some additional stuff like a zipper, several spools of topstitching thread, and a suitable lining fabric, but that I’d rather source locally and support the shops on Queen. I’ll also need some plastic canvas to reinforce the base, and probably another pack of denim needles. 

My biggest concern is edge paint. I’ve learned just about every method of finishing real leather, but I can’t find a suitable workaround for synthetic. I can’t melt the edge, it’d burn. I can’t afford the cost of importing Giardini (17 euros on top of the paint price and taxes? I’m a fucking millennial) which allegedly works just fine on PVC. I can’t use normal burnishing, because duh, synthetic. 

Whatever I do use needs to be weatherproof and flexible. That eliminates Plaid Leather Paint, and quite possibly Angelus, but I’m willing to test that. AlllI can think of now is Testor’s. I used it on my belt for Miyabi, and even scraping hard at it wouldn’t take it off. I just don’t know if it can be built up enough to smooth over joined edges. 

My materials and leather cost $30, but shipping from bloody China will take up to 6 weeks, so there’s a chance I won’t be able to start experimenting with edge finishes until the new year. 

I’m gonna have to drag everything into the parking garage when it comes time to set my rivets, because the hammer banging is gonna alarm the fuck out of my neighbors, and I’m too scared about the force of impact on my countertops causing serious damage. :S Fucking rental life… This isn’t conducive to my lifestyle. 

This weekend I’ll be at The Made in Bristol Gift Fair at Colston Hall! This great event is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am and jam packed with some of Bristol’s best designers and makers! I’ve taken part every year since I moved to Bristol four years ago, and it’s always been one of the highlights of my year! This year I’ll have a few extra helping hands, as bending down to get stock out of boxes can be slightly difficult when you’re eight months pregnant!