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Hoping my students have this attitude when we begin our seminar on Thursday! Reading their emails about their previous experiences of studying tort law and their aims and wishes for this seminar

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Home made - part of my ed-series. Example: Green = Mg++ (Red = Fe++blood) and Mg++ deficiency/Malnutrition among the kids - Ref: and Under - there is provision to Sue the .gov

Thank you to Prof. Sarah Green of for delivering the annual Tort law public lecture. She argued is moving away from protecting particular rights to protecting the ability to pursue one’s purpose and fulfill one’s potential.

Prof Sarah Green
Prof. Sarah Green and Dean Erika Chamberlain
Profs. Stephen Pitel, Sarah Green, Zoe Sinel, Jason Neyers

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Y Government has to compansate 👇🏽 - But for test or Substantial factor test: More than 200 people would not be suffering loss BUT FOR the negligence of Government in handover & administration of housing project awarded to sealife company.

Richard Cartwright from Thompsons Solicitors delivered a guest lecture for our LLB students today. The experience was invaluable and provided the students with a practical insight into personal injury litigation. Thank you!

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Get a succinct overview of Canadian with Canadian Tort Law in a Nutshell, Fifth Edition. Learn more:

True or false: Tort Law Makes Up Only 12% Of All Civil Cases. Leave your answer in the comments!

Tort law: departure from fictitious damage 0px; " tag="ulation for construction defects – change in jurisdiction of the Federal Court of Justice (February 22, 2018 – VII ZR 46/17) Find the article by Johannes Wolff here:

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12/2/2018 @ 11:42

Torts final done. Now to dive into studying for contracts. This one might actually send me over the edge.

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Don’t Be A Lawyer - feat. Burl Moseley - “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

This might be the greatest video I have seen. Less than eleven hours away from my first law school final and I cried from laughing/having a mental breakdown. Please enjoy.


I am proud to announce I am officially a student ambassador for Law & Criminology, and an ambassador for Swansea University. Although the interview itself was challenging, I was fairly confident (not cocky) that I would be in with a good chance.

Additionally, this weekend I went home for the first time since before my exams began. It’s been such a nice break from uni and the stress. Believe it or not, the hype of living in a flat of 20, in a building of 120 and surrounded by 4 buildings likewise is not as its made out to be. It’s loud, and despite popular believe, often IS NOT filled with like minded people.

During my time at home, I set myself a to-do list with everything from the past fortnight that I need to do, or need to look over. Currently finishing my seminar prep for Tort Law, on psychiatric damage which is fairly interesting. Next, I have to do seminar prep for European law, which is probably my least favourite subject, but nevertheless needs to be done.