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The Kansas Supreme Court ruled 4-2 Friday that a cap on noneconomic damages violates the right to a jury trial under the state constitution’s Bill of Rights.

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled 4-2 Friday that a cap on noneconomic damages violates the right to a jury trial under the state constitution’s Bill of Rights.

Cothrom an lae seo 24 bliana ó shin a achtaíodh an tAcht um Dhliteanas Áititheoirí, 1995. The Occupiers' Liability Act, 1995 was enacted on this date 24 years ago.

Occupiers' Liability Act, 1995: Notice

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Pocket Law Guide has had a makeover, the upcoming update features swipe-able cards so you can really test your knowledge! Our apps are perfect for revising on the go.

A former Atlanta lawyer convicted of felony murder in the fatal shooting of his wife is arguing that only he has the right to represent her estate—and that means a wrongful death suit filed against him by the estate must be tossed.

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To all my students sitting their exam this afternoon ....

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DYK the difference between & ? Common law developed out of judge decisions, rather than legislation. Tort law relates to addressing wrongs caused by another. developed out of both.

Intersentia will have a book stand at the 18th Annual Conference on European Tort Law 25 - 27 April 2019 in Vienna. Visit the stand for 20% discount on all titles and to talk to us about your publishing ideas.

The Accidental Fires Act, 1943 was enacted 76 years ago. Cothrom an lae seo 76 bliana ó shin a achtaíodh an tAcht um Thóiteáin Teagmhasacha, 1943.

Athlone Woollen Mills Co

Further to my on air comments w/ on here is an excellent primer on the history of threatened defamation lawsuits in recent Canadian politics isn't the first PM to threaten critics with a lawsuit

Sufficient 'force' for a in ? > Court dismisses $1.8m bullying case brought by man accusing boss of breaking wind

All things move towards their end. Here already a little teaser....

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12/2/2018 @ 11:42

Torts final done. Now to dive into studying for contracts. This one might actually send me over the edge.

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Don’t Be A Lawyer - feat. Burl Moseley - “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

This might be the greatest video I have seen. Less than eleven hours away from my first law school final and I cried from laughing/having a mental breakdown. Please enjoy.


I am proud to announce I am officially a student ambassador for Law & Criminology, and an ambassador for Swansea University. Although the interview itself was challenging, I was fairly confident (not cocky) that I would be in with a good chance.

Additionally, this weekend I went home for the first time since before my exams began. It’s been such a nice break from uni and the stress. Believe it or not, the hype of living in a flat of 20, in a building of 120 and surrounded by 4 buildings likewise is not as its made out to be. It’s loud, and despite popular believe, often IS NOT filled with like minded people.

During my time at home, I set myself a to-do list with everything from the past fortnight that I need to do, or need to look over. Currently finishing my seminar prep for Tort Law, on psychiatric damage which is fairly interesting. Next, I have to do seminar prep for European law, which is probably my least favourite subject, but nevertheless needs to be done.