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You've a scentwork addict, you are deep into the joys of searching with your dog. Here are my top tips to be the best team you can be.

Are you an expert at presentations? Share your presentation tips: Help out your fellow members and we might use your tip in our new presentation guide.

From the Bob Marley museum to lively festivals – there are so many things to do in Jamaica for music lovers! Read our blog to find what music lovers should get up to in 🎤

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When you want to veg out in front of your smart device, but need a charge, is a 2 in one cord with a kickstand. Hands-free viewing while chilling out in full repose. Check it out:

Always let your viewers enter the room first- this gives them more space to imagine living there.

Tuesday Top Tip: How to rejuvenate a scuffed handbag. Click on this link for full details...

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Top Tips To Beat Chronic Kidney Disease | CKD Treatment in Ayurveda

We all are aware of the loss we can meet if we do not pay attention to our bodies. An unhealthy lifestyle will take you nowhere but towards a life full of medicines. In this video, we will get to know about the tips that will help a person to beat chronic kidney disease. #Chronic_kidney_disease damages our kidneys gradually and also decreases its ability to perform a fine filtration. Waste amasses in the blood and makes us sick if we are not attentive enough towards this problem. It can cause problems like hypertension, bone weakening, nerve damage, and many other complications like anemia. You reach the risk of getting heart problems and diseases related to the blood vessel. So, instead of ignoring it, pay attention to the management. #CKD_treatment_in_Ayurveda suggests that the disease can be controlled if you can control the symptoms and causes of the conditions. Some points that will help you to win over the problem of chronic kidney disease are mentioned below. 1. You may notice weight gain in CKD. If you keep a check on your eating habits, you can control this sudden weight gain and defeat CKD. 2. Tension is another #cause_of_CKD. Maintain a balance in life and distant yourself from things that can be a reason for your tension. 3. Limit the intake of protein, including animal protein. 4. Taking care of vitamin intake is also a preventive measure. Avoid Vitamin A, E, K, and C because it can affect your health in many ways. 5. You can control your CKD by managing the problem of diabetes and high blood pressure if you have any. The progression of these two diseases will cause problems for your kidneys. 6. Balance your sodium intake. 7. There are certain fruits like oranges, watermelon, kiwi, etc. that you should avoid. Also, try avoiding fruit juice. These were some points that will help you to beat the problem of CKD. Moreover, many other ways will be helpful to you in CKD. Watch the video to know more about these life-saving tips.


I love to use collage - often as a first layer. My top tips are to 1) Tear or rip the papers rather than cut them 🎨 2) Use gel medium or Mod Podge on both sides of the paper 🎨 3) Smooth out any bubbles with a brush/your fingers/a credit card 🎨 4) Dry your collage layer with a heat gun and let it cool off before continuing 🎨 Have fun! 😊 #howto #tips #toptips #art #artist #artistoninstagram #artofinstagram #mixedmedia #timelapsevideo #angelic # #energy #inspiration #inspire #instagood #ideas #mixedmedia #whimsy #wip #creativelife #createdwithlove #auraangelart (at Aura Angel Art by Sarah Leonard)

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‘Putting yourself out there’

Break ups are never easy, but eventually, the end of something old leaves room for something new. Well the same applies for work; as you leave a job or organisation and move onto pursue something new. 

Like dating, when you interview, you are often:

Completely vulnerable and exposed!

Look inward with a microscope! 

Welcome old insecurities that you thought had long disappeared, only back to rear their ugly heads!

Like dating, interviewing also requires:

Confidence and Self Belief to walk through that door believing in yourself and your worth 

The ability to overcome nerves and present the best version of yourself 

Find the perfect match between what you want and what they want

As I have spent my entire May 2019 making applications and interviewing around the country and technically through Skype, around the World, its been a really interesting find for me. 

I left France and had one focus; I will work in Africa this year in a great role for a meaningful charity. Then narrow it down, the vision was Sub Saharan Africa on a poverty reduction programme. One goal. One focus. This clarity left no room for doubt or failure, as all efforts and mental acuity was needed to seek out the right role and find the right match for both parties. 

But as time passed by and rejections (a natural part of the game) came in, the clarity became murky and the doubt seeped in. Naturally leading to some questionable applications to low hanging fruit jobs. 

As I approached each interview; I started to create some rules for myself:


-Research who I am meeting and what I am actually going for, in depth. The credibility of the organisation, the competency level of the interviewers, the values held, the culture. I asked myself before every interview, was this the right fit for me? 

Just like dating, the professional world can often stamp this level of thought out of you. Who are you entitiled milenial to ask such questions, work is work, money, goals, pay your bills, thats it. There is a real hand to mouth unspoken culture that many fall victim to; that when you approach a potential employer, you need to wow them and prove your worth. 

But actually, the same applies both ways. You will give 40-70 weekly hours of your time to this place, sacrifice time with family and friends and commit to this new role with all you have. So, do you want to work there, with that team, doing that role, feeding into that culture? 

-Confidence in myself and my ablities, irrespective of the experience and outcome of the interview. We all know how it feels to have an interview that just tears you to shreds. The hard line of questioning, the intense looks a panel can give you. The feeling of sitting on hot coals or walking on hot needles. Last year I interviewed for an incredible job and the Chief Exec took my CV out, slashed through my life history and told me at each stage where I had gone wrong, giving me spoonfuls of confusing feedback, only to not offer me the role. We have also all been there when you walk out of the building like Jonny Bravo, really feeling yourself Beyonce style. You glimmered, glistened and gleamed, you shone at each interview stage and you had incredible rapport with the interviewers. 

Like dating. You can have an incredible date and cant help but picture the next date or next 5 years with that person. The conversation was flowing and the compatibility almost oozing out of the restaurant. 

So why then did they not call? Why was the job not offered? Why were you not even good enough to warrant feedback? 

These experiences can be really damaging to self esteem and confidence in your own abilities and skillsets. A 22k job can turn you down but a 50k job can hire you. I love cake but hate meringue. 

The point is, despite the outcome of the interview (or date) preserve the belief in yourself. Its that full tank that will enable you to get to the next window, the next seat, the next interview to find your match and land your next opportunity. 

-Preparation: We are stepping into some provocative grounds as I continue to compare dating and interviewing. Although the kind of preparations made before either appointment vary massively in some regards, the principles are the same. I know the interviews I’ve prepared at length for and still been unsuccessful, then I recall the interviews offered at short notice and doing a late notice swot only to land the job. 

But leaving these to chance and luck isnt an option for me anymore. Its important I feel prepared and ready so I give myself the very best chance to secure something I am set on. Preparing myself from the logistics, to role research, value addition propositions and proposals for role specifics. I ensure I look the part, feeling as though there is enough professionalism and appropriateness as there is character and personality. From getting the right amount of sleep before to proper nutrition of the body and the mind and spirit. 

The competence enables the confidence and the confidence is the driving force to set me up in the best position. If I dont believe in my own abilities to undertake this role, why should they hire me? Just like if we dont love ourselves, how can anyone love us?

But with these rules, came some very interesting experiences. How one interview can make you feel like a lost tourist while another can provide you with satisfaction in your own skills and abilities. How some interviewers treat you as they would in the role and that is a very good indicator to what the role and working relationship will look like. How this is all about puzzle pieces, both employers and job seekers each trying to find the right match for them as they embark on a new relationship. 

In exactly three weeks I left one role and landed my perfect next step. But in between that were so many applications, conversations, interviews and wavy levels of confidence and clarity. 

I didnt stop until I secured my right fit. I trusted my own abilities. I held the calm and deep level of faith and matched this with positive habits and endless grit and determination. 

Like dating, sometimes we have to trust in a bigger picture that the right one is coming. The deep level of faith and positive habits with the above rules can help with the dating world and as well as the interviewing world. 

So to both dating and work considerations…

1. Keep an unwaivering faith and deep belief that the right thing/ person will come to you. The books, studies, podcasts, prayers, vision boards, mantras, it will all lead to what is meant for you. 

2. Match your belief with work, research and preparation. Nothing in life is handed and the next role or person in your life deserves you, because you are magic and light in this world. So dont leave room for doubt and set yourself up for success

3. The reactions of others should never dictate the feelings of you. You may have to kiss many frogs or interview at many places, but any role or person worthy of you will treat you in a way that feels comfortable and right to you. 

4. An interview or a date shouldnt warrant a character assassination, nor should you do the same to them. Let the past be the past and dont hold any grudges of an ex or previous employer and affect how you treat the next. Heal, move forward, learn and grow. Its good to look at for similar signs, but also be willing to give this new person or role a fresh chance

5. There will be dips of motivation in both job seeking and partner seeking. Miss/Mr Independent can plummet to singing All by Myself in a very unironic manner. Thats ok. We cant be 100 all the time. But prepare for these dips and prepare for a way to overcome them and work through them

Most importantly, know that you matter, believe you were made with a purpose and go after ultimately what you believe is yours. 

For me personally, three weeks of interviews and taking the above advice, I received many invitations as well as many rejections. The winds then all of a sudden changed and I began to meet my matches. On one day, I received three incredible job offers which included two roles based in Sub Saharan Africa and I had to make a choice. I am overjoyed to say, I took the role with a meaningful grassroots charity, on a poverty reduction programme in Sub Saharan Africa….One goal with one focus with no room for failure. 


The busy girls guide to looking chic..I always want to look nice but to be honest it’s not my number one priority each day when trying to run a business! So here I share my 7 top tips for how to get out the door each morning in 20 minutes!
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(at The Ivy Chelsea Garden)

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5 essential tips I wish I was given before having a baby

And not one of them is to do with the birth…

I once had a sales manager who loved to extol the merits of the 5 p’s: “perfect preparation prevents piss poor performance”. Let’s ignore the fact there are six p’s there and move on. The point is, “preparation”: something we all attempt when expecting a baby, despite the fact it’s not realistically achievable when an actual sentient being is being brought forth from inside one of your bodily organs and dropping - like an atomic bomb - into your life. 

Perhaps I’m wrong on this and other women have foresight I didn’t possess, but aren’t we all focused on the birth, the “labour”, the hospital bag, baby clothes, which buggy, will I have a hospital birth, an epidural, a section, etc?This applies - in my case anyway - whether expecting a baby for the first time or the second or indeed, the third (I imagine).  Regardless, with my second child being at the ripe old age of 16 months, it occurred to me recently that little of the advice shared with me before I gave birth was some I’d pass on (Sorry, mum). Here are the tips I wish I’d been given.

1. You don’t really need anything until the baby arrives. If you’ve older kids they play with them and their toys. They don’t play at all till 6 months just with your face. You might think you want to carry them in a sling and then baby doesn’t like it. Or you might get a pram and then the baby has colic and you have to wear them in a sling all the time. Also, kids don’t actually need anything really, except you. Even when they’re older, minimal living sparks their creativity and it also makes it easier to tidy and clean and kids can easily be involved in tidying up from a young age that way too.

2. Buy secondhand! Pretty much anything you decide to buy will be available secondhand on ebay or FB Marketplace or from a friend of a friend or even for free on Freecycle. Buggies are always on ebay. Slings. It’s worth deciding what you want and then buying secondhand because you can save fairly large sums of money for these types of items. For clothing items, they’ll only fit your baby for 5 minutes anyway, so even more reason to reuse. It is truly horrifying how much kids’ clothing we go through. You will need so much less than you think.

3. Ask friends and family to buy things as gifts that you actually want/need:  Homemade frozen dinners, a food shop delivery, or a promise to come round and do a chore or two once the baby is born (or once the baby is 4 months old - you’ll still be glad of the support). These are the the presents you’ll appreciate more than anything else. 

4. You don’t HAVE to have anyone over at all when the baby arrives. What’s most important is you being OK, allowing yourself time to heal and recover and bonding with your baby. I can’t emphasise this point enough. I got it so wrong with baby number 1 and so right with baby number 2 and the difference that getting it right made to my mental wellbeing was vast. Forget feeling obligated. Do what’s right for you and your family.

5. Sort through your existing belongings well before due date to make room for your new human, yes, but also because once the baby arrives, it’ll be a year or so before you have the capacity to do anything like a really thorough sort out, even if you’re usually inclined to do that kind of thing! If you’re an organisational freak like me, the chaos of a new baby can get to you and whilst I think it’s somewhat important to learn to relax into the disorder and accept it, I’ve also learnt that less is most definitely more once children arrive.

So there you have it. This is the wisdom I’d share with any friend of mine about to have their first baby. What are your top tips?


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Matts Tuesday Top Tips


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Finally a new video is up! Hope you guys like it and it helps you to get motivated to work out too :)


Here is the third of our top tips on improving Adobe Lightroom’s performance. Enjoy and we hope it helps out. Check back soon for more.
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(at Capture and Create)

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How to store fairy lights without tangles #christmas #toptips #fairylights #twelfthnight (at Purbeck Hills)

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1.value your emotions 2.Believe in your story 3. Engage unconditionally 4. No Technology without relationship (at London, United Kingdom)

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Ever thought about doing distance learning?👌👌

Tutor Fernando gives you his top tip. Visit for another 6 tips.

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Top tips from Glastonbury

Glastonbury is one of the biggest musical festivals in the world with over 200,000 people attending in 2017. Below I’ve compiled a list of my top tips to ensure you have the most amazing time not only at Glastonbury but every festival that you have an opportunity to attend.

1. TAKE BABYWIPES! Seriously, baby wipes will become your best friend no matter what festival you attend. This is because most people don’t bother showering while they’re at Glastonbury because the queues for the showers can be quite long, you miss out on performers and, to be honest, it’s part of the experience. As long as you have baby wipes to wash yourself in the morning and evening you’ll survive. Besides, everyone is in the same boat so it’s not like people are going to judge you for not showering.

2. TAKE A PORTABLE CHARGER! This has a lot to do with the world that we all live in now. For many people their phone is their life. I personally wouldn’t say my phone is my life but I always feel better knowing I have it with me. Luckily, you can get quite cheap chargers from various retailers so you don’t have to spend a fortune. I personally got mine through EE as they did a deal with Glastonbury where you could swap your charger once it had died for a fully charged one once a day. This meant that I could keep taking pictures without worrying that I would run out of charge.

3. TAKE WELLIES! I know in my previous post I said it had not rained the whole time we were there but I would still advise taking wellies or at least walking boots with you. This is because the Glastonbury site is HUGE meaning you’re walking a fair few miles everyday. One day I walked 12 miles! If you have wellies or walking boots then you know you’re feet aren’t going to hate you by the end of the festival. It’s also better to be safe than sorry; you never know with the British weather!

4. DON’T PLAN TOO MUCH! This one was particularly hard for me as I like to know what the plan is for the day so I have some idea of what I’m doing. However, not planning too much meant that I got to enjoy myself a lot more. You should definitely have an idea of who really want to see and then for the others just have a wander and see what you come across. You never know, you might find an artist that you’ve never heard of but you end up loving.

5. TAKE FOOD! With this you don’t have to take a whole weekly shop as you’re going to struggle taking that and you’re tent and you’re clothes! By this I mean take snack bars and crisps etc, things that won’t go off or things that won’t melt. The sole reason for this is because food can get quite expensive if you eat from the stalls all the time. I personally brought cereal bars for my breakfast in the morning and crisps if I got peckish throughout the day. By doing this I saved at least £50.

6. LEAVE AFTER THE LAST HEADLINER! Or as soon as you possibly can. At Glastonbury this year I really wanted to see Ed Sheeran and I wasn’t going to miss him no matter who my friends wanted to see that Sunday night! If by Sunday evening there are no other acts you want to see then I recommend leaving as soon as possible especially if you’re driving home. By doing this you miss the 9 hour queues which sometime occur and you actually get home at a decent time. I did have to sleep in my car at service station on the way back but it was a price I was willing to pay if it meant I got a warm shower and a comfy bed sooner than the individuals that waited until Monday morning.

Hopefully you find these tips useful and if you have any other questions don’t be afraid to message me and I’ll do my best to answer them as best as I can.