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! One of my is to take on this ! 👍🏻👣👀

Mit Philip Martin Pothfelder auf dem 2. Platz und Henri Morschek haben es gleich zwei unserer -Studenten unter die des diesjährigen Plakatwettbewerbs der geschafft. Gratulation!

N° 4 Brazo fuerte que en cualquier momento estará en Las Mayores. Está listo para ver acción en Venezuela. Aunque no pasa por su mejor momento en la actualidad. En 2018 logró un ascenso bastante rápido y ahora se encuentra a las puertas del mejor beisbol del mundo.

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Pixel Joint's top 10 rated pixel art for June 2019: Top pixel artists for this month are , PixelDust and . Congratulations to all the amazing pixel artists who entered the monthly Top 10!

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😎 Kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself this summer in the area! 💻 We've even kickstarted your search for fun. Click to see our local summer events and activities!

"If you’re not happy about how much money you make, and are thinking of borrowing tens of thousands of dollars to get a master’s degree, you may want to check whether it’s worth it." 🔎📸💡🔧🧫🌐🧬🙂

N° 3 El lanzador está en una temporada de ensueño tras pasar varias temporada en la organización de sin ser promovido a un nivel más allá de A+. En 2018 fue devuelto a Clase A donde hizo lo propio y este año con la filial Doble-A de explotó.

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Pageant and Prom Makeup Inspiration. Find more beautiful makeup looks with Pageant Planet. #makeup #prommakeup #pageantmakeup #eyeshadow #lipstick #prom #pageant


WHAT!?!? Pure Insanity from the one and only @jakecaster_ taking the #bottlecapchallenge to the next level!! #espntop10 #wakesurf #wakesurfing #nextlevel #crownroyal #malibuboats #topten #insane #surfing (at Brigade Wakesurfing)

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TopTen gloves are the number one brand in WAKO kickboxing events. They have a market share of 90 percent. Same as the headgear. They are both considered to be very safe due to its materials and anatomic fit that were designed by WAKO’s founder Georg F. Brückner, scientists and German engineers.

June 2019 Top Ten

1. Cappuccino @ Piece
2. Episode 100 of The Digital Human - The Analogue Human
3. Mr Beatnick DBA Podcast #3
4. Horn Pocket Comb
5. Konx-om-Pax - Ways Of Seeing (Planet Mu)
6. Pataphysical - Periphera (12th Isle)
7. Linkwood - System (2019 Repress) (Night Theatre)
8. Pia Camil - Bara Bara Bara @ Tramway
9. Boards of Canada - Societas x Tape for Warp 30 on NTS
10. Champion Crewneck T-shirt Red/White