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Presenting the 'Best Eggs' in our new blog post. Not all edible but certainly all visually pleasing.

Recuperone del martedì mattina... spero che almeno prima di venerdì riusciamo ad arrivare alla ⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁦

2years ago my first on a for X-Chrome has the chance to be on the first place of the weekly ! Now I have the joy to host my own Radio Show you can listen all the history of my show, thanks for your support

TOP TEN time! Niagara real estate Avg Sale Price leaders so far in 2019. No big surprise at #1 but some interest down the list.

Guada se encarga de hacer el 🎵 para vos. Escuchanos📻 y pasala bomba con nosotros 😎

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Lane Holman has his 3rd acceptance to the University of Houston. Congrats ! You have choices! 🐾🔴🐾🔴🐾🔴🐾🔴🐾🔴

nella top ten delle città italiane con il migliore : ecco la classifica

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{My Top Ten Disney Movies!} So, I'm gonna just be going down a list of my FAVE disney movies. This is excluding Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar. I'm strictly sticking with Walt Disney! #10: Pocahontas Okay, okay...say what you want about this movie...but when it comes to Disney Movies, the thing that NEEDS to be enjoyable for me is ALWAYS the soundtrack. One of my favorite disney songs is Colors of the Wind and Just Around the RIverbend is great too! I owned this movie on Blu-Ray, alright? But...the reason it's so low is''s not accurate to history at ALL. Pocahontas was a child and John Smith was a grown ass man, that's just ONE thing that's completely off about this movie. #9: Fantasia Like I said, soundtrack is always a deciding factor and of course this movie has that but the VISUALS for this thing are just amazing. Fantasia is one of Walt Disney's craziest experiments and honestly? It works! Now, if you need words and action and stuff to enjoy a flick, this is probably not for you. But me, personally, watching this movie is great. Every song matches the visuals and gives off the correct vibe needed for the scene. It's just great! #8: The Little Mermaid Yeah, yeah...I know. But again, the Soundtrack is GREAT. I mean, Ariel is.....a little annoying but Ursula is one of my favorite Disney Villains...EVER. I love this movie based on the soundtrack and villain alone and yeah, that may be a little....shallow, but still! I love it! #7: Hunchback of Notre Dame Soooo.......hmm. I don't know what it is about this movie, but I love it. This movie was dark, interesting and just over the top! My main love for this movie is about how dark it was willing to go and how serious it was willing to get. It had it's fun moments but for the most part, it was great. Having a character who was lovable and kind without needing to look the part was something new for Disney and to be honest, I can't help but enjoy it every time I watch it. The visuals are incredible, the story and characters are amazing and the one thing that's so unique about this that it was for kids. Don't get me wrong, there are Cartoons with dark themes and even a few scary visuals, but this movie was willing to go into a place that no disney film had ever dared to tread. We would never get something like this today, at least no marketed for kids and honestly, it's a unique type of film that I think we should see more of. #6: Mulan Let's get down to business!.....You guessed it! Soundtrack! The music is my favorite part of this movie, Mulan was one of the first princesses to be a fully empowered woman who solved her own problems, hell, even saving her country. The girl empowerment was nice but I really enjoyed was watching her grow from a self doubting girl to a hero ready to save her country. It was a nice evolution that kind of reminds me of BNHA's Izuku Midoriya. It's very refreshing to see a Disney Princess like this. #5: Princess and the Frog "You sure have a lot of Princess films on this list." Yeah well, I like them. But I especially this one, I relate to it so well. The music is kicking, the story is great and a whole new spin on the original tale. Not only does it take place in Louisiana, a place where most of my family grew up in, but it's also about a black Princess, which is something I NEVER get to see anymore. Tiana was a great character and seeing her be the one to defeat the villain was nice to. I truly enjoyed the movie as a whole and would definitely watch it again. #4: Moana and the Lion King It's a Two Way Tie!!! What can I say except, this is a great ass movie. This thing was WAY better than Frozen. The music is so great, I can sing along to EVERY single song! Moana is amazing, the story is great and honestly, Moana is the most refreshing princess- I mean...Daughter of the Chief in a while. The fact that she doesn't end up with a Prince or something is great, and the fact that she is smart, empowering, beautiful, charismatic, thoughtful, kind and just and all around good character is even better. Come ooon, you didn't think I would forget one of the highest grossing animated disney films of all time did you!? This movie is iconic and amazing! The soundtrack is great, the  Hamlet storyline is the greatest, Scar is awesome, even the Hyenas are amazing. The voice acting is good, the music is great, I just...GAH, I love this movie!!! #3: Beauty and the Beast Ah....this just...just so dear to my heart. I first watched this movie with my mother and it's just amazing. I love every character, even the villains and the Reboot just gave me such a nostalgic feeling. If you somehow have not seen this movie, you really should. Belle is my favorite Disney Princess of all time and always has been. #2:  Tangled Here comes the Smolder...this movie is got to flick when I wanna laugh my ass off. Flynn Rider is one of the BEST male Disney characters to ever be thought up! He's so cool and hilarious, and I love the fact that his love for Rapunzel isn't so....sudden. Mother Gothel is one of the coolest villains to me and I honestly hope they'd make a movie just about her. She's so interesting and I think she needs more background! And favorite disney movie...of all time.... Who Puts the Glad in Gladiator? #1: Hercules!!!! YES! This movie is amazing!!!! Okay, yeah, it's not at all accurate to the story be honest....that's okay! The Muses are great and Hercules' character is really awesome. He reminds me, and I feel like such a Jotard for saying this, but every time I watch this movie, and see Hercules' growth, all I can think of is Jonathan Joestar. I know, I know, I'm a fuckin weeb for saying that but I don't care!! I love this movie! I love the characters! I love the villain! I love the setting! I love the soundtrack! I love the voice acting!! It's!!!

A Look Back At The Best Of L.A. Street Art 2018

A look back at a few of the highlights that helped define this chapter in the ongoing evolution of the L.A. street art scene. 2018 saw a combination of local and visiting talent pushing visual boundaries, a number of exciting and unexpected collaborations, as well as an unsurprisingly high volume of protest art. Choosing a “best of” list inevitably means excluding a number of great works, but here, in no particular order, are Impermanent Art’s ten favorite works of the year.

1. Following an awe-inspiring 2017 collaboration in Lisbon, L.A.-based street art luminary Shepard Fairey and Portuguese innovator Vhils teamed up again this year on Fairey’s home turf. Consisting of a striking combination of Fairey’s bold graphic renderings and Vhils’ unique “scratching the surface” technique—which involves chipping, drilling and carving walls to create a portrait—the mural, entitled “American Dreamers”, addresses the challenges of becoming a resident of America and for some people–under the current administration–simply visiting it. Project supported by Branded Arts, Over The Influence gallery and Mack Sennett Studios. Location: 1215 Bates Ave, Los Feliz.

2. A perfectly-placed pasteup by Native American artist/activist Votan Henriquez in Inglewood.

3. British, NYC-based artist Dan Witz unleashed a number of subtle, unsettling works from his “Sanctuary / Is It Safe?” series when he was in town for the Beyond The Streets exhibition.

4. French street art legend Invader invaded L.A. not once but twice this year; his first appearance here since 2011. Of the 41 new works he installed on L.A.’s streets, the biggest showstopper was this Big Lebowski piece placed on a bowling alley in Koreatown.

5. Renowned, L.A.-based muralist El Mac paid spectacular tribute to “gangsta gardener” Ron Finley with this pair of rooftop murals in Historic South Central. Project supported by Art Share L.A and Meta Housing Corporation. Located at 722 E Washington Blvd in Historic South Central.

6. South African artist Faith XLVIII chose the heart of Skid Row as the first place to paint a mural after she relocated to Los Angeles. The residents of the sidewalk at the base of the wall graciously moved aside for a few days while the artwork was bring created. Entitled “salus populi suprema lex esto” (“the welfare of the people should be the supreme law”), the artwork makes a powerful statement about capitalism, which, in the artist’s words, “lacks institutional empathy for non-active participants”. Project produced by Co_Labs. Located at the intersection of 5th Street and Towne Ave.

7. Eminent British stencil artist JPS took a short break from his honeymoon to install a few playful, placement-specific stencil pieces around Melrose Ave.

8. Canadian, NYC-based designer Trevor Andrew, aka Gucci Ghost, saw an opportune moment and tagged this trashed television set with his philosophical musings. Curbside in Hancock Park.  

9. “I’m not gonna leave this ship without you!” A characteristically beautiful and melancholy work by German artist duo Herakut, painted to mark the opening of their solo show “Rental Asylum” at Corey Helford Gallery in Boyle Heights.

10. This year HiJack continued to hone his craft and evolve his game, hitting the streets with frequency, skilled stencil work, unexpected placements and themes of scathing social commentary. This global warming-themed piece appeared one morning directly on the sands of Venice Beach on an unseasonably hot January day.

Impermanent Art is an L.A. street art blog and mural agency. Follow us on Instagram at @impermanent_art.