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Too many drivers are doing dumb things including one person caught with 10 unrestrained children in the car! > You will get caught. > You will get fined + lose points. > You could cause an accident or loss of life. Please .

I'm back! Currently touring Darwin NT until 26th Jan. Excited to be back after a much needed break! 💋😄

5/5 - The ghost of the Stella Maris – Wyvill SC denied, Lawrie appeals - from March 2016 - the long tails of the the NT's most dramatic recent political inquiry:

4/5 - The long tail of the Stella Maris Inquiry drags on - background from March 2016 - On southern judges, NT politicians and yards of silk. Delia Lawrie v John Lawler:

1/5 - The legal shenanigans in the Top End have a long tail - the Stella Maris Inquiry saga drags on with the NT's top silk in the Federal Court. The story starts here:

We are thrilled to welcome Energy Club NT to the partnership as an industry partner. ECNT provides a platform for Northern Australia's energy industry and stakeholders to connect. Learn more here:

While your memory is still fresh, give us a call or report online. It's free and your information could help solve a crime. Phone 1800 333 000 Web

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It's your home, your community and your territory at stake - report information about and make a difference! Phone 1800 333 000 Report online

As Gordon Gekko once said, “GREEN is good,” because it means we’re finally getting some rain thanks to some ‘monsoon-like’ conditions to develop over the this weekend.

Have you been hoping for some more rain to cool you down? The good news is that the chance of rainfall for the increases from the weekend as a trough is expected to deepen over the Top End. Rainfall forecasts at

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Harts Range crash claims 's first road victim of 2019: A tragic start to 2019. Please drive safely.

Today's outlook shows possible through the central and NW parts of the . NW could see squall line thunderstorms with Damaging Winds. Pay attention to any warnings this afternoon at

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Just a little bit if rain.

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After spending way more time in the Kimberley than expected we had about one week left to check out the top end before having to return to Melbourne. We’ve visited the area before so we were able to focus on the things that are more on the pretty side of things (Litchfield-Litchfield-Litchfield).


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And here it is. At least the rain is making so much noise the thunder is less scary.
Crazy things we do for a living.
Darwin, hot & wet one day, hot & wet the next.
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Top End and Rock Bottom

For the past several months I have been in a funk. A depression. A dark place.

I have been struggling with work, with my husband, and with exercise. I have been frustrated with friends and family. I am having daily “stupid faces” days.

I have been struggling with my food, afraid to step on the scale or allow more than a passing glance in the mirror.

I have been over-committed, overwhelmed, overwrought and feeling under (okay UN) appreciated.

I am at my top end and rock bottom. Then, as I struggled to identify what was going on, I realized two things:

  1. I was the common denominator in all these things.
  2. I was the one (and only me) who could make the changes needed.

So I made several commitments to myself:

  1. Say no more often.
  2. Speak up when feeling unsupported or hurt.
  3. Make my program a priority by working the steps (step 4 right now), talking with my sponsor at least once a week, and attending a minimum of one meeting a week.
  4. Move my body daily.
  5. Take a 24-day challenge to cut out the bad stuff and replace with the good. (I do best with structure.)

I then realized that there were two things missing from my life…things that had been present when I was abstinent—happiness and humility. Ironically, the very things I am drawn to in others.

So I am also committing to a self-created 40-day challenge I have entitled #40dayshappyhumble. I will name one thing I am happy about and one thing that humbles me each day for 40 days. I find daily focus and daily commitment are the best ways to create a daily practice.

So there it is…pull back, speak up, and prioritize the things that actually deserve the priority (my work, my family, my program, and myself), and let the rest, well, rest.

And as I work to climb back up from rock bottom and move from top end to happy medium, I will remember that I am not the number on the scale…I am not the number of text messages or phone calls…I am not the number in my bank statement…I am not the number in my zip code.

In fact the only number that matter is the number one.  I am just one person in this big crazy world. I am just one addict out of millions of addicts. I am just one contributor to my clients. And I am just one parent working to be the best I can be.

All I can do is work to be the best ONE, the best me, the best version of me I can be.

25,000 year old cave paintings and maybe a black wallarooo

Friday 30th August

After a quick shower with running hot water we drove towards Ubirr. We hadn’t taken too much of it in so far but the 2 parks were completely different. Litchfield had waterfalls and swimming holes with no crocodiles and a mountainous drive. Kakadu on the other had was more focused on an adventure into a natural and cultural landscape. Covering 20,000 square kilometres it has a mind blowing amount of rock art with more than 5000 sites dating from 20,000-10 years old. Due to cultural reasons most of it is inaccessible but the places we were allowed to visit were definitely worth coming for.

The first collection of rock art we saw was in Ubirr. Layers upon layers of rock art paintings overlapping each other in various styles from various centuries command a mesmerizing stillness to capture everything all around you. The main gallery was definitely the highlight to the walk. There were images of kangaroos, tortoises and fish painted in an X-ray style which was the dominant technique used 8000 years ago. Whilst Ben was taking it all in, Jo spotted what we thought was a black wallaroo behind the fenced off section nearer to the rock art. Seeing this wild creature for the first time with this scenery was pretty cool, as was the lizard we also spotted.

Not really expecting anything to beat that we carried onto the Nardab Lookout which was a 250m scramble from the main gallery up a large boulders surface. Almost certainly one of the best views we’ve seen surveying the exotic floodplain. It felt as if we were in the African Savanna about to hold Simba from the Lion King up for all to see.

Next was the Manngarre Monsoon Forest Walk on the way back towards the Arnhem Highway. It was definitely an interesting walk alongside the East Alligator River (probably). We were really eager to spot crocodillies from the lookout sections over the river, especially as the friendly camp site officer from Merl campsite the night before had practically guaranteed we’d see them. It started at the boat ramp with a sinister warning sign and wound through the heavily shaded vegetation of palms and vines.

With this being Aboriginal land there was a section of the walk for women only which we didn’t do out of respect, but what we did see in the 1.5k return walk was spectacular. Tens of thousands of bats hanging upside down on all the trees overhead all tweeting and chirping away to each other in the middle of the day. Being in the outback for a bit especially on the mango farm we had gotten used to seeing bats late at night but never did we expect to see so many in the daylight hours. It almost made up for not spotting any crocs on the river.

We drove off to the start of the Bardedjilidji sandstone walk for our soup in a can for lunch. It was further upstream along the East Alligator river and this is where we spotted our first wild crocodile. An older couple came over and starting talking with us, basically convincing us to go on a cruise to spot some crocodiles in the river. With the realization we’d be working full time again in the next few days, we decided to treat ourselves the next day. What’s the point in coming all the way to the other side of the world if we don’t do it properly!

After lunch we drove into Jabiru which was seriously in the middle of nowhere. This was where we had been offered work in Kakadu Lodge on the 7th of September if we didn’t like/want to work at the Territory Manor in Mataranka. To make sure we liked the area we had some cakes and ice creams at the Kakadu Bakery for our 2nd lunch. Oops. Driving past the hotel shaped like a crocodile we left Jabiru and Ben convinced Jo that it was time for another hike up Nawurlandja this time to a viewpoint off the highway.

We made it to Nourlangie around 4pm a bit worn out from hiking in the Australian heat. Nourlangie is the looming outlier of the Arnhem land. It’s long red-sandstone bulk, striped in places with orange, white and black sloping up from the surrounding woodland to fall away at one end in stepped cliffs. Below was a fantastic collection of rock art. Perhaps due to the time of day there were hundreds of annoying little flies which were being mean to Jo, so she was getting understandably a bit uncomfortable. Flies aside we went to the Anbangbang shelter used for 20,000 years as a refuge and canvas. Luckily on the next part of the walk we snuck into a free talk from one of the Kakadu National Park guides. She was genuinely really interesting to listen to and we soon forgot how tired we were. We learnt about the Anbangbang gallery where Ben saw his favourite dreaming character. The virile Nabulwinjbulwinj a dangerous spirit who likes to eat females after banging them on the head with a yam.

We followed the guide up to the Gunwarddehwarde lookout with views of the Arnhem land escarpment to learn more about the surroundings and really finish off a great day in Kakadu. We crashed out in Muriella campground, with the make shift fly net on the boot of the van falling down in the middle of the night…

A present from the girls

Monday 26th august

 Jo had her last day with the girls today so decided to take them to the wildlife park straight from school. With not enough time to see all the animals the girls picked to go and see the birds in the aviary, their favourite. They especially like the monsoon room that plays out a fake thunderstorm. By the time we’d spotted as many birds as we could there was only time for either 1 more animal or playground. Playground it was! Luckily both girls were in a lovely mood and we had great fun and lots of cuddles. An hour or so after dropping them back to mummy they all came over to say a proper goodbye as they were leaving the next morning to go to Queensland. A very excited 5 year old ran up to the door saying “we’ve got you a present Joanna we’ve got you a present!” A very unexpected gift bag was thrown into Jo’s hands and they kindly got her a lovely little bag which she’ll probably use for makeup back home, a card from them all saying “Dear Joanna, Thank you for the kind and caring way you looked after the girls while you were here. Good luck to you and Ben with your travels”, a pretty picture drawn by the girls and a nice photo of the two of them. Very sweet and already on the way home in a box of goodies so they don’t get lost in the van. A promise of good references and an invite to go say hello when we were traveling in Queensland we had left it on a good note.