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Great option just only $30 Electric with APP Control, Sonic Toothbrush - 60 Days Battery Life, 4 Optional Modes, Wall Charging Base, 2 Dupont Brush Heads. Easily customize brushing mode via app. more |

Is your toothbrush in good shape? If it is more than four months old, it may be time to replace it. Find out what other common household items you should replace regularly.

5 habits that destroy your smile - Not - Brushing too soon after eating - Not replacing your often enough - Excessively bleaching your teeth - Using a hard-bristled toothbrush

It's season! Remember to always change your after you've healed!

It’s time to replace your regular toothbrush with Thermoseal Smart Anti-Plaque toothbrush! Designed to make brushing easier, tapered head for effective cleaning and so much more! 1 toothbrush but multiple benefits! To know more visit:

Healthy are important to your child's overall health. From the time your child is born, there are things you can do to promote teeth and prevent . For babies, you should clean with a soft, clean cloth or baby's .

4 in 1 bamboo charcoal toothbrush economy travel portable. Toothbrush is also one of the products we make. If you need it, you can contact me by email.

👉 How to maintain your oral hygiene and gums in good health? Read this blog to know more about the ten preventive measures of dental problems.

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Pewnego dnia pomyślałam, że na szczoteczce bambusowej w sumie jest całkiem sporo miejsca na walnięcie jakiegoś malunku… I tak się zaczęło… Zamówiłam najpierw 50 szczoteczek na próbę. I okazało się, że ludziom to się bardzo podoba. Więcej możecie obejrzeć tutaj:


I’m new to Hello Friends. They post missions to my profile. You can win a Hello products bundle for posting on the featured discussion mission. This month I won a complimentary Hello products bundle. We’re eager to try it. I did need a replacement toothbrush. We’ve never tried the floss. Any mint is wonderful. We’re excited to try this variety. Our go-to are the activated charcoal products. The photo of the activated charcoal ensemble is what’s currently in our bathroom. There are two varieties of every Hello toothpaste. I wanted to make you aware of that if you didn’t already know. If you look at the photo with the two activated charcoal products, the one on the left I normally purchase at Target. Unfortunately our local brick and mortar store doesn’t always carry it. The one on the right, I purchase in bulk at Boxed wholesale. The difference is the one on the right (white top box) contains fluoride. The one on the left (black top box) does not. Otherwise, they’re identical.