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(04) 제이유 札幌雪まつりライブ参戦予定です! 会える方会いましょう!

Are you familiar with the group yet? They're really good- watch them perform their own dance and song cover of ' hit song "Abracadabra" below!

월드클래스 티오오 포토카드 양도합니다 디엠으로 제시해주세요 재윤 동건 있습니다

월드클래스 티오오 TOO 웅기 포카 양도합니다 0.5 디엠주세요

Orgulloso de que en mi equipo Jorge Mendes ya no haga de las suyas. afirma que el Barca ficharía a Bruno Fernández para cederlo al Valencia en la Operación Rodrigo. Orgulloso de tener una junta directiva que no hace intercambio de porteros por 30 millones

is that kid you went to high school with who was always getting ignored by the cool kids and slapped around by the girls he was interested in. Now he’s found a few people who give him attention and laugh at his “jokes”. It’s like a drug for him.

제이유 슬로건 양도합니다 원가 1.5인데 택포 1.2에 드려요 비공굿도 넣어드릴테니 편하게 디엠주세요:)

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happy birthday jisu january 19, 2000

happy late (late late late late) birthday to choi jisu, here are some notable moments from the last few months, the first diary film, the performance film where we saw him dance for the first time, the 1v1 stage with jaeho, and most notable of all, the moment after jisu’s name was called as the 10th and final member of TOO! ♡


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TOO+ | TOO(티오오) ‘bad guy’ Choreography Video