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Going to bed, rip . The wait should be Worth it Though 😼 If you want to see me the new then hit me up Here ⏩ ⏪

(2018 Jun 20) Refugee migration from 2000-2016 (Map visualization: © Records from UNHCR/EarthTime visualization by Carnegie Mellon CREATE Lab)

RT AshVerma111 " Second Tranche Of Bharat-22 Exchange Traded Fund Opens For Subscription For Anchor Investors For Retail HMT Finance Minister Piyush Goyal To Meet PSU Bank Chiefs (To Increase Credit Flo… "

Second Tranche Of Bharat-22 Exchange Traded Fund Opens For Subscription For Anchor Investors For Retail HMT Finance Minister Piyush Goyal To Meet PSU Bank Chiefs (To Increase Credit Flows)

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Sad to wave goodbye to an amazing for 2018. BUT look how many terrific specialist film festivals are coming to Sydney in the coming months. Woohoo! No wonder named us **Taiwan Film Fest announce their inaugural program June 20

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Supergirl 3x23

Let’s just say it: This year Arrowverse Season-Finale were not as good as they used to be. I haven’t seen “Flash” and “Arrow” yet, but “Legends” and “Supergirl” were both disappointments, because the writers wanted too much in one episode which led to pacing problems, plotholes and many more problems.

“Legends” still kind of worked, because much about it was actually really good and its “Legends”, you forgive much because you love the show so much. But there were still some smaller things that made me mad and way too much story and that Rip-Stuff- that-if-it-really-was-it-is-an-insult-to-fans. But there was a giant Beebo, so yeah, I everything is forgiven.

But “Supergirl” …. O man, it was just BAD. I think that was the first time in the shows history that an episde was actually just BAD! I kind of saw it coming, because Season 3 had it problems before, but I was hoping for a finale as thrilling as Season 2, instead we got … a mess of an episode.

If the “Legends”-Finale had enough story for a two-parter “Battles Lost and Won” had enough for at least three episodes and therefore nothing that mattered was treated with enough care. M’rynns death … no emotion because no time. Mon-El, Alura, und Sam died - Kara did not even shed a single tear even though her long lost mother and the love of her life just died infront of her eyes! Yes, she went back in time, but it was rushed and am I the only one who didn’t really see a difference between Reign dying in that way or that way? How is letting her die better than helping to kill her? How is that holding up the principles of Supergirl?

I didn’t want Sam to die, but where was the heroic Sam-sacrifices-herself-to-save-everyone-els- from-Reign-Moment we were waithing for all season? Killing her for one moment and punching her in the face and forcing her to … drink water … was Samsheroic moment? Really?

And then the Legion is back and is barley there, and then Winn and Mon-El leave the show (at least as regulars and for some time) so save a future we did not get to see all season long?! I am sorry, but this team is called “Legion of Superheroes”, and all we ever got to see two members that weren’t Mon-El and there was a mentoning of one or two (if we count Imras sister) more, and that was it?! So the future is totally saved by Mon-El returning, because Winn is replacing Brainy, that means one more person is totally changing everything in a future we won’t get to see, because Chris is not coming back and Mon-El would need to be there, so we are never going to get to see that freaking future which I was waiting for ALL SEASON!!!

Also, James outs himself which should be a big thing, but it isn’t.

J’onn is off to do God knows what, but at least rumor has it that he is back as a regular next year. Well let’s hope so.

I mean, I am not surprised. Jeremy didn’t have so much a sub-plot for the first half of the season and didn’t get that much in the second half. Also, Supercorps/Haters bullyed him, so of course he would want to leave. The same goes for Chris. Maybe it was always planned for Mon-El to only stay for to seasons, but that’s the Maggie-Problem all over again: Why make him such a major character and love of another characters life, when he wasn’t supposed to stay? I guess, we Karamels will always have Season 2 and some scenes in Season 3, but they didn’t even kiss this season and the storytelling was :…. Yes, Kara misses him so much she gets depressed because of it, he is back, but married, Kara is mad and realises he is not worth her troubles, but she still loves him, he still loves her, they are on the verge of getting together again, but then someone else ghost-wrote the last two episodes and they don’t wanna be a couple anymore because of reasons that make no sense (I wrote about this above).

Now here is the thing: The last few eps actually made me beliefe that Mon-El was going to die in the finale. He did but only for a second and Kara did care more about the fact that she was trying to kill Reign than that and was totally okay with him leaving so …. I wish he would have died instead.

Now there was an intruiging ending scene, but if it weren’t for it “Supergirl” would be right next to “Arrow” now on the list of shows I used to like but I now only watch so I don’t get confused in the crossovers.

So yeah, 3x23 was just bad. And I am still not over how bad it was and I am so utterlry uninteresed in Season 4 right now, which it’s sad, because I loved “Supergirl” since Episode 2.

Now all I have left is hope that Lena turns evil very quickly (even though I would prefer her not too) so that the Supercorps finally suffer as much as the rest of us.

     Welp, had a few delays, sooo…now it’s way past bedtime ^^; Didn’t get much done, so it’s memers in the queue. Today had a lot of unexpected stuff, so tomorrow should be a bit quieter so I can be around more lol - but for now, best call it a night~ Y’all take care and stay safe - see you later <3

{Man, it feels G R E A T  to write again.

I’ve been busy all yesterday and this early morning doing stuff for my server, which has delayed me in my replies. But I will try to answer stuff tomorrow! I have therapy so I will be on in the late evening. I only have a week and a half left and I am done! I can already feel it working like a charm. It doesn’t hurt to type without a brace or any protection around my left wrist..and I was able to lift pots and pans yesterday with little trouble!

Soo..I want to say there is an improvement! c:

nemothesurvivor  asked:

OC questionnaire: 19, 25, 26

19.  Introduce an OC that means a lot to you (and explain why)

All of my OCs mean a lot to me XD  and you all know Nemo.  So let me talk about Compassion - who was Nemo’s lover during her time as Sylaise.  Compassion took on a body about the time “nemo” disappeared.  She was drawn to Sylaise/Nemo because of Nemo’s pain but also because like recognising like.  The two became close and  eventually became lovers - she was one of only a few to ever know Nemo’s original name.

She is important to Nemo and I because we are both bi and before their relationship Nemo had only been in relationships with other men.  Her death at the hands of Falon’Din led to Nemo’s leading an uprising that turned out slightly better than she thought it would go.   A lock of Compassion’s hair is one strand of the tri-braid that forms the centre of Nemo’s favoured staff.

25. The OC that resembles you the most (same hobby, height, shared like/dislike for something etc?)

Nemo XD  Nemo started as a SI who then took on a life of her own.  Many of our likes and dislikes remain similar - for example my favourite colour of lightsaber is purple and Nemo wields a pale-purple blade.  Though she is 6 inches taller than I am, because she enjoys the extra height.

26.  Have you ever had to change your OC’s design or something else about them against your will?

I don’t know - when it comes to writing I generally am pretty willing to change something if an OC is fighting me on it.  I did end up making several large changes to Jahaliel’s backstory because on reflection it didn’t really suit either of us anymore, though at the time I wrote it I thought it did.

thanks for the ask - sorry it took me a while to get back to you