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The Third Sunday after Epiphany are: 8am Holy Communion (BCP) 10am Sung Eucharist - Preacher: Mr J R J Larminie 3:00pm Ecumenical Service for the at Corpus Christi RC Church - Preacher: Rev Chris Band, Headington Baptist

술먹고 왔더니 BTS COUNT DOWN 하네 나이스타이밍🎉 우리 방타니들 귀여워 나의

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オリジナル曲...Tomorrow... もっともっと沢山の方に聴いてほしい😳 ということで今年の目標は50枚!超えたらもうハナマル満点💮 ひとりじゃない もあるのでそちらも聴いて買ってくれると感激です! Tomorrow ¥500 ひとりじゃない ¥300

It is said that is the day in a year😂😂😂 It will be from . How about the weather in your city?

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good morning! i wish everyone a nice saturday

I’ve had a week that no one on on four feet should be forced to endure:  a week filled with rain and wind and precious little sun.  So keep your cat loaf jokes to yourself, thank you, while I just pause in our newly restored sunlight for a well-deserved therapeutic doze.  An hour-long doze.  

Make that all day; I deserve it.

And maybe tomorrow, too.   If the weather holds out.

At SkyZone, I literally imagined Leonard and Mick jumping with me. It made that time a lot better, especially once they started daring me to bounce of the trampoline walls. Barry was…confused, to say the least, but kept his distance. After all, it’s a rare sight to see two criminals, outside of heists.

I had to jump off a roof with Leonard and Mick once after police had gotten word of a heist we were pulling. I tossed my bag to Mick, who was on the ground, and jumped just as the sound of the door to the roof opened. Leonard caught me, and I flashed him a grin as he set me down. Mick tossed me my bag and we ran. Hearing the gunshots as we escaped made me whoop in excitement, jumping into the back and taking their bags as they climbed in as well.

It was probably my favorite getaway.

☆━━  ᴛᴀɢ ᴅʀᴏᴘ


“Lullaby” (the Cure) + “tomorrow comes today” (Gorillaz) mash-up