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Our good mate producing some unreal work

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🌊Can they save London from total devastation? Watch for FREE on Prime Video . Stars , Hardy, Tom Courtenay, & . Stream it whilst available.

A colossal storm rips through London 🌊🌇Watch for FREE on Prime Video . Stars , Hardy, Tom Courtenay, & . Stream it whilst available.

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A city on the brink of annihilation 🌊Watch for FREE on Prime Video . Stars , Hardy, Tom Courtenay, & . Stream it whilst available.

Hardy is Finnee !.. the growing addiction 🔥 I could spread him on a cracker 👀🤣

So .... if Julian Edelman & Tom Hardy had a baby .... = Marshall Logan-Green Hardy


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Jon woke up horny: his cock stiff, confined in his underwear. Warm between his thighs, hard nipples, and an electrifying tingling under the skin. His own smell intoxicated him and invited him to sink his nose into one armpit. He inhaled his scent until his ass trembled with desire.

Bernthal bit his lower lip to keep from moaning at the mere rubbing with the mattress.

He turned around and searched in the darkness for Hardy’s silhouette. The man’s back was outlined with soft muscles,  descending until getting lost under the sheets, which sank between his legs suggestively. Jon wanted to slide his cock right there, where the fabric tightened and left no room for imagination.

He exhaled.

With his eyes fixed on his companion, he affirmed his toes to the bed and his hands under the pillow. He lifted his pelvis no more than an inch and settled himself, looking for a friction that did not overwhelm him. He did not want to finish soon. Not if there was a possibility of doing so by contemplating Tom’s face.

It was not hard for Bernthal to think Hardy as totally exposed for him, with those curved lips in a smile and looking over his shoulder with those eyes, inviting him to… Fuck, that filtered photo of a young Tom Hardy had ruined his fantasies forever. He could only see the man lying on bed, breaking his waist, raising his ass in a provocative angle.

Jon wanted to lick him completely, make him finish with his tongue and fingers until he was shaking and asking for his cock.

Drabble Requests!!!

This blog turned four today so I figured I’d open drabble requests for a bit to celebrate! I don’t have really any rules or anything so let’s just get to it:

Who I will write for:
Sebastian Stan
Richard Madden
Taron Egerton
Chris Evans
Tom Hardy
Alex Turner***

Yes, that means RPF. I’m not good at writing characters, I’ve tried. So, please refer to the prompt list and make sure to mention your preferred guy in your request. This is only the third time I’ve done this so be patient with me, please. Your request will probably be posted tomorrow or in the coming evenings.

Thanks guys and here are the prompts. Please limit it to one per request.

Requests will close at 1:30am EST (approx. two hours from now). I reserve the right to delete any requests received after they’re closed.

***I have never written Alex Turner before, so I’m not sure I’d be any good. Just FYI.


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right, so, Spider-Man 3

Peter, on the run, finds himself hiding out at Tony’s lake house and becomes Morgan’s designated babysitter. that’s all I want.

also Venom recruits him (read: possesses him) to find missing Eddie. also Deadpool shows up randomly and fangirls over spidey. at some point venom possesses Deadpool to shut him up. they find Eddie.

happily ever after

Wicked Games - Part Four (Eddie Brock Fanfic)

A/N:  I guess you can tell how excited I am to be writing this story, right? I had to put my idea on paper before I forgot it. When I realized I had the fourth chapter ready. I hope you like it and feel free to comment/request/criticize. I’ll take them all into account. If you want to be tagged just tell me and I’ll do it! (Sorry if I’ve made any misspellings)

Summary: Eleanor is from a wealthy family of NYC currently dating Seth the administration manager of one of her father’s companies. She finds herself in a dangerous position that will lead her towards her old acquaintance Eddie Brock, with whom she shares a past and a not-so-friendly relationship since they had a clash a few years ago.

Soundtrack: Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran ft. Rudimental

Warnings: language

If you lost one chapter: Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Enjoy my loves  😘

A loud bang echoed in my mind making my head hurt even more. It felt like a hammer was beating me. I squeezed my eyes hard and moved my face that was crushed against the hardwood on the floor. The brightness in the room made me blink several times to adjust my eyes to it.

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𝚒𝚗𝚌𝚎𝚙𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝚒𝚜 𝚊 𝚍𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚖.

So… . this film is a masterpiece. I’ve decided to talk about it today because I’ve never written anything about it before. I should say that I can’t express my love for it enough but I will do my best. Here it goes!

Number one. It’s an intelligent film. It’s literally a PUZZLE in the most creative way possible. Characters are portrayed exceptionally well and their story arcs are masterfully woven into the intricate tapestry of the film.

I’ve seen this movie at least 7 to 10 times and I genuinely feel like I learn something new every single time I see it. I’ve seen countless video essays on YouTube explaining the film (I love watching videos that break down movies) and yet I still find surprise and amazement when I sit down and watch it for the 15th time. Inception is honestly a blessing to film enthusiasts like myself and humanity in general.

Number two. This film has a fantastic ensemble of characters. Everyone has a part to play and every move, every line, and every frame was carefully planned and excecuted. That takes insanely good writing and good direction to achieve. The unique cinematography is a huge plus. Wally Pfister won that Academy Award for a reason.

You’ve also probably read about Christopher Nolan making sure the character’s names spell the word “DREAMS.” If you haven’t, it’s quite brilliant.

D = Dom (Leo DiCaprio)

R = Robert (Cillian Murphy)

E = Eames (Tom Hardy)

A = Ariadne (Ellen Page)/Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

M = Mal (Marion Cotillard)

S = Saito (Ken Watanabe)

Mind-blowing. The best part is that it only adds to the fact that the characters are all so well-written and exceptionally portrayed.

Leonardo. DiCaprio. That’s number three. Now, it would be unfair not to mention the sheer brilliance in performance of every actor in the cast. Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page, Marion Cottilard and more, whether main or supporting members, were all AMAZING. Directing this film was probably such an experience for Nolan and a blast to co-produce with his wife, Emma. He is a genius after all.

But, I just wanted to give my boy Jack a special mention because he gave it his all. We got to see his performance in Inception six years before he won his Oscar but if he had won it for this movie, it would still be incredibly well deserved (and well overdue). I honestly cannot praise this film enough.

Bottom line, this film is a must see. Like a MUST-SEE. It doesn’t matter if you saw it in the theatre (I didn’t) or if you saw it years later. It’s still a great film and I’m a hundred percent sure it’ll survive the test of time. I can’t say the same for a lot of films in the past few years. So that’s big.

As a film enthusiast since childhood, this is something I’m always gonna treasure and run back to. It’s so special to me just for being a terrific film. I hope lots of people out there feel the same. That’d be awesome. ❤️

If I could sum up this movie in less than five words, it would be: Inception is a dream.