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Una fantasía chunga que tengo es un reboot de 'Cobra' protagonizado por Hardy y y dirigida (por pedir) por John McTiernan en su regreso triunfal al cine Soy así de raro...¿Tu también?

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New poster most enigmatic complex characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.

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Movies, I watched in 2018

Dunkirk (2017)/ dir. Christopher Nolan

For The Wicked 3- [Alfie Solomons]

A.N: Hi guys! Here’s the new chapter, let me know what you think please? Love you!  ❤️

Characters: Alfie Solomons x OC

Warning: Explicit language, violence.

Gif’s not mine!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Originally posted by tommyshhelby

“Is that a new dress, Catherine?”

Cate’s head shot up as soon as she heard her father and George’s glances stopped on her, his frown deepening as if he wanted to reprimand her without making it obvious.

“Hm?” Cate sipped her tea and her father nodded at her.

“That dress you’re wearing. I haven’t seen that before.”

“Um-“ Cate looked down at herself, then stole a look at George before turning to her father, “Yes father. You’re really observant.”


Cate tried to smile, and nodded, “I just got it yesterday, you see. It was a bit expensive, but don’t you think it looks dashing?”

Her father just hmmed while George glared at her, and shook his head.

“Father, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this car I-“

“Has Alfie Solomons tried to contact you?” He was cut off by his father once again and Cate felt her heart skip a beat, then took a deep breath, putting her tea cup down.

“Contact me, father?”

“Yes,” her father looked her dead in the eye and Cate felt the heat spreading over her cheeks,


“He hasn’t,” George said “Right Cate? I’d know.”

“He hasn’t,” Cate shook her head and smiled “Of course not.”

“You’d tell us if he did, wouldn’t you Cat?”

Cate nibbled on her lip, then nodded silently.

“Because here’s the thing…” her father heaved a deep sigh, as if he didn’t want to have this conversation, “Men like Solomons, they’re evil men, Cate.”

Cate tried to control her expression, “Evil, yes. Mm hm.”

“And very dangerous.”

“Dangerous, of course.”

“And their intentions may be…less than pure.” Her father ignored how she shifted uncomfortably, “Not to mention, they’re criminals. You have no place in that company, so if he ever tries to talk to you-“

“He doesn’t, father,” Cate cut him off and twirled the spoon in her tea absentmindedly, “He will not. If anything, I’m sure he forgot about me already.”


“Ollie, get up,” Alfie entered the office, making Ollie jump on his feet, “We’re leavin’.”

“Where, boss?”


Ollie stared at him for a couple of seconds, as if he had lost his mind.

“Synagogue?” he corrected him silently, and Alfie shot him a look.

“I know the difference, mate. Church.”

“Boss, we’re Jewish.”

Alfie shut his eyes for a second, as if praying for patience, “Ollie…”

“Did you drink rum-“

“Ollie!” Alfie snapped, pinching the bridge of his nose, “What time is it?”

“Uh, 2 o’clock.”

“Cate goes to church at 2 o’clock.” Alfie said and a look of realization crossed Ollie’s face,

“So we’re going to a church to… see Cate?”

“Why else?” Alfie grabbed his jacket and made his way out of the bakery with Ollie following him suit.

“Shouldn’t we get some men with us?”


“In case there’s some sort of an attack, boss.”

Alfie chuckled, “She’s harmless, mate.” he said, “Just a bit of spitfire, that’s all, hm?”

“But others, if they see us in a church-“

“Nothin’ will happen.” Alfie muttered as he started walking, the men around getting out of the way as soon as they saw him, “What do people even do in a church?”

“Wouldn’t know, I’ve never been in one.”

“Right, yeah…” Alfie mumbled, deep in thought, “People pray there, yeah?”

“Why do you even want to see her?” Ollie asked back and stole a look at him, “She seems a bit…”



Alfie raised his brows, “Spoiled?”  he repeated and Ollie paused,

“Yeah I mean- wasn’t she raising hell because she didn’t get the dress she wanted?”

Alfie shrugged his shoulders as stopped and looked up at the church.

“Get the people out,” he said as he climbed the stairs and walked into the church. He didn’t need to look around for so long before he spotted her, sitting on the pews with her eyes closed and he made his way to her to sit beside her, but she didn’t open her eyes. He rested his elbows on the wood and looked her up and down, a smile pulling at his lips when he realized she was wearing one of the dresses he had sent her and as if she could sense it, she opened her eyes with a frown, then her eyes widened when she saw him.

“Mr. Solomons.” She said breathlessly, then looked behind her to see couple of people being ushered away by Ollie. She turned to him, repressing a mischievous smile.

“Hello love,” he said, “You were right about purple, it looks breathtaking on you.”

Cate felt her cheeks burn and she looked elsewhere. “Thank you for your generous gifts.”

“Don’t mention it,” he waved a hand in the air and Cate stole a look at the cross,

“Have you lost your way to the synagogue?” she asked politely, making Alfie chuckle.

“I figured I could come and see you.”


“Do you mind that?”

Cate shrugged slightly, “Church is open to everyone.”

“Yeah but your God and I have our view differences.”

Cate pursed her lips not to laugh, “Priest would…disapprove that statement.”

Alfie waved a dismissive hand and Cate shifted slightly in her seat,

“I’m afraid I’ve been warned about you.” She said softly and Alfie hmmed,

“Warned about me?”

“My brother says you’re a very dangerous man.”

“Your brother is right, love.”

Cate bit inside her cheek, deep in thought.

“To whom are you the most dangerous?”

Alfie raised his brows, “Hm?”

“It’s impossible for someone to be dangerous to everyone. So, who?”

Alfie thought for a second, running a hand over his beard, keeping his eyes on Cate, and she averted her eyes to steal a look at the cross hanging from the ceiling, as if she was afraid she would get caught or chastised.

“I’d say to everyone love, yeah.”


“Right, yeah.” Alfie nodded and Cate frowned.

“To me as well?”

“You think I would be?”

Cate shrugged, “That’s what my brother says.”

“Your brother is a nosy thing, ain’t he? You know he asked me to stay away from you, he did.”

Cate’s head snapped up, “What?”

“Yeah. Came to my bakery and everything, yeah?”

“George told you to stay away from me?”

Alfie shrugged, leaning back. “He has the guts, I’ll admit,”  he stated, making Cate grit her teeth.

“Yes and he had no right.”


Cate crossed her arms and leaned back, sulking.

“I’m not walking around and demanding his…his lovers to stay away from him,” she said, making Alfie grin.

“Is that what I am then?”

Cate’s widened eyes snapped up to his, “I’m- I’m sorry?”

“Your lover?”

Cate swallowed loudly and before she knew it, she was on her feet.

“I- I’d better go before my- my father wonders where I am, Mr. Solomons.”


“Mr Solomons-“

“It’s Alfie, love.”

Cate pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear, “I wish you a nice afternoon-“

“Cate, wait-“ Alfie blocked her way before she could walk past, “May I… send you more gifts then?”

A mischievous smile flashed on her lips, but only for a second before she remembered her father’s reaction and she averted her eyes.

“My father… might not approve.”

“May I send you more gifts when your father isn’t home then?” Alfie asked, amused, and Cate bit on her lip, then nodded, giggling.

“Have a great day, Mr. Solomons.” She said politely before she walked past him and left the church, leaving both Ollie and Alfie there, staring at the door.

  Special thanks to:  @lookuptheskyisfalling-blog  @girlwhoisfearless @arthurfknshelby unlimitedhappylife @norman1967 @oi-mcleish russosprettydiamondnow @bva14 and lovely anons! <3 




Dean had always been a family man. He was a husband to a wife with whom he got a beautiful daughter, and a small house not far from a local village near the city. But happiness in the desert never lasted for long, and despite Dean never taking it for granted, his luck would soon run out. One night he returned home to carnage. He still remembers the smell, the taste of blood on his tongue as he entered. The screams of his wife as the stranger attacked her, the sobs of his daughter when she saw him, the relief in her eyes when she realized daddy was home. But as a child of the desert, Dean was able to recognize defeat when it presented itself. In this case, he knew he had lost when he walked in there. No matter the amount of hope on his daughter’s face, he knew she was lost to him. His wife was dying at his feet, when he fought the stranger for the gun, the gun that managed to fatally shoot his daughter, who fell and was dead before she hit the floor. His rage made him kill the stranger instantly, in a bloody fight that seemed more primal than a fight between two grown men. Dean came out on top, but he at the end of the fight, he wasn’t sure if it was the outcome he was hoping for.

With his family dead and his home in flames, Dean felt like his life was over. But the clock was still ticking and his life continued. With the man who killed his family dead, there were still so many out there that sought to bring destruction to the desert, and he had nothing to hold him back anymore, no ties or family to convince him his life was worth saving. Armed with intent and a single gun, Dean walked the path of bounty hunter, slowly making a name for himself, rooting out dangerous men and women, hired guns and pirates with a liking for killing. With the trail of bodies he left behind, his jobs became more dangerous, well-paid, and more likely to end his life. He proceeded with bigger kills, larger hits, more dangerous men. He scouted the whole desert, the whole of Pandora in search for someone tough enough to take his life from him, to take it so he wouldn’t have to. To rejoin him with his wife and daughter in the next life. Instead of salvation, he found something else. While under contract with a priest from the City of Wheats, Dean found himself in the middle of an old gang war, and his target was the mob boss himself. Shooting his way into the penthouse somewhere at the outskirts of the City of Iron, Dean was expecting to kill or be killed, instead it turned into a rescue mission. Among the sheets of the bed he was supposed to find his target in, an entertainment droid slept. A young woman with kind eyes who had never been given a choice, who had been born to slave away, to furfull other people’s wishes.


Thinking himself save after his rescue and escape from the penthouse, Dean surely underestimated how much an entertainment droid can mean to someone. Within two days he was on the front page of every news paper in the City of Iron, wanted for the destruction of private property and the theft of a precious artifact. Disgusted by the idea that the android was considered property, Dean vowed to protect her in any way he could, while part of him still questioned why this android was so important, because the mob boss probably had enough money to buy himself a new one. He named her Sun, taught her how to fight, and found himself slowly growing to like her. She still fights at his side, cracking jokes left and right. She has given him new reason to go on, to not search for death at every corner, putting his life on the line in the hopes of meeting his end. Sun gives him new life, something to laugh about, someone to care for. For the first time since his family died, he feels like he has something to live for. Together they help people in need around the desert, and collect the contracts that Dean is given.

However, to the world he still appears the same stoic, cold individual who will kill anyone for money. He has no time for bullshit, is a pro with a knife and has an excellent aim. Although he doesn’t want to die anymore, or not soon at least, he continues to fight as if he has nothing to lose. He’s a dangerous enemy, the boogeyman hiding under your bed if you have a price on your head, a man without alliances.


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