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Hardy stars as the lethal protector and anti-hero Venom - one of Marvel's most enigmatic and complex characters. Just saw this on Amazon: >

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Right would love to stay and chat about our man, but this girl is a working now. Need to get some sleep. Dream dream, sweet dreams .. of catch up with you all tomorrow x

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hardy sounds like the biggest or tiniest bitch when he isn’t acting.

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Can we just admire the fact that in Venom, Eddie is broke & has piles of overdue bills. Yet, he was willing to give his homeless friend Maria 20 bucks?!!!!!???!

Reports & Repertoire 14

Characters: Eddie Brock x Venom x Candace Miller (OFC)

Word Count:  3900+

Summary:   Venom romances Candy in an attempt to seduce her to get her to sleep with them. It works. PART TWO, the threesome.

Warnings/Tags: Just sex. Explicit Sexual Content: Threesome with Venom and Eddie.Oral, Anal, M/F. Fluff. Flirting. Seduction. Romance. The boys feel whole in a new way. Candy feels like she’s in the most romantic porno ever. 

Click on my icon then go to Mobile Masterlist in my bio for my other works and chapters. (Had to do this since Tumblr killed links, sorry.)

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Toms first Christmas with The Sullivan’s 🎅🏼🎄

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December of 2005

• He was scared as hell

• this was only his third dinner with the family and he had to announce that he knocked their daughter/sister up

• The house was homey; two stories and decked with lights, 4ft candy canes and reindeer on the roof

• Selena - Vincent’s step mom - greeted them at the door with baby Élodie on her hip

• He got to meet Uncle Antoine, the chef, that Vincent has adored since she was in diapers

• Frances gave him a tour around the house

• It smelled like a cinnamon apple dream

• The little girl definitely had a crush

• Classic Christmas tunes dubbed in French, playing from the record player by the huge tree

• Lazlo, his fiancée, and their friends were in the basement playing video games

• Assisting Selena in the kitchen because she measures a mans worth by his cooking skills

• Once he’s settled with one group of the family someone whisks him away to another

• It’s usually Frances

• Watching sports with the guys, having wine with the women, but mostly watching others play games in the basement

• Playing with the dogs

• Constantly afraid he was in the way (he was the biggest in the house other than sapin de noël)

• Bumping into someone and apologizing like he’d just hit them with a car

• He attended his first Midnight Mass, despite barely understanding the language

• Vincent offering to translate what she found important

• Vincent and Lazlo forcing everyone into a snowball fight

• Hot cocoa by the fireplace in damp clothes

• Customizing his own ornament for the tree

“because this is your family too, mijo”

• Barely understanding Vincent when she says grace over Le Réveillon, but smiling anyways because she sounds lovely speaking in her native tongue

• Sleeping in Vincent’s old bedroom

• Vincent sneaks in cookies and milk (and Frances) while they watch Christmas movies

• Carrying Frances to bed before helping fill shoes with treats and toys

• Making hot cocoa, tea, and coffee the next morning for everyone

• Wearing her parents matching aprons and pretending to be baristas (taking Loïc’s “order” and pretending to write it on his sippy cup)

• Sitting in a rocking chair with Vincent on his lap while everyone passes around gifts

• When Vincent refused to have some scotch with her dad the night before he knew something was up

• But getting a “Worlds Greatest Grandpa” mug was the confirmation he needed

• A sudden barrage of kisses, hugs, and other languages

• Sébastien completely pretending he didn’t get Vinnie scotch for christmas

“It’s still in the mail, love…” (Tom got a watch though)

• They helped clean up all the wrapping paper before leaving with Lazlo to have breakfast with their mother and other sisters

• Almost never wanting to leave France because wow what a beautiful family


Sapin de Noël - Christmas Tree (French)

Mijo - Son (Spanish)

Le Réveillon - Christmas Eve Feast (French)

Brief (Freddie x Reader)

Freddie Jackson One Shot

Warnings: Sexual behavior. Nightclub atmosphere.

Author’s Note: First impressions can never always be accurate. And that’s how we feel about Freddie Jackson in my opinion. The way this gorgeous and charismatic exterior hides his sociopath criminal nature made me want to write something about him.

Originally posted by fuckyeahfreddiejackson

Pushing the door open, you exited the ladies washroom with a shriek of laughter that was barely loud compared to the cacophony of noises that filled the club. Flashing lights made the clouds of smoke appear to look like mist full of color as you watched the crowd move, twist, grind bodies against one another at the dance floor.

“Wait for me ‘ere would ya? I’ll just go get another drink” your friend yelled into your ear, her long acrylic nail painted fingers gripping on your shoulder. You nodded in acknowledgment and leaned against the wall, watching her disappear into the crowd.

A few shots and a few snorts weren’t something you were unfamiliar to on a Friday night. People might say you were mixed with the wrong crowd, but you didn’t care. You felt liberated with your friends and that feeling was something a normal life could not replace.

That liberation also included flirting with danger, when especially you came across the lads in the underworld.You always end up being one of the favorites in their posses or groupies or whatnot, and you were more than happy to be along for the ride. One night stands or an occasional threesome, you’d list them off non-chalantly. You were filled with raw energy, on the prowl, seeking excitement.

Which finally seemed to be possible tonight when you spotted a pair of eyes staring at you from a other side of the club. You caught his glance for a few seconds till he resumed what seemed like a discussion with the host of the party. He seemed important, you thought.

Was he a gangster?

Your couldn’t help but smile when you saw how this man couldn’t stop looking at you. He’d steal quick glances whenever he could while he was almost close to ending his discussion. His gaze was intense and seductive enough to grab your attention, you suddenly felt your own skin brush against the one piece spagetti strapped dress, which was tight on the right places, and opened enough to show a generous amount of cleavage.

You shuddered as you noticed him disappear into the dancing crowd and appear out of it, walking towards you. A number of voices suddenly called out to him as he passed.

“Oi Freddie!”

“Looking good Freddie babe!”

“You leavin’ so soon Freddie?”

This ‘Freddie’ was someone you didn’t know, and you cursed yourself for not knowing, cause you couldn’t help but realize how alluring his swagger was. He literally undressed you with his eyes while his seemingly thick, delectable lips formed a smile.

The music seemed to fade in your head as you could clearly hear your own breath. As your breath became deeper, your heaving chest gave him a better view of your exposed sun-kissed skin.

As he stood in front of you, Freddie confidently reached out his hand and held your face. Dipping his head, he adorned your lips fully with his. Automatically closing your eyes, your heartbeat quickened as he opened his mouth, slipping his tongue in you.

Flicking his cigarette away, you moaned when he dipped his hand into the opening of your dress, cupping your breast tightly.

You knew it was all brief, another opportunity might not come your way. Taking his hand, you guided it down to under your dress, till you securely placed it on your crotch. You pressed it tighter, thankful you didn’t wear any underwear.

Freddie chuckled in reply to your moans as his fingers worked on your heat while distracting your tongue with his own.

Breaking off the kiss, your knees almost gave in when Freddie inserted his fingers to his mouth. His eyes never left your own as he tasted you on his fingertips. You chuckled as he winked, turned around and walked away.

You knew how these things worked. It’s one of the reasons why they were so exciting. But you just craved for this man for more than just a brief encounter. You wished his body was pressed against yours. You wished your hands were roaming around him, tugging those pants to feel him further. Even though he has left the venue, you were lost in a fantasy of this man named Freddie.

“Was that Freddie Jackson?” Your friend’s returning voice shook you out of your thoughts. The loud noises filled your ears once again.

“ that his name?” Still dizzy, you asked, genuinely curious. Your friend raised her eyebrows.

“Sweetheart, don’t ya know who ‘e is?”

You shook your head, unaware of the madness and danger that occupied in the seductive coating of the man that was Freddie Jackson.


Anyway here he is reciting the Bane speech to his dog

Legacies | PART 1

Summary: Alfie Solomons!daughter x Charles Shelby

Warnings: none so far

On the 21st February in the year 1910, you and your husband Alfie welcomed a little girl into the world. She was named Esther Ruth Solomons, and she was absolutely beautiful. Having her fathers blue green eyes and dimples on either sides of her cheeks, you knew her beauty would cause you and your husband grief one day. But let’s just say neither of you weren’t expecting it so soon.

Being the daughter of a notorious gangster in England, Esther and yourself required the highest forms of security throughout your lives. Alfie spent hundreds of dollars for the best of the best guards to watch you at all times especially when he was sent threats from the Sabini’s for harming his daughter when he was at war with them.

The year is now 1925, and you and Alfie’s daughter is all grown up into a beautiful 15 year old girl within a blink of an eye. Alfie and even yourself have always been protective of your daughter throughout her upbringing, keeping her safe from her fathers enemies and the gangs of the town. All the young men in the area thought Esther Solomons was the most beautiful girl they have ever seen but none of them were brave to try anything because she was Alfie’s daughter. All Esther’s friends were having their first kisses and whatnot, while Esther had never been asked on a date.

Until one day when her parents thought she was old enough to work, Esther became her fathers secretary. Though Alfie likes to keep his girls out of his business, it was Esther’s job to sit in on meetings with Alfie, taking notes and filing important documents.

Esther was checking the diary for the last meeting for the afternoon which read:

3.30, Tommy Shelby

Esther thought that name sounded familiar, he was a mob boss in Birmingham, famous for his horses and his company, it’s become a household name throughout all of London.

As the meeting was all set up for Tommy and her farther, she sat down with a typewriter beside Alfie on his desk ready to take notes.

“Alright my love, Tommy should be here any minute to discuss bakery business, he is a very good pal of mine he is, I need you to be as professional as you can be.” Alfie told Esther while he was pouring brown liquor into two glasses and placing them on the table.

Does this Tommy Shelby lad have a specific agenda for this meeting father?”Asked Esther, straightening out her knee-length dress.

Just business between two pals my love, no need for you to worry.” Assured her father.

Just as Esther was typing the date and time on paper on her typewriter, there was a knock at the door. It was Ollie, Alfie’s assistant and right hand man, who came in to inform you and Alfie that two Shelby men have arrived.

In walked a tall middle aged man wearing a very nice, and most likely expensive suit, into the office. He then took off his hat and greeted Alfie. Esther assumed this was Tommy. She would be lying if she said she didn’t think he was handsome and quite the charmer. Following behind him in the room looked to be a younger version of the first man that walked in. He too was also wearing the same hat, and a suit that was very similar to the other man who he accompanied . He looked like he was around the same age as Esther, maybe 17 she guessed. He too was very handsome. beautiful face structure, piercing blue eyes, perfectly defined cheekbones..

“Alright Tommy, how are ya? Bought the young lad I see,” Sadly Esther dragged from from her thoughts by her fathers voice, “definitely a Shelby by the looks of him. Looks just like you when you were younger Tommy! Right I’ll like to introduce you to my daughter Esther, she’s my secretary and will be taking notes from our meeting today, Esther this is my business partner and good mate Thomas Shelby and his son Charles, now let’s get into it shall we?”

As they all found their seats around the desk, Ollie was pouring the drinks for Alfie and the guests.

Her father and Tommy were deep in conversation about whiskey, guns, the Italians, and a place called The Garrison, which Esther come to find out it was a pub Mr Shelby owned in Birmingham.

As she was taking notes, she was finding it hard to concentrate when Charles was sitting in front of her. Esther could tell he was zoned out in conversation, Tommy probably bought him along for company for the drive to Small Heath, or maybe he’s grooming him to be next in charge? Either way she could see Charles’ wandering eyes everytime he thought she wasn’t looking. Little did he know Esther was doing the same.

The meeting was coming to an end. Everyone started to stand to bid their goodbyes and shake hands. When it was Esther’s turn to shake Charles hand she couldn’t help but notice the smug smile on his face when he said,

“Was a pleasure to meet you Miss Solomons, I am looking forward to meeting with you again soon.”

And in that moment, Esther knew deep down she too is looking forward to meeting with the very handsome Charles Shelby again soon.