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How Tom Hardy, Dolly Parton, and now Orlando Bloom, won bedtime. Stories Hardy Parton Bloom

hardy sounds like the biggest or tiniest bitch when he isn’t acting.

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PROJECT TITLE || “Black Hawk Down” - 2001 - dir. Ridley Scott

CHARACTER || “Lance Twombly” - 2001 - SPC of the 75th Rangers

PROJECT SUMMARY || Produced and directed by Ridley Scott with a screenplay penned by Ken Nolan, Black Hawk Down is based on the 1999 non-fiction book of the same name by Mark Bowden. The film follows the events of the raid in Mogadishu carried out by the U.S. Military which became known as the Battle of Mogadishu. The film was Tom Hardy’s feature film debut and also starred other well-known actors such as Ewan McGregor, Eric Bana and Josh Hartnett.

may85  asked:

Hey Hun! If requests are still open, may I make one? My birthday is the 25th, so is there any way that I can get some Alfie birthday fluff? ✌💓

“Don’t open yer eyes,” Alfie says as he guides you. You can’t hear your heels clicking against concrete anymore. “Just a tad bit furtha.”

“Alfie,” you laugh. “Just tell me already.”

“No, can’t ruin it.” You know he’s holding in his excitement. Alfie’s not very subtle when he’s excited, so it’s a little interesting to know that he’s excited and holding it together.

A few more steps and you feel pavement again.

“Are ya ready,” Alfie asks.

“Yes, Alfie. I’ve been ready,” you laugh.

“Alright! One, two, three. Shalom!”

And Alfie’s hands leave your face. The sun hits your eyes and you squint and blink trying to regain your vision. When your eyes focus, you notice a small rowboat. A basket sitting in it. Your smile grows.

“Alfie,” you say turning around.

“Ya always say I don’t listen to ya,” Alfie says smiling, “except I am listenin’ and well, happy birthday Sweetheart.” And he grabs you by the waist and kisses you. You feel his smile which makes you smile. Pulling away, he grabs you by the hand and pulls you to the rowboat.

Alfie and you end up in a very secluded area where he docs the boat. A beautiful tree stands tall and strong and you smile.

“You comin’, Love,” Alfie asks sticking out his hand. You nod and grab his hand. Alfie grabs the basket and the two of you head up the hill. Alfie opens the basket and gets out a blanket. He motions for you to sit down and then he sits down as well.

“I got a treat for us,” he says, “I know a butcher, and I made this request and I know you’ll love it.” Alfie picks up a small package. He carefully unfolds it and you smell it.

“You got ga oose,” you ask a smile forming on your lips.

“It was what we had on our first date wasn’t it,” Alfie asks cheekily. “I rememba how much ya liked it–Oh and I got this.” Alfie pulls out a clear jug filled with wine. “I convinced a rabbi, to let me ‘ave the oldest bottle they had. I don’t like wine ya know, but I’m willin’ to drink it for ya.”

You smile and watch as he grabs two glasses. You notice them as the glasses he drinks his rum and whiskey from.

“I’m so glad you could suck it up for once,” you laugh at him.

Alfie laughs and the two of you start eating.

About an hour and half of the wine down, you watch as Alfie strips his clothes and runs to the water. He jumps in and you laugh as the water swallows him. When he emerges he shakes his head the same way Cyril does when he’s trying to shake off the water.

“Come on, Sweetheart,” Alfie calls out, “It’s so nice in ‘ere.”

“I don’t have a swimsuit,” you giggle.

“I don’t either! Come in.”


“Get in!”


Alfie’s lips twist into a smirk. You watch as he gets out of the water and runs towards you.

“Alfie, No. No!” You start laughing.

He picks you up and throws you over his shoulder. He’s laughing as you try to make him put you down.

“Put me down,” you wheeze.

“Shouldn’t say that Sweetie,” Alfie says and all of a sudden you feel the water eat you.

You emerge and look at a grinning Alfie.

“I hate you,” You say.

“Nah, ya don’t. Ya can’t live without me.”

You smile as he kisses you again.

The two of you sit on the bank to watch the sun go down. Alfie Gabe you his shirt because your clothes were soaked. You know it’s cheesy, but you told Alfie a long toke ago you’d like the experience what others found ‘romantic’. Alfie suddenly moves away from you and you look at him.

“I forgot to give you present,” Alfie says.

You watch him pull a medium box out of the basket. He hands it to you and looks down at his lap. You look at the box a moment longer and open it. A beautiful silver chain holds a beautiful sapphire ellipse.

“I had to convince this Russian woman to give it to me,” Alfie says. “But I wanted ya to ‘ave it because blue looks beautiful on ya.”

“I love it,” you say.

“Do ya need help puttin’ on?”

“Could you?”

“Yeah, c’mere.”

Alfie quickly fastens the necklace around your neck and you turn to face him.

“How does it look,” You ask.

“Is it wrong to say,” Alfie starts, “that I wanna see ya in nothin’ but that necklace?”

“No,” you say smirking, “but you’re gonna have to wait for your birthday.”


Happy early birthday, darling! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing this. Again, Happy early Birthday I hope you’re birthday will be more than amazing! Ps I hope this meets your expectations!

anonymous asked:

You know how Alfie is always saying fuck or fucking? His kid basically walking around and saying "fuck" multiple times. They say it at church, at home, at school, in the street. Alfie knows his wife is going to kick his ass.

At first Alfie would find it hilarious, but after saying it in a synagogue with mother there, he’s like well, I’m gonna sleep on the couch tonight.

anonymous asked:

Alfie's daughter asking him, "Daddy, why you and mommy aren't married?" Alfie panics and screams internally

I feel like Alfie met his lover in the most erotic way possible. Like she was a burlesque dancer or something and trying to explain that your mother was half naked and dancing when he first met her and it was a one night stand.

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anonymous asked:

Dad Alfie wants a son, no doubt. It's his ultimate dream, that a boy continues with the Solomon legacy. But once they tell him it's a girl, his heart melts and she becomes his spoiled princess. She's the only person in the world who he can't say no.

Not sure if this was a request…so I’m making this a list because I wasn’t sure….I hope you still like it.


-Alfie has always wanted a son because he wanted to pass down his name and his bakery

-Lover wanted to name the son after Alfie, but Alfie felt that was too much

-Son would be named Ezra because that’s the only name the two of you can agree on

-when it’s time for the birth he hurries to the hospital waiting to greet his son

-hours of labor and the baby comes

-the nurse exclaims that it’s a girl

-Alfie feels his heart drop

-lover smiles as the baby is handed to her

-Alfie looks at her and automatically feels his heart stutter

-her soft small face and big eyes

-her cries loud and shrill

-he looks at lover for permission to hold the child

-when he holds her he can’t help but feel uneasy because he’s afraid he’ll drop her

-all the thoughts of having a boy leaves as he looks into her big blue eyes and smiles

-“My daughter.”

anonymous asked:

Since you think Alfie wouldn’t leave his kid with a nanny cause he doesn’t trust them would that also mean that Alfie’s kids are homeschooled cause he wouldn’t trust to leave his children alone for a few hours.

Yes and no. I feel like when Alfie was really in the scene he wanted no one around his children. But when he kind of retired because of him getting sick, he was like they need to experience the outside world because he wouldn’t be alive much longer, so he let them attend their last years at a public school.

anonymous asked:

Do you think that Alfie would view his daughter as an angelic angle that can do no wrong so when somebody other than his wife complains about her he is kinda like “ya... right”

Knowing himself, he’d know there’s a sardonic and crude side to her. His wife would be like, “she’s just like you and it’s terrible.” And he’s secretly going, “That’s my girl.” Now for anyone else complaining he doesn’t give a warning before he either hits or verbally attacks the latter.