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Rate this designer kitchen from 1 to 10😍 Tag a friend 😎 . …

notes: the new 2 are up, and , assortment is up to date, and....there will be a silver edition metallex of the LA token at the event. 20 of them.

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Prof. Goforth of puts us all to shame; her second law review article published in as many days, this one in North Dakota Law Rev., focuses on whether like might change the ways in which companies & investors structure their relationships.

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UX considerations for sending ERC20 tokens

Quick thoughts on user flow and interactions captured during the process of designing a crypto trading platform.

  • Send/Recieve tokens that require ETH for the transaction
  • how to inform the user that ETH is required
  • what if no ETH available in wallet
  • dealing with loading ETH to the wallet as part of the send tokens flow
  • show tokens under ETH wallet or separate (coin is listed on Exchange, tokens are not tradable)
  • tokens are not treated as separate wallets (except when explicitly required by the client as part of company decision who owns the exchange)
  • advanced gas settings (allow for settings or automatically adjust fee-based on speed)
  • speed=higher fee?