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"Caution, Slippery When Wet" is about; 1. Health and safety in the work place? 2. A steamy farce set in a swimming baths? 3. Soap? Decide for yourself

DARING. STYLISH. INDIVIDUAL and CONFIDENT. Kate has no intention of swapping the "RING of SECRECY" for the RING of MATRIMONY. and are one-sided affairs. Hers. is not negotiable. But then... . BTIWOB

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If you don’t like me that’s cool everybody don’t have good taste 😉 🌹

Bellissimo concerto di presentazione del primo CD del 22enne Tommaso Perazzo, uno dei più giovani e talentuosi compositori del jazz italiano contemporaneo. ?

RT drusillacarr5 , *****RING OF SECRECY ."Are you trying to tell me you`re a spook?" He was laughing uncontrollably. "Pull the other one Kate. What`s the real story?" The silence deafened him. BTIWOB http

Protest sign spotted at the People’s Vote march in London today . . . Credit:Bronson_AD📷 Like, Comment & Share!!💖💘💝👍 .

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I’ve cried all the tears in my body dry.


Man like Jesse V Johnson’s come up with the goods. Almost doesn’t matter what the film is about when you have a totally kick ass cast like this! Well played for getting everyone together.

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What next.

About to board a flight back to europe. After one month in south america. Have I grown up already?real growing up is being able to tap into your mind, ignoring the noise, and sticking to what you truly believe in. So so many distractions in the world and every single thing whether you know it or not having its impact on you. Changing your thinking, modifying and deciding your next moment. Why then are we so ignorant about filtering what we consume around us?

I feel clearer in the head like a black heavy curtain has been lifted off. I no longer feel the need to find somebody in my life. My life is about me. Its not about anyone else, its not about what everyone thinks. Its solely about me. And it is disrespectful to myself if I say otherwise. And how can it be called selfish and bad when valuing your own existence is what is needed in the world? Treating your body like a temple, taking care of the wellbeing of your mind and paying attention to what you’re consuming, both by mouth and through thoughts.

It’s officially spring break! I’ve got two weeks off from work to enjoy myself and relax! I’m babysitting my mom’s pup this week, so I’m excited to spend some time outside playing with him! Today’s adventures include deep cleaning my apartment at some point, maybe running some errands, and relaxing at home. Tomorrow, I’m going on a brunch cruise with my coworkers!! Then I’ll probably take the pup to a dog park with Matt. I’m very excited to enjoy some quality alone time, and also some quality time with my friends and family!!


Do you know what today is?
It’s our anniversary!

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A challenge: 1,15, & 49 + Malex

Alex doesn’t remember falling asleep.

He was so tired, and he hadn’t been able to sleep, not until he had made sure that Michael was okay.

And while, Michael obviously wasn’t okay, he was alive and hadn’t told Alex to leave him alone when he’d shown up.

Alex startles awake, and for a moment he feels lost.

The stars shine bright above him, and the wind makes it feel a lot colder than it is, but not cold enough that Alex fears he’ll freeze.

He feels something move beside him, and turns to find the top of Michael’s head, curls blowing in the wind.

They’d fallen asleep in the back of Michael’s truck. Alex doesn’t think they even spoke, just sat together in silence looking up at the stars.

Michael twitches hard and mutters something unintelligible under his breath.

Alex tugs a little on the sheet that he’s got wrapped all the way to his nose, and isn’t prepared when Michael flinches, moving back, flaying and almost hitting Alex in the face.

“Guerin,” Alex says urgently and reaches for him.

His fingers just barely touch the top of Michael’s head, and Michael screams, sitting up, eyes open, wide awake.

His eyes dart around crazily until they spot Alex and then he stops, eyes wide and scared and on Alex as though he can’t believe that Alex is actually there.

Alex watches him at the way each breath shudders through him like an aftershock.

He moves closer and is relieved when Michael doesn’t move away, only moves his head so that he can track Alex’s movements.

Alex moves closer hands up to show that he means no harm, and Michael watches him like he’s an alien and has no idea what Alex is trying to do.

“Guerin,” Alex says again and Michael twitches, before he shuts his eyes tight and then blinks them open.

Alex can tell he’s more aware immediately, and when his eyes find Alex he goes rigid and Alex sees the second the air catches at the back of his throat painfully.

He gasps, and Alex moves immediately, pressing in close to his side, and ignoring it when Michael freezes, only to shudder hard when he inhales again.

Alex takes Michael’s right hand in his, and puts it against his chest, sliding his fingers between Michael’s still shaking ones, and pressing their hands down.

“Follow me,” Alex says softly and breathes exaggeratedly slow. In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out.

Until they are breathing mostly in sync and Michael has stopped shaking.

Michael inhales deeply and holds it longer than Alex does, letting it all out in a whoosh afterwards and then blinking his eyes open to look at Alex.

Alex watches him back and gives him a soft smile. “Better?”

Michael’s fingers twitch against Alex’s skin.

He licks his lips.

And then he’s moving his hand from beneath Alex’s and sliding it up his neck fingers digging into the back of his neck.

“You were dead,” Michael says voice soft.

“Oh,” Alex says voice equally soft.

He looks at Michael and Michael looks back at him, and then before Alex can really process it, Michael is heavy in his lap, pushing him back against the side of the truck, as he wraps his arms around Alex’s shoulder and holds him tight enough that Alex feels a strain to breathe.

But he doesn’t care. Michael needs this, so Alex is more than willing to give it to him.

He wraps his arms around Michael’s waist and holds back just as tight, burying his face in Michael’s neck and breathing him in, embedded his scent into his senses so that when he’s gone he won’t ever forget.

die Frühjahrstagundnachtgleiche
    • früh = early
    • das Jahr = year
  • das Frühjahr = spring
  • -s- = epenthesis
  • der Tag = day
  • and = und
  • die Nacht = night
  • gleich = equal
  • -e = to make the word a (female) noun

die Frühjahrstagundnachtgleiche = spring equinox

Everything’s disgusting. I hate 11th grade bc we do absolutely nothing. But i have to go to school bc i have to. The most disappointing thing is that’s wasting of our time as we could do nothing or prepare to exams at home/extra lessons.

Im tired of seeing these faces every single day. Im tired of everyday extra lessons because i need to pass exams perfectly. But whats the point if i dont get any pleasure and all i do is harm and fight with myself because I don’t feel good and worth enough?