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I drew a turtle.

Just in case anyone missed it I made a my top 3 TMNT Games video. I guarantee nobody’s list is quite like mine. TOP 3 TMNT GAMES

Holy crap, I just spit my drink once I saw on season 3 on episode of line

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Just found a absolute awesome book in a comic shop near me! Retro goodness from my favourite movie ever! 2 quid to!!.

Si vous aimez les TMNT, je ne peux que vous recommander de regarder l’épisode de « The toys that made us » qui est consacré à la franchise sur Netflix !

アメコミグッズの在る店に行きたい… 昔はタカラから多くのタートルズフィギュア出てたのに,今はアニメすら見れないのは寂しい。

episode is too short at 45 minutes. I wanted to hear more from Vanilla Ice and the origins of Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go!

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Ein erweiterter Auswahl Bildschirm für das NES Turtles Spiel. Schönen Sonntag noch! 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

The landmark issue of is almost here! Pre-order Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #100 with your local comic shop to make sure you don't miss this epic issue! --

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“Some day…”



Yo’ you can feel all the tension the boys feel, like, how splinter prefers his boys more tha anything,the love. How even if Donnie and mikey, and Leo and Raph are the closest in the fight (like, always has been like this, but in this even more) they all love each other.

I— I love this serie AAAA

Just finished the episode of The Toys That Made Us that featured the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s a pretty cool story about a dumb idea being dismissed until it exploded into a three decade long cash cow. But the best part had to be the reunion of the Turtle’s creators, Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman.

I didn’t even know they had stopped being friends but apparently the fifth turtle they added to the live action tv show created a rift in their relationship and eventually they grew apart both personally and professionally. But you could tell they both regretted it and missed each other. So, they agreed to meet up again after years of managing the direction of TMNT separately.

It was sweet to see them genuinely happy to see each other and openly apologetic about the part they’d played in the split. I hope they’ve fully repaired their closeness bc they were once extreme best comic book nerd buddies. And just to watch the legend of their multibillion dollar creation that started out as joke drawings unfold was so satisfying

RotTMNT: Happy Leo Day 2019


So, how is everyone after the s1 finale? But not to get off topic, today is Leo Day. If you recall, “Bug Busters” first aired on this day in 2018, and Leo at one point quoted, “We should rename today ‘Leo Day’.”, and thus, a TMNT holiday was born. November 17th is the day we celebrate Leo in Rise of the TMNT, and maybe other versions of Leo from TMNT’s past.

To celebrate, I had to draw Leo in honor of today. For the past five years, Leo has been my favorite of the Turtles. Rise is no exception. I do like this fresh new take on the blue masked turtle. Although he isn’t the leader (yet), he definitely has shown those qualities throughout the series. Our leader is still there, just in a whole new light.

This is the first time I drew Leo from Rise, and I think he came out great. I used a screenshot for reference, from the style, pose and colors. I ended up blending my drawing style with the show’s art style, because as I was drawing Leo’s left elbow, I wasn’t crazy of how it looked so pointy. So, I just made it a bit more rounder, and it looks way better.

I do find that his skin is a little off, but I struggled to get the right green. That’s why his arm stripes are darker than his actual skin. RIP. Also, I do realize that there are clear pencil marks on where I drew the stripes. Probably should’ve drew them with a harder pencil. 😝 And the colors of his shell are a little off. But other than that, I’m proud of this one. I do hope to draw more Rise characters someday.

Leo and Donnie have middle child syndrome

So just rewatching the season and something came to me: What if the Lair Games is just Leo’s way to stick out?

There has always been the idea in the fandom that Leo has “Middle Child Syndrome” (hence forth referred to as MCS) but in episode ‘End Game’, Raph suggested that Donnie also has MCS. Both Leo and Donnie are ignored as the middle children in different ways. Donnie’s genus is always taken for granted by Splinter, and Leo is often ignored by everyone for his antics. I feel that Donnie is often dramatic because that is how he gains attention from his brothers and hopes that one day, it will gain Splinter’s attention. However, I feel that Leo’s MCS is more pronounce because Donnie still gains attention from Raph, Mikey, and Leo. Leo also must feel inadequate because of how long it has taken him to master the mystic sword’s portal technique. Leo’s feelings of inadequacy are exasperated because Leo and Donnie are often seen as twins, in fandom and hinted in cannon. So when the Lair Games are introduced, imagine how it must have felt for Leo to win for the first time and be recognized, not only in something he is good at but also separated/distinguished from Donnie. For Leo, the Lair Games is the only time in the year that he, and only he, is solely recognized by Splinter as being the best at something. This exasperates Donnie because the only thing he really wants is Splinter’s recognition at something.

Rise of tmnt finale spoilers ahead:

Am I the only one who thoughts Splinter did something to the boys when he asked help from the scroll the first time? They were all acting ooc, they got new skills and noticeably better at fighting in just few hours… and when Splinter destroyed the scroll, they went back to normal almost instantly. It seams pretty clear to me that *something* happened, it wasn’t just guilt what made them act so different.

What do you guys think?