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Just a few hours away now... Join us first for the Manchester derby from 5pm 🍻⚽️🍻 followed by The Rematch- Anthony Joshua VS Andy Ruiz JR 🍻🥊🍻

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handle Ohio State rather easily in the Game. The game today is nothing more than a scrimmage game.

Who's ready for tomorrow?.... Anthony Joshua VS Andy Ruiz JR - The Rematch! Saturday 7th December we shall be showing the fight live on all bar screens, open until late! See you here!!.. 🍻🥊🍻

It doesn't matter what or man does/doesn't give to you. As far as is concerned your is proportionate to your willingness to others. Let's not get caught up with man's view of who we are & start living acc. to God's view🙏🏽❤

Yeah... The weekend is almost here! Let's groove to this energetic song 💃🕺 Enjoy watching ⏯ on 🎶

It's great seeing all these old players that won the title with their clubs managing them now! Now we just need to see Liverpool hire Steven Gerrard to lose the title! ASAP!

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Broadcast Design for ‘[2019 MAMA] The NEXT DIMENSION MUSIC’


Korean Drama “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” Opening


FITC Toronto 2016 Titles


* Happy 2 year anniversary to Drakestarr Island!! 🎉

🌟🌱🌀🔥💧🏔 🌟🌱🌀🔥💧🏔 🌟🌱🌀🔥💧🏔 🌟

* My wonderful co-writer and stellar friend @mon-berry and I were planning a bigger piece for this. But we’ve already missed it by a few days since we’ve agreed to place the anniversary on the 30th of November! That other piece will probably still be coming in about a week or so.

“John Rolfe served as secretary and recorder general of Virginia and as a member of the governor’s Council.“

So, what does that make John Rolfe? What is his title? How would people refer to him? Mr. Rolfe? Sir. Rolfe? You can only be a sir if the queen knights you, right? Though, in the Disney movie, a kid calls him sir, but that is it only time John Rolfe is referred to anything other than John Rolfe or just Rolfe. I don’t know the rules, man! And google ain’t helping x’D

Speaking of, if any of my followers are willing, then if you are someone who has historical knowledge about higher society in… anything from 1500 to early 1900, I would love and appreciate your occasional help with my Entre Nous Hollina story.


Générique du Morning Show présenté par Jennifer Aniston


From Theater to Film and everything in between, the Entertainment industry is Huge!!!! What part to do you make up?
#filmmaker #actor #title #thoughts #sagaftra #stunts #liveperformer #entertainment (at North Hollywood, California)

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