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I just work up after sleeping post night shift and saw my shipping email. I was really confused for a second wondering why it wouldn’t get here until May... then I remembered you guys put the month first 😂😂 😴

Anyone else make Tea or Coffee and then get busy and forget to drink it? Goes to take a sip and it’s cold!!!! 🤎✨🤦🏼‍♀️✨☕️✨🍹✨😜✨🤎

Team ... Stream is gonna be pushed to tomorrow. Painting hath slain the Nick! 😂

Are you having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting enough rest? Are bed-time rituals & sleep-hygiene techniques you've researched & applied not helping? Your lifestyle may hold more answers.

4) Exhausted!!! Walked, fed, watered, cleaned up 💩in crates fun! Cleaned van took hours.

Take me back, back to the mountain side , I’m so

Took a break with makeup while spending time with family. Ive been rocking a bare face for 2 days and loving it! ( also I have dark circles and bags but that's mom life for you)

Some of 's best fixes for Your life will surface on the heels of what has disgusted you, broke you, you and made you oh, so mad...don't give in to that sinking feeling or drowning in the misery of it all, reach up, God will come, He will help..He will show up.

So like....I almost cried in front of my boo who is not my boo but should be my boo at lunch 🥺

Sick but getting some good chicken noodle soup and a mango smoothy

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